3d Gypsum Panels

“The challenge of the retail business is to increase the customer perception.”

No matter what you offer, you deal with human elements only. The moment customers cross the threshold of the store, they decide if to stay or not. A majority of the shoppers make shopping decisions while visiting the shop. Here are 10 ways of enhancing the appeal of the retail stores to the customers.

1. Build an attractive threshold

This is the place that greets the customers when they put their first step in. This may have varying sizes depending on the size of your retail store. This is a decompression zone, and the customers make their first judgment here.

Since the customers stay in transition mode from the outside world, they are likely to miss many things. So, make sure that this area offers a beautiful view in terms of color, display, and lighting to entice them.

2. Utilize the ‘invariant right.’

Most of the customers turn to their right when they start moving into a retail store. Keep this in mind, when you plan the retail store’s layout. The first wall they see tuning right makes a solid impression.

Adorn this power wall with displays of the special collections. These could be anything from the new arrivals to the seasonal preferences. When the customers see these, they will be more inquisitive to explore every inch of the stores.

3. Let them walk through a planned path

You know that most of the customers are going to turn right. Make a planned pathway so that they are further influenced to turn right. You can place furniture, racks, etc. for smooth customer navigation through the stores.

Always reward them with something attractive at the end of the aisle. This will automatically draw them to follow the path. Build the path in such a way so that the items get maximum exposure.

4. Impress with displays

Use the floor space strategically for improving the customer experience. As you know the movement of the customers through the stores, influence their behavior. There are varieties of layouts: Grid, Straight, Diagonal, Angular, Geometric, etc.

Follow any of them or use combinations so that the customers have a great view of the items. You may also use forced-path layout for guiding the customers to special displays. These will invariably make the retail stores more appealing.

5. Display in zones

While you may follow any of the layouts, the items should be displayed logically. That means you must put similar things together for better customer perception. It makes sense, as it will help the customers to find the desired items easily.

Display the items of special interest in the nearest zones. This will lure the customers to probe deep into the stores. Also, keep the complementary products within reach. Use POP displays for highlighting the special products.

6. Right light makes everything extraordinary

Lighting matters in every type of retail stores. It makes it more alluring. So, you must leverage the lighting in the stores to make it more warm and welcoming. Make use of ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting for upgrading the ambiance.

The ambient or general lighting lets the customer see things. The accents light connect them with special products. Use task lighting for the cash counter and decorative lighting to improve the overall atmosphere.

7. Build an accent wall

No matter if you have a small retail store, you can always create an accent wall. Paint one of the walls in a bold color to serve as the accent wall. This will attract the customers.

If painting is something you want to avoid, you may have the same effect using bright printed fabrics. Choose the fabric that matches with the rest of the room to hang it on the wall. Also, adorn it with displays and accent lighting for a magical view.

8. Add a skylight to spruce up

Spruce up the look of the retail store by adding a skylight. This will let the natural light in, during the day and save on the energy costs. Additionally, the view of the sky will also make your store look bigger than actual.

These are available as fixed type and venting type. Better opt for a fixed type and make it waterproof.

9. Play soft music

Music is an important element of retail stores designing. It builds a congenial environment and elevates the overall ambiance. Moreover, music is excellent to influence customers’ behavior and encourages them to make buying decisions. Even, it reduces the waiting time in queue at the cash counters. Better use Bluetooth speakers for creating an ideal shopping environment.

10. Add texture to your walls

Adding texture to the walls is a great way to revamp the retail stores. The decorative gypsum wall panels are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and varieties. Using these you quickly change the entire vibe of the retail store.

The architectural wall panels are available as boards of sizes 24 x 24 inches. These are light in weight and require no demolition for mounting on the walls. These are non-toxic and are inert to chemicals and water. The fire resistant gypsum board panels are much durable and deliver a safe decorating option.

You can use these acoustic wall panels to reduce the noise level in the retail store. Being made from recyclable materials, these also reduce the carbon footprint of any organization. These also have electrical insulation properties.

What is more, using the decorative wall panels you can hide all blemishes on the walls. These are available with beautiful textures that create a magical ambiance when combined with the right lighting. Pampering the retail stores with these, you can create a fascinating shopping environment for the customers.


Customer experience is the most dominant element for the success of any retail store. These store ideas will help you display the items the way you want the customers to see. When this is done, you are sure to get an increase in the bottom line.