The Massive World Of Variety Of Wall Panels Which One Will You Choose

The evolution of wall panels has completely changed the face of commercial interior decoration. Now those conventional boring walls have been replaced by innovative and attractive textured and colorful panels that not only make space look exciting but also define the commercial space design in a unique and contemporary way. The employee focused office spaces have been just made possible with these wall panels. With the increased adoption of these innovative solutions by the commercial environment, a wide variety of 3D wall panels are being introduced in the market. Different types of wall panels are differentiated with the type of material utilized to manufacture them. With the availability of too many varieties including the question that you might get stuck at is how to choose the best solution for your commercial interior. Well, in this article we will be discussing every kind of wall panels in details thus helping you to find the best suitable option for your commercial space.

Natural Wood Wall Panels

Wood is the materials which are used from the ancient times for interior decorations. The beauty and elegance of wood have been serving commercial as well residential spaces till the date with awesome interior décor options. Wall panels designed using wood are not only eye-catchy but also offer acoustic treatment to your whole commercial space. Addressing the acoustics of your commercial space is quite important so that the environment can have controlled sound while having a good atmosphere for clear communication. However, the biggest drawback of wooden panels is that they cannot withstand different weather conditions. Most importantly they are not waterproof. Also in the humid environment, they start retaining moisture within thus resulting in dull and damaged looks after a certain period.

Chipboard Panels for Commercial Interior

Chipboard wall panels are also among top-selling options that market has to offer for interior installations. For designing chipboard wall panels, chips of woods and adhesives are bonded together under a definite heat and pressure to result in a hard and sturdy board. One of the best advantages of these panels is that they are readily available in the market at quite affordable prices. There are different varieties of chipboard panels as well. Those are low, high and medium density chipboard panels. Low and normal density panels are cost-effective but are thin and fragile as well. If you are interested in this selection, it is advisable to go for a high-density variety of chipboard panels for good results.

Gypsum 3D Wall Panels

3D gypsum wall panels are among most popular kinds of wall panels that are utilized by mainly public or commercial areas. These are considered to be highly durable and long-lasting. They are not only sturdy but are also quite attractive and add a unique charm to your commercial interior space. One of the most common reasons for their popularity for commercial areas is their fire-resistant feature. Since fire hazards are the most probable risks to any commercial areas, hence these panels add a sense of security to their fire safety feature. They not only make your office space be safe but also offer a perfect acoustic treatment to your interior. Gypsum can absorb the sound within it thus making your interior acoustically sound. You can have gypsum wall panels in a wide variety of prints giving them appealing textures. These textured gypsum wall panel can make your commercial space look visually appealing.

Plastic or PVC Wall Panels

PVC wall panels are also considered to be durable, fire-resistant, and easy to maintain. Usually, these also come with the waterproof features thus making them ideal for places where there is frequent water usage in the kitchen, bathroom, shower rooms and more. Due to their lightweight nature, they are quite easy to maintain and clean as well. The PVC panels are mainly given the finish of protective lacquer which is usually glossy. The best part of these wall panels is that they don't attract dust and therefore are ideal to be used for places related to people with allergies. Also, another advantage of these panels is the quick and easy installation process involved. As PVC is quite easy to cut so you can have the panels of the desired size and shape ready quickly.

Fiberboard or MDF Wall Panels

MDF or fiberboard is a product produced using composite wood. The manufacture of MDF material involves binding of wood fibers together under critical pressure and heat to form a sturdy and rigid sheet. MDF wall panels are comparatively quite inexpensive and therefore are being opted by many commercial spaces. If you are a lover of wooden décor but can't opt wooden products due to associated limitations, the MDF could be the right choice for you. As proper staining can make those just look like wooden panels. It means you can have your lovely wooden interior looks at comparatively lower price. However, as these are just made up of medium density wood, so it makes these little bit delicate as compared to natural wood. So, if you have chosen to go for these panels, it is important for you to be attentive while getting these installed.

Fabric Panels for Interior

Wall panels are not just limited up to certain kinds of materials. As today's market has fabric based wall panels as well for your business place. If you need to go for a softer kind of wall panels, fabric wall panels are there in a wide variety for you. These are mainly used to transform a rigidly felt interior environment into a casual and cozy space. The fabric also has good insulation properties so; it can also work as an acoustic treatment for your commercial interior surrounding. However, fabric panels increase the risk of fire hazards and similar accidents, therefore, are not considered good for commercial environments.