Gypsum Panel

Boredom sets into life with routines and mundane chores. Similarly, the same clothes you wear, the same kind of food you eat, the same set of people you meet, and the same environment that you live in also bring in boredom. What about your house? If you are bored of seeing the same décor in the rooms, it’s time to change and bring back some zest.

So much attention is paid to the living room and bedrooms, that you often ignore the kitchen. Kitchens don’t have to be boring either. Let’s spruce them and bring them to life. Read on for some dozen simple tips.

1. Drapes and Blinds

The moment you walk into the kitchen or peep at it from outside, your eyes go to the drapes and blinds. Change those boring and drab colors. Bring in colorful, floral, geometrical, or bold prints to make the windows look colorful. Tie them up with some ribbons and laces. This will bring in immediate liveliness to the kitchen.

2. Walls

The next eye-catching area is the walls. Do them up with some paint or art. Try the modular arts gypsum wall panels to decorate them. These panels are bright and colorful. They are also durable, fire resistant, and easy to clean. Choose one bold design for one of the walls to please the eye while you are cooking in that kitchen. See the flowing depth in the panels with interesting and versatile designs to choose from. Select textured or patterned wall panels.

Try some wall art too and give it a style statement. A bold design looks great. You can try some wall stickers also to place on these panels. Hang a painting or two. You can hang or display any of these to add that glamour to the wall:

  • Baskets
  • Antique crockery
  • Ceramic or old dinner plates
  • Cups and mugs
  • Vases
  • Frames
  • Artificial fruits and vegetables
  • Artificial flowers
  • Butterflies


3. Floor and Ceiling

The storey too has to be done up. If budget allows, change the tiles. Give a large bold pattern or design on it. Otherwise, the simplest thing to do is to place one or two colorful rugs on the floor. They are eye-catching and remove the boredom of plain tiles. But, take care to fix them well. You don’t want to slip and trip, do you?

Try the Gibson board ceiling decoration for the plain and drab ceiling in your kitchen. Hang a bright little chandelier for that glittering look. Design a bold pattern on the ceiling space. You will love that look.

4. Kitchen Island

If there is enough space, place a kitchen island. It removes the boring layout of most kitchens. Place a vase with some beautiful flowers on it. Or make it a food preparation area with a colorful and bright chopping board and other utensils. Fix the gypsum board ceiling hangers just above the island. Hang your colorful pots and pans from there.

5. Knobs and Fixtures

Change the knobs and handles on drawers and cabinets, doors and windows. Put colorful and designed ones. They will change the look of the room. The same drawers and cabinets will look pretty and appealing. Have lots of handy hooks in a corner or against a wall. Hang multiple items on these. The place comes alive with this.

6. Storage

If possible, change the panels of the cabinets and drawers. Place sliding channels for the easy experience. Think about it. Opening cabinets or drawers which are hard to pull bores you. But, the smooth channels and other storage options will take away the dullness. Place some open shelves and place your pretty crockery on them. Open shelves look grand as you can brighten up the kitchen with colorful and decorative items on it.

Replace the panels with glass for that look. Try the moisture resistant gypsum board and the fire resistant board. These come in various designs and colors like: weave, stud, perforated, tectonic, mirror, etc. Choose to your liking. Paste designer wallpaper inside the cabinets and highlight them with small lights.

Store and display spoons and ladles in colorful and bright containers. Hang baskets for organizing your kitchen. Make it exciting and creative. Use glass jars for storing grocery.

7. Appliances

Replace appliances for functionality, if needed. If not, then go in for pretty and colorful covers for them. Place colored mats or small table rugs under the appliances. The place will brighten up.

8. Counter Tops

Place colorful and bright table rugs for placing various items on the countertop. If you keep everything inside the cabinets, then put a vase with fresh fruit, pretty flowers, a piece of colored pottery, or a photo frame with a favorite picture in it. Change the color of the countertop if you can. A bright countertop takes away a lot of dullness and is a mood changer.

9. Electrical Fittings

Have bright and decorative lampshades on the ceiling and wall lights. Bright lights and a lot of natural sunshine coming into the kitchen remove boredom of the place at once. Feel the energy flow in. Fix designer and modular switches and switchboards for your requirements. Fix LED lights inside cabinets and in shelves to highlight your stored items.

10. Furniture

If space permits, place some differently designed bar stool or arresting chair in the kitchen. You can sit and rest on it while the food cooks. Read your book or listen to some music in the meantime.

11. Personal Touches

Have an own little space in the kitchen. Place some of your favorite books or magazines; place some photo frames with memorable pictures, or keep some tiny personal curios to look at when you want. Throw in your favorite cushion on the armchair.

12. Menu Chart

Hang a white or preferably a blackboard on one of the walls. Write your weekly menu on it. Your family members, especially the children will love this. They can write their suggestions and choices as well. You also have the option of putting colorful stick notes on the board.

Change your kitchen from the same old boring one to a livelier and inviting one. See the difference in the functionality and the aesthetics of the room. Happy cooking!