Gypsum Decorative Wall Panels

The bedroom is The place to rest your tired body and rejuvenate it. It’s also your personal space for relaxing and romancing. You design and decorate it for functionality more than anything else. Soon it becomes a utility room rather than a private bedroom. Give it a thought and spend some time redecorating it. You will see the difference in the happiness and romance quotient in your life.

A posh romantic vibe in your bedroom is the base for a happy couple and thereby, a happy family. Blossom your love with a romantic bedroom. Follow these simple tips.


Use the shades of romance: pinks, reds, and purples. Remove stress and anger by choosing a décor with shades of pink. Bring back the fun and laughter in your life. The color pink touches the heart directly and blossoms the love within. Ruby reds, shades of orange, and caramel strength the feelings of intimacy and thus romance. Bring that soft and glow feeling with shades of purple like lilacs and mauves. Use them in the overall décor of the bedroom.

Do up the walls with a versatile and interesting choice of panels to choose from. You can try the following options:

  •  The architectural wall panels for the grandeur
  •  The decorative gypsum wall panels for the beauty and durability
  •  The brick wall tiles for the rustic look
  •  The basket weave wall tile for that ethnic look
  •  And the colored wall panels for that brightness to the room


These panels have flow and depth when you move your hand on them. They give a unique look to the place, and you can use them to highlight one wall, maybe the one behind your beds. Choose from these durable and cost-effective panel designs: weave, stud, perforated, tectonic, or mirror and many more.


Going with that décor, use the above colors for the tapestry in your bedroom. Floral and bold designs on the sheets, curtains, blinds, or bedspreads look beautiful and invoke romance. A bright red cushion against the duvet or on the armchair attracts a romantic feeling. Use different materials for the linen and tapestry. Try bold designs and floral prints. These look great on drapes.

Try soft furs, minks, wool, or even jute in the bedroom. Cotton filled duvets, and covers look inviting and dreamy. Place the covers and duvets in layers for that velvety and soft feel. Hang a princess net over the bed. Place a soft rug or two on the floor.

There are options for embossing your names or photos on cushions and pillows. You can even decorate or embroider the initials of your names along with a picture each. Try them out. These photos will continuously remind you of your love together.


If you want romance to flourish in your married life, always use a double bed and double mattress rather than twin beds and twin mattresses in the bedroom. Plush sofa chairs or armchairs are ideal. Place a romantic rocking chair in one corner and throw in a bright cushion on it. Soft and cushiony furniture is better than straight and bare chairs or stools. See the space available in your bedroom.


Have a combination of bright and soft lights in your bedroom. Do up the ceiling with a decorative gypsum ceiling design and hang a small chandelier from it. You will love to look at it while lying down and will enjoy the glittering lights in your bedroom. Let sunshine flow into the room as much as possible. Hang soft and flowery drapes on the windows and let them float in the breeze. Make sure that the fans and air conditioning work well. You won’t like a stuffy room.

Light up candles for a romantic evening. Place some scented candles in a candle stand on the cabinets. A dark and dingy bedroom is no place for romance. Fix some fairy lights on the net or drapes around the bed.


Listening to music can be the ultimate for romance. Soft and soothing music flowing to the ears is like a melody for love. Hang soft wind chimes near the window s or under the fan for that soft tinkle. Keep away harsh sounds with acoustic wall panels. Close the doors of the bedroom at all times. It will help keep unwanted sounds from the nearby parks, gardens, and buildings away.

Electronic Items

Turn off the television and switch off your mobiles and laptops well before sleeping. The radiations and vibrations are a definite no-no. Make sure that the television is not placed directly opposite e the beds. It disturbs the sleep as well.


Personalize the bedroom. The display is smiling and happy images in photo frames. Do up a wall with a college or place a set of photo frames on a cabinet. Hang a wall clock with a sweet and melodious chime to it. Place some personal curios on the shelves. Decorate the dressing table mirror with veils or net. Line them with fairy lights.

Hang the knot of eternal love framed in a red border frame where you can see it most of the time. Place a pair of lovebirds on the dressing table. You can also frame the initials of your names and frame them in a golden or red frame. Hang them behind the bed headrest. Be happy in the bedroom.

Clear the Junk

Place only those items in the bedroom which are beautiful and make you feel relaxed and happy. Throw out the clutter and junk. This will always cloud your mind and make you jittery. Remove sharp and jutting objects which cause stress.

Try the concepts of boldness and contrast. Think creatively and romantically. You will automatically get ideas for decorating your bedroom that way. Think like a couple and arrange the room accordingly. Blossom and strengthen the romance in your life. Bring back that smile and glow on your face.