Gypsum Wall Panels

A bathroom is no longer just a utilitarian space. A lot of people find their bathrooms to be one of the most inspiring places in their homes. If you’re looking to revamp and remodel your bathroom in a way that it will reflect your personality, we have some interesting and useful ideas that can help. Here’s everything you need to know:

Use Fragrances That Reflect You

If you’re a person who enjoys wearing a lavender fragrance or a strawberry fragrance, you can let your love for the fragrance reflect in your bathroom. Install lavender or strawberry scented candles, opt for air fresheners in scents that you love, place bowls of scented potpourri around the bathroom and so on. What better way to reflect your personality in your bathroom than by letting the area smell like your favorite scent?

Showering Under The Stars

This idea is particularly useful for individuals who have a deep fondness for the stars. If you’re one of those astronomy junkies and you love taking out your telescope on a clear night to gaze upon the stars, this suggestion is perfect for you. You can get skylights installed on your bathroom ceiling so that you can quite literally enjoy a bubble bath or a long shower under the stars. Skylights are available on several online portals or even at your local décor store. A large number of luxury spas are also installing skylights in their hotel bathrooms.

Theme That Suits Your Style

Another great way to ensure that your bathroom reflects your personality is by making sure that the idea of your bathroom reflects your personality. For instance, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys outdoor treks, camping, overnight hiking trips and other nature-related activities, you can consider opting for a rustic bathroom theme. A rustic bathroom could include distressed wood cabinets, natural brick shower cubicles, and other such options. Similarly, people who prefer the luxury lifestyle can opt for a gorgeous and classy bathroom theme and so on.

Installing Gypsum Wall Panels For A Little Added Elegance

If you are the kind of person who loves the classy and subtle things in life, then you should consider installing gypsum wall panels on your bathroom walls. These panels are available in countless designs and patterns, they are affordable and easy to install, and they will give your bathroom that stylish and chic feel. Let’s now discuss few of the gypsum wall panel options that will look excellent in your bathroom:

  • Pop Panels – The Pop gypsum wall panels are ideal for people who want wall panels that are elegant yet funky. The circular pop out designs on these panels make them super fun.
  • Mariana Panels – If you like wavy 3D patterns and designs, the Mariana gypsum wall panels are just what you need for your bathroom walls. These super stylish panels can transform your bathroom to match your stylish and dapper personality.
  • Gouge Panels – If your personality screams zen and class, then you need to get your hands on the Gouge gypsum wall panels. These relaxing and calming wall panels will give your bathroom a very tranquil feel.

Minimalistic Bathroom Theme

Do you love having open space around you? Does clutter around your home or bathroom drive you insane? Then you will like the idea of having a minimalistic bathroom. Limit the number of cabinets you have in the bathroom, try and hide the bathroom cupboards and other storage areas behind the mirror of the bathroom and opt for a monochromatic paint scheme in the area. Incorporating these ideas will help in making your bathroom look more spacious and roomy.

Go Crazy With Colour

If you have a favorite color, you can add it to your bathroom walls so that the bathroom ends up reflecting your personality. Beautiful turquoise or cerulean blue walls, bright and cheerful yellow walls and any other vibrant color you like can be blended in with the overall décor of your bathroom.

Changing The Door Handles And Other Hardware

Some people have a confident and loud personality that stands out in a crowd. You can incorporate your big personality into the hardware fittings in your bathroom. You may not like the standard tap and faucet fittings that come with your sink and handles on your bathroom cabinets. Find beautifully carved and thick brass handles for your bathroom cabinets, opt for uniquely shaped taps for your sink and your shower area, ceramic drawer knobs for the bathroom drawers and so on. Your bathroom hardware can truly reflect your personality and speak volumes about your persona.

Mirrors For Your Bathroom

People who can spend hours on end admiring themselves in front of the mirror, should most certainly have full length or beautifully decorated and framed mirrors in their bathrooms. Mirrors with carved wooden frames, mirrors that are bordered with gorgeous seashells and other such classy mirror options can decorate your bathroom and give you the opportunity to admire yourself.

Towels And Bathroom Linen That Reflect Your Personality

The towels, shower curtains, and napkins that are used in your bathroom can say a lot about your personality. People who have loud and fun personalities can purchase colorful and vibrant bathroom linen, while people who have soft and quiet personalities can opt for bathroom linen in nude and natural color tones. The way your towels are displayed on racks or shelves can also reflect your personality to a great extent.

Remodeling your bathroom in a way that reflects your personality is easy. You don’t even need to have a big budget to do so. A few simple nips and tucks are enough to help you transform your bathroom into an area that screams “YOU.” Follow these tips and suggestions that we have to offer and twist them around in a creative way to make sure they match your personality. You will find the eventual outcome of revamping your bathroom fun and fabulous.