Gypsum Decorative Wall Panels

Office decor upgrades breathe a new ray of light into your office. Office decorum renovation or upgrade is required to keep employees charged and motivated so that they accept new responsibilities as interesting challenges. Even if your office is a small one with fewer employees, decor upgrade is needed, so that the team stayed motivated and focused on its goal. Office decorum, when upgraded from time to time, makes space look organized. An upgraded office decor also seems more inviting from a visitor’s or guest’s perspective, who is a prospective client too. In a nutshell, office decorum must be upgraded to boost the productivity and profitability of a firm.

Office decorum upgrade requires careful planning. Identify the elements of your office one by one. Your office will have the floor, ceiling, furnishings, walls, drawers, open spaces, etc. Try to make the elements more functional, without ignoring the aesthetic value. Before you start with the actual upgrade, draft a rough sketch of suggested changes in the room and how the office room will look after upgrading it.

An office owner can refer to an architect or interior decorator for professional help. Few strategies of office decor upgrade are open plan layout development, laying carpets, energy efficient fixtures and lighting installations, ventilation systems, sliding doors, revolving chairs, desktops, paintings, sculptures, artificial landscaping and flowering, wifi installations, etc.

It’s not that office renovation is always going to be costly. There are few tips on how you can invest in office decorum without much financial investment. According to some architectural experts, office room decor is more about creative ideas and their application and fewer cost considerations. Office decorum must be upgraded in a simple, smart, strategic and step by step manner.

1. Lighting arrangements: Proper lighting is essential for enhancing employee productivity. As a part of your office upgrade, you can select the best lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures are available in beautiful and sophisticated designs. One should only invest in energy efficient lighting fixtures, as these bring down your electricity bills to a minimum.

2. Wall paneling: Wall paneling is one of the most cost-effective initiatives for renovating an office interior with least efforts. Wall panels are made out of different materials like paper, laminates, fabric and other decorative additives. These are available in a range of colors and textures, to suit differential requirements of clients. Addition of wall panels gives a superb magical touch to walls.

It is quite easy to install a wall panel. A do it yourself buddy can do it without the need of an installer or helper. Most of the times, no surface treatment is needed. Selection of panels must comply with office interior plan and room layouts. You can upgrade your office by selecting from miscellaneous varieties of panels.

a. Felt panels: Felt panels are large and durable. These have a soft touch. These improve the acoustic properties of the room. Felt boards can be used for covering office ceilings.

b. Translucent marble for background lighting: It is used to create surfaces with a glossy finish. The presence of translucent marbles will make room naturally illuminated, and hence your office room will score high regarding Energy Efficiency.

c. Faux interior stone wall panels: As the name suggests, these panels resemble the stone color and give a natural feel to the office room. Installation of faux panels is an innovative way of creating an inviting space in the office. These are weatherproof and resilient to unfair conditions. These are quite easy to install.

e. MDF sheet for wall paneling: Wall paneling can be done with MDF sheets. MDF walls act as good concealers to hide any scratch marks on office walls.

3. New cabinets: Closets and cabinets help in placing essential files carefully. With their design, they add elegance to the office room. You can add a walk-in closet to accommodate drawers and racks. Try to use Simply carpentry and don't overdo anything. The cabinet top can be decorated with a flower vase.

4. Resurfacing washroom: The office washroom also influences employee potential. It should be kept neat and tidy. It must have all essential fixtures like basins or soap kits. You can get your bathroom painted, or tiles reglazed, as a part of an office upgrade. This process is also called resurfacing or refinishing. Resurfacing saves lots of renovation costs. You can also add wall panels for bathrooms, which are moisture resistant and durable.

5. Floor and ceiling decorum: Look at your office floor. Does it need any modification? You can get the flood painted or carpeted. Invest some time to select a color with an official yet inviting appeal, that captures attention. You can modify your ceiling to make it look more elegant. Ceilings can be covered with Felt panels.

6. Pseudo dividers and seating spaces: You can add area rugs as pseudo dividers creating seating spaces and introducing a pattern of color into a room. This forms part of an open concept layout. You can add accent pillows to make your office home like if space allows. Since pillows are available at cost effective rates, you can select from among many colors and styles. Prospective clients will wait longer for you when accent pillows are there.

7. Paintings: If you have a wall space you can add some beautiful artwork. You can add motivational prints, natural scenery, a sample of modern art or an inspirational picture depending on your likings.

8. Artificial landscaping: Office decorum can be upgraded with the help of scented artificial flowers. Such flowers look as beautiful as real ones. Artificial flowers add a vibrant and colorful touch to the room. The office owner will not have to care about regularly watering the plants or flowers. Silk flowers have a velvety touch and glossy colors. Artificial plants have a positive effect on employee productivity. When an observer views natural elements, he feels better and more prepared to undertake essential challenges. Faux plants are inexpensive alternatives to real ones, and these need little maintenance.

Office decorum upgrade helps to make office space more welcoming and client friendly. With the help of cost-effective strategies, office decor upgrade becomes a simple and creative project, which can effectively influence firm’ productivity and enhance profitability.