Wall Panels

Everyone loves food. But, delectable cuisines are not the only consideration to come to a restaurant. People also like to spend quality time with their family and friends. This makes the restaurant interior very important. Here are some interior décor tips that will make your restaurant a talk-of-the-town.

1. Play with the theme & layout

People always look for new experiences. So, have a unique theme that will put your restaurant ahead of others. Come up with new ideas. Playing to the theme is extremely important for upgrading a restaurant.

It is not possible to have a Hollywood themed eating place with a jungle type decoration. As such, you décor should complement the theme. Also, think about the entrance and window displays. Creating a distinct entrance and having attractive window displays is your first step to lure the guests in.

Decide the layout of the eating place so that there is no congestion. The interior should be pleasant with enough space for navigation. While doing this consider improving the bathroom and the kitchen area as well.

2. Rethink the seating arrangement

The dining room is the heart of any restaurant. Having unique seating arrangements is a brilliant way to upgrade the place. This is an area where you can be creative. You can give a facelift to the chairs and tables by repainting those. Using the table and chair covers also provide a nice facelift. In case you have sofas, change the upholstery to give those a new look.

Keep adequate space between tables for free movements. If there are cozy nooks in the restaurant, those should also be a distance away from each other. This will take care of the privacy of the guests. Make sitting arrangements flexible so that you can adjust this to any special need of the guests.

3. Use colors to make a great impact

Colors affect people psychologically and change one’s attitude towards the surrounding. The color of the restaurant interior unknowingly influences the perception, ordering and eating habits of the guests. Make use of this for upgrading your restaurant.

For a small restaurant, paint it with light colors like white, beige and light grey. This will make the interior look spacious. Maybe you have a wall painted with bright color. Paint the opposite wall with light color. This will have a nice relaxing effect.

Green, brown, blue and purple colors are also great for restaurant interior. These colors have a nice calming and also help to increase appetite. Use bright shades of red and yellow when you have a bustling type restaurant. This will influence the guest to eat and leave quickly.

You can also use strong contrasts of colors for imparting a stylish look.

4. Lighting uplifts the ambiance

Lighting can set the tone of a restaurant interior. It not only improves visibility but also creates a great ambiance. You can influence the mood of the guests using proper light. Select lighting so that it supports the theme of the restaurant.

You may also choose designer lights including pendants, sconces, chandeliers, cylinders, etc. Use candle lights when you want to make your dining place romantic. Combination of ambient, task and accent lighting improves the interior.

5. Adorn with an artwork

Using a piece of art in the interior do wonders to upgrade the environment. Select it wisely to complement the theme of the restaurant. You can choose a large part to fill up the blank space.

It could be anything from a landscape or paintings to some local arts. You can also include a sculpture or replica of an antique if that match the design concept. Using graffiti in the fast-food restaurant also upgrades the interior in a cost-effective way.

Including photographs of local places of interest is also a great interior upgrading idea. If possible, you may also add a water feature to the restaurant to make the space tranquil.

6. Update the accessories

The dinnerware and other tableware you use to serve foods also influence the customer perception. Change all old and outdated dishware and other accessories. People are reluctant to change their old porcelain sets because of high-cost involvement.

Alternatively, you may procure melamine restaurant accessories. You can get these in a myriad of colorful designs. These are durable and cost-effective. Even napkins create a significant impact on the guests. Better introduce signature napkins. Having other accessories with the brand name printed on those also lifts up the ambiance.

7. Redesign the menu

Consider updating the menu. Change the traditional menu card with a fraying cover. Create your customized menu using the design software on your computer. Display that with a stylish cover. This will improve the ambiance to a great extent.

8. Improve with feature wall panels

3D wall panels offer a great solution to develop a restaurant indoor. With plenty of eye-catching designs, the decorative gypsum wall panels seamlessly improve the ambiance.

These are available in a wide array of designs including Weave, Tectonic, Mirror, stud, Weathered, etc. The textures are so beautiful that those make the mind rhythmical and deliver an excellent aesthetic experience.

Made from Gypsum, these decorative wall panels are quite strong and durable. These have a dimension of 24 x 24 inches. Due to the geometric shape, these can be easily mounted on the walls without any demolition. Thus, you save on labor cost.

Gypsum board wall paneling has other benefits as well. These are non-toxic and do not pollute the environment. These also hide the wall flaws and blemishes which are common in the old buildings. Maintenance is very easy. Periodic cleaning with soapy water and dusting is enough.

You can create a nice contextual design with these wall panels. With the right type of illumination, these deliver a continuous flow of design throughout the interior.


A well-designed restaurant interior is sure to bring success. No matter how exciting the menu is, only an exquisite ambiance can influence the guests before they try the dishes. These tips are sure to upgrade your restaurant and improve the bottom line.