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Are you utterly fed up of living out of a bedroom that looks like an image of something that has been taken out from a Jane Austen novel? Well, maybe it’s time you converted your 18th-century bedroom to a modern and contemporary one. There are several fun and creative ways that you can transform your bedroom. Let’s now discuss some of these modern décor ideas that you may find interesting:

Expand Your Windows

This idea is particularly useful for people who have a beautiful view outside their windows. You can expand your small windows to large French windows or even ceiling to floor windows. This will bring in a lot more natural lighting and at the same time allow you to take in that picturesque view without any obstructions. The natural inflow of light in your bedroom will make the area look more extensive and more spacious. If you live in a tropical region, you can always install thick curtains to block out the excess light in the blazing heat of the afternoon.

Installing Gypsum Wall Panels On The Walls Of Your Bedroom

A lot of people now prefer to install wall panels instead of repainting their bedroom walls every few years. Gypsum wall panels are an excellent option for your bedroom. These panels are available in a myriad of designs and patterns. Here are some gypsum panel options and ideas that are suitable for your bedroom:

• Gouge Panels – The Gouge style gypsum panels are classy and elegant. These curved wall panels provide visual comfort and can prove to be very relaxing when installing in the bedroom. You can install these gorgeous panels on the wall behind your bed or even on the wall behind the television console.

• Incision Panels – People who enjoy things that are clean and classy will fall in love with the Incision gypsum wall panels. These beautiful panels are ideal for the wall behind your bedroom writing desk.

• Silk ran Panels – If you truly enjoy watching the circular patterns that raindrops are falling in puddles leave, then you want to get the Silkrain gypsum wall panels. These show-stopping wall panels with circular patterns have proven to be very relaxing and calming. Your bedroom walls will look exceptional with the installation of these panels.

The best part about installing wall panels in your bedroom is that they give the area a modern look, they are easy to maintain, and they are pretty affordable too.

A Minimalistic Room Décor

A fantastic way to make your room look more modern and contemporary is by opting for a minimalistic theme. You don’t need to clutter your room with furniture and other artifacts. A simple monochromatic wall paint scheme, a single or double seater armchair, a bed and a desk are more than enough to fill up your room. A room that is less cluttered will look more classy, modern and spacious. You can opt for an all-white room, or even an all light grey or beige room depending on your color preference.

Creatively Designed Rugs For The Floor

You can adorn the wooden or marble flooring in your bedroom with gorgeous and vibrant rugs. A lot of people opt for animal print rugs, Aztec print rugs, geometric print rugs and so on. This idea is particularly useful for people who are looking to add a little bit of cheer and color to their bedrooms. Rugs can give the area a very bohemian, chic and modern vibe.

Getting Rid Of Those Bedroom Cabinets

Bedroom cabinets are boring, bulky and passé. If you want to give your bedroom a modernized look, then you need to get rid of those awful and ancient looking cabinets. Replace the cabinets with open shelves. Open shelves can give the area a much more spacious and contemporary vibe. You can place all your books and reading materials neatly on these shelves. You can also decorate the cabinets with a few artifacts and souvenirs that you may have picked up on holidays. Uniquely designed shelves are also available for your bedroom walls. Shelves in the shapes of trees, geometrically shaped shelves and so on. You can opt for the new age designed shelves for your bedroom walls.

Lighting Options For Your Bedroom

Chandeliers in the bedroom are a thing of the past. Not only do they look rather bulky but they can end up giving your bedroom a very old school vibe. You can choose contemporary lighting options for your bedroom to provide the area with a modernized feel. Pendant lights, close to ceiling lights, mood lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, console lamps, accent lighting and other such options are ideal for your bedroom. Mood lights are a hot favorite amongst young people. You can adjust the lighting and brightness as per your mood.

Adorn One Of The Bedroom Walls With Art

Opting for modern and contemporary art canvases can be a great way to modernize your bedroom. You can decorate a whole wall with a plethora of these vibrant and captivating canvases. Abstract paintings, pop art paintings and posters, contemporary landscape paintings and other such options can transform your 18th-century bedroom wall into a new age and ultramodern one.

Decorate Your Window Sills

There are a plethora of ways in which your window sills can be decorated to make your room look modern and state of the art. You can use beautiful glasses as candle holders and place tea light candles in these glasses for decorative purposes. You can also fill up empty glasses with seashells and string lights to add a romantic, contemporary and beautiful vibe to your bedroom.

You don’t necessarily need to spend absurd sums of money to transform your old looking bedroom into a modern and fabulous one. A lot of the ideas that we have offered are very affordable and budget-friendly. You only need to be a little smart and creative while you make the changes in your room. Get right to it and don’t hold yourself back because of a low budget, some of these smart and convenient ideas can help you modernize your room in a matter of hours!