Gypsum Plasterboard

Some say that your workplace is equally important as what you do. Various studies have also found a link between productivity and office environment. It is sure that conscious changes in the office decor are sure to make the employees more productive. Here are some tips that will help you have an office with increased productivity.

1. Consider improving the air quality

Bad air can ridiculously affect the power of concentration and as a result, decrease productivity. Studies indicate that when there is more Carbon-di-Oxide in the air, it causes sick building syndrome. In such cases employee performance decreases and absenteeism also increases. Keep a close watch on the air quality system for improving the office environment.

You can do it in many ways. Keep all the windows open so that more and more fresh air can come in. If you have a forced ventilation system in the office, you may install air filters for improving the air quality. Clean spills and maintain a moderate humidity level for avoiding mold growth. Also, have your office air quality tested by professionals periodically.

2. Improve lighting

Lighting greatly influences productivity in the offices. When the indoor is brightly lit, people become more alert. Studies reveal that natural light is the best for increasing the productivity level of the employees. So, you must put your best efforts to let maximum natural light in.

When this is not practically feasible, you must have sufficient artificial illumination. Plenty of lights that mimic natural sunlight are available in the market. Consider using those for improving the lighting on the office floor. This will make your employees happy and more productive.

3. Control temperature

In case your office is too warm or too cold; it hampers the work quality. The problem is that perception of temperature varies between men and women and nobody is happy in this aspect. Mind that, if your employees freeze, your productivity will also freeze. When temperature lies between 70 to 72°F or 21 to 22°C, it yields maximum productivity.

4. Consider engaging senses

Our senses tell us how we perceive the world around us and how we remember our experiences. Sensory elements, especially colors and smell, greatly influence the mood and increase employee performance. Painting the office with shades of yellow, orange, blue and green makes the employees more productive.

Fragrances also help employees to stay focused. So, you can invest in air fresheners for increasing the productivity level. Try using room scents like citrus, pine, cinnamon, lavender, or peppermint as mood enhancers in the office.

5. There should be a break room in the office

None can stay focused continuously or work for 8 hours without any break. Better get a place in the office where people can relax or chat with a cup of coffee. They can also share their problems with the colleagues here. Thus, they get involved in a brainstorming session without doing that consciously and this increase productivity.

6. Having a Gym facilities helps

Various studies conducted show that physical fitness is essential for maintaining good employee health and increase productivity. You may build an in-house Gym for the employees. If that is not possible, have a deal with the local gym and pay the membership fee. Thus, your employees will be able to work out every day and be more productive.

7. Have flexible working hours

Traditional working hours and working days are not necessary for the present technological era. Eight hours working is quite arbitrary, and some people perform better later in the day. There are others who prefer to work long hours against a reduction of working days. Allowing the employees to set their working hours is sure to increase productivity.

8. Organize a daycare center

Child care is a burning issue for the present day parents. The working moms are also very much concerned about the care of their child. They continuously try to find a reliable and quality childcare facility. When on-site childcare facilities are offered, they employees become relaxed and content.

While such arrangement reduces absenteeism and increases productivity, there may be issues in having this. If you cannot organize a childcare facility yourself, opt for an authorized child care center to maintain that. Alternatively, you may also make arrangements with a child care center in the near vicinity.

9. Include a library

Studies reveal that reading books even for a short while helps people to be more productive. Having an in-house library is a good idea to relieve people from the mounting stress of the workplace. Keep such books that your employees will read for pleasure. This will refresh them up.

10. Decorate with gypsum board panels

To make your office space more inspiring you can revamp the office space with gypsum-based wall panels. You can get this in varieties of modular designs and textures. When these are amplified with the intelligent lighting, they deliver an excellent visual comfort. This also helps to elevate the mood of the employees causing an increase in productivity.

The great thing about gypsum board decoration is that you do not require any demolition. These are easily installable and save much on installation cost. Produced from non-toxic materials, these never pollute the environment. These are also very good in hiding wall flaws and blemishes and make the place aesthetically pleasing.

These are also fire and temperature retardant. They can also withstand contact with chemicals, water, and abrasion. Maintenance of these is also very easy. Periodic dusting and wiping with a moist cloth is enough to keep them clean.

The wavy textured wall panels are available in many forms to match varieties of decor themes. You may opt from Tectonic, Mariana, Weathered and other designs to make your office look inspiring.


An office is a place where your employees spend most of their time. Although office decoration greatly influences productivity, none can get a happy workplace by accident. You have to put streamlined efforts and make tangible decor changes to make your employees happy. Once done, there will be no looking back.