Gypsum Wallboard

A dull and shabby commercial interior is sure to cause offensive action in the mind of the clients, and they will start doubting your professionalism. Aside from this, you should also have a well-decorated office interior for motivating the employees. No matter if you are creating a new office or renovating an existing one, revamping a commercial interior demand playing with creativity and imagination for improving the aesthetics and functionality of the place.

Among the many ways of decorating the office interiors, using 3D wall panels happen to be the best and most effective interior decor option for creating a lasting impression on the minds of the customers. Using these decorative elements it is possible to make the commercial interior phenomenal. Here are 8 reasons why 3D wall panels are perfect for renovating commercial interiors.

1. Offer limitless options to choose from

3D wall panels are textured panels for decoration. Other than the traditional wood panels, these are also made from different core materials to complement different decor themes. The range of 3D wall panels includes Acrylic wall panels, MDF wall panels, PVC wall panels, Glass wall panels, Metal wall panels, Fabric wall panels, Leather wall panels, Gypsum wall panels and Stone Wall panels. So, you have many options to choose for different uses. Additionally, these can also be customized for meeting specific decorative needs.

2. Deliver impressive interior

Commercial settings are all about customers and each of them has their own stories to narrate. If the office interior is not inviting and welcoming, it will hardly be able to impress the customers, clients, and guests. Available in large varieties of materials, textures, and colors, the 3D wall panels are great to create a specific vibe in the office interior and have a great impact on the visitors for making them loyal to the brand.

3. Great for hiding wall flaws

Other than making a commercial interior chick and classy, 3D wall panels also have excellent functional properties. Often the walls of the offices have cracks, holes, and damages due to aging or for concealed electrical wearing and plumbing. These make an office interior look shabby and repulsive. The 3D wall panels can conceal the wires, cables, and other blemishes effectively and deliver a mesmerizing look. For doing these you can choose the panel that fits your requirement and make the interior astounding with a decorated wall.

4. Can be installed very fast

3D wall panels have geometric shapes and also come in modular designs. This reduces the assembly process and makes the installation process very fast and safe. Installing wall panels do not need any cement work. As such, these save much time and also require less number of construction people than revamping the walls in traditional ways. In fact, these can be installed anywhere or on any walls without any hassles. Every wall panel has its own mounting procedure and that are easy to follow.

5. These are durable and long lasting

As an owner of a commercial setting, you would not love to spend sums on revamping the office interior every few years. The 3D wall panels are manufactured in such a way that these are quite strong and sturdy. These last for long without any deterioration in the look and also do not get damaged easily. In fact, you can forget about the wall panels after installation. Being resistant to sunlight and moisture these can withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to adorn the office for many years regardless of your office location.

6. Offer easy cleaning and maintenance

As it is difficult to clean and maintain the office interiors regularly, the decorating elements shoed require minimum cleaning and maintenance. The 3D wall panels deliver unmatched performance on this account. These are made from materials that do not require any maintenance activity and they can also be cleaned easily. You do not require any special chemicals for cleaning decorative wall panels, dusting off with a soft cloth, and washing with soap water is enough to keep them spick and pan for long.

7. Insulate the office interior

3D wall panels offer thermal insulation and also have sound dampening properties. As these are made from fire resistant material they make the commercial interior safe. These also have great sound dampening properties and deliver a quiet ambiance.

8. These are cost-effective

Using 3D wall panels it is possible to jazz up a commercial interior almost instantaneously. While these appear to be very expensive, in reality, they cost less. Being light, transportation of the 3D panels is easy and these do not require and skilled technician for mounting, the installation cost is also low. Some panel types are also available with free installation. Lastly, as these are long lasting and has practically no maintenance cost these cause no hole in the pocket.

What to use?

This is the most pertinent question to rise in anyone’s mind after realizing the above advantages of the wall panels. Among the entire range of wall panel types, the 3D gypsum wall panels offer the most fantastic wall decor solution creating a sense of harmony with their unique design and texture. With proper illumination, these wall panels are sure to introduce some fluidity in the commercial interior.

Why choose CSIGYPSUM3D

With a wide range of functional bespoke 3D decorative gypsum wall panels, CSIGYPSUM3D can provide solutions for all your interior decoration needs. Their inspiring collections include Pearls wall panel, Waves wall panel, Ellipse wall panel, Bubble wall panel, Dunes wall, etc. for enlivening the walls and creating an extraordinary office interior. Known as gypsum plasterboard, these are manufactured from premium quality gypsum and can impart a refined look in the office interior. The great thing about CSIGYPSUM3D wall panels is that these are sustainable product and eligible for LEED credit. Being class ‘A’ fire rated as per ASTM E84, these deliver you a safe interior. Moreover, these are weather resistant and do not suffer from color fading and allow making excellent decor statement for a relatively low investment.