Gypsum Wall Panels

The office is the face of your organization. It is the second home for your employees, as they spend more than half of their wake hours in the office. So, an office has to be inspiring and attractive for success and growth of the business. Here are some guidelines to make your office awesome.

1. Take care of the office exterior

Your office exterior is the first point of contact with the visitors and customers. Be sure that conveys the right message. If you have a decent driveway and parking area, it will speak volumes about your business. Removal of all eyesores will definitely improve the overall image of the business.

Displaying the business logo also greatly improves the overall appearance of the office. Signage should also be added to the outdoor. This will make the movements of the visitors to their destination smooth. When you include these in the office outdoor, they revamp the appearance of the office.

2. Have designated lounge area

Now you cannot find anyone working in the office without a laptop, or Smartphone, or tablet. These offer infinite mobility to the modern executives, and they tend to retreat to their favorite corner. Having a designated lounge area with comfortable sitting arrangement makes working more enjoyable. Other than this, a well-managed lounge area also improves the office ambiance.

The lounge has other advantages as well. This can also be used as a waiting place for the visitors. You can also have informal meetings with the clients and your colleagues in the lounge area. Adding accent pillows over the sofa and an area rug will greatly improve the office ambiance.

3. Abolish the cubicle system

People of the old school prefer cubicle sitting arrangement for better concentration. But cubicles have a very harsh effect. These lead to employee isolation and diminish their mood. So, discard the cubicle sitting arrangement and opt for an open office layout.

Of course, you may have small partitions for defining areas. This will improve the look of the office and increase interaction among the employees. In open office sitting arrangement, people can communicate freely, and that improves their performance. When arranged geometrically, this makes the office interior aesthetically pleasing.

4. Make sitting arrangement near the windows

Most of the office jobs are now sedentary type, and people have to be glued to their seat for long. This leads to paramount stress. You should make the sitting arrangement is such a way so that those face the window. This increases the alertness of the employees as they can relax seeing the outside view.

5. Evaluate lighting

A well-lit office delivers an upbeat feeling. So, you should try to have more natural lights in. If possible, build some windows and skylights so that more light may come in. Additionally, remove all obstacles to natural light and organize the furniture to have maximum daylight in.

In case you cannot flood the office with natural light, consider improving the artificial lighting solutions. Better discard the overhead fluorescent lights, nothing is worse than these. You should consider using zonal lighting and indirect lighting for improving the decor. This will definitely make the office ambiance soothing.

6. Ditch the clutter

Nothing looks better than clean and minimalist office without heaps of files and junks on the table. Better organize a stylish and space saving storage where you can store the files and other things that you need more often. Remove the furniture that you do not need regularly form the office floor. No doubt, you will have a clean and better looking office.

7. Have cute office accessories

Using cute office accessories is a great way to improve the office decoration. Randomly scattered cables and other things create a very poor show. If it is not possible to hide the cables, get them organized using cute clips. You can also place a chalk calendar above the desk for imparting a nice look.

8. Get a modern clock

Clocks are essential in the offices no doubt. But, the old analog clocks are ugly. Better get a digital clock. These are easy on the eyes and will make your office chick and classy. You can also opt for digital watches in ornamental cases for imparting a classical look.

9. Add a splash of color

Colors have a great influence on the people around. Adding a splash of color to the office interior greatly improves the setting. While white is the best for making the office bright, shades of gray orange and blue are excellent mood enhancers. Paint different rooms with different colors for an outstanding effect.

10. Pamper with gypsum wall panels

Offices are all about clients and visitors. If you have a dull and drab office, that is sure to distract people. Paneling the office walls with architectural wall panels will give the interior a tangible identity. Coming in varieties of specification these wall panels allow you to improve the office the way you like.

The gypsum plaster 3d wall panels come in a myriad of designs and textures including

  • Weave
  • Tectonic
  • Stud
  • Perforated
  • Highback
  • Plush

These deliver a unique seamless design with depth that brings in life and dramatic appeal into the office interior. Arranging matching illumination will take the place aplomb to the next level.

Wall panels are also great for hiding the wall flaws. Aside from these, you can also use acoustic wall panels for dampening the noise level in the office. Available in a wide range of designs and colors, these are the best to uplift the office.

Moreover, the wall panels have tons of other benefits. These are affordable, sturdy and durable. Their maintenance is very easy. These also provide thermal and electrical insulation.


Some think a messy place is full of creativity. They cite highly successful people like Albert Einstein to support their claim. But, a messy office is just a messy office. It is not only the investment, but your sincere actions can improve the look and feel of your office.