Wall Panels

In a commercial place like hotels, it is essential to keep the interior beautiful and attractive. Especially, the interior of the hotel rooms, they have the better than the other areas of the hotel. As customers spend more time in their allotted rooms and dining halls, keep them pleasant. The interiors of the hotel rooms could be made warm and intimate to make them unique or the visitors.

Here are few ideas on how to lend a warm and intimate look to your hotel rooms:


Lightings are the significant part of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere at the hotel rooms. The dim or lighter shaded lights will help you in creating an intimate look. You could use candles or bed lamps to develop such looks. There various shapes and sizes available in candles. Candles with different colors arranged neatly would give a uniquely warm look to the hotel rooms. To make candles usage safe, they are even provided with glass covers to cover the flame.

There are many professional interior d├ęcor companies which concentrate on the interior decors very closely. They sell a lot of bed lamps with varieties of designs, lengths, and styles. They are cost-effective, durable and much safe to use. They help you in decorating hotel rooms to make them look warm and intimate. There are even fairy lightings which are of less cost and would give an intimate look to the room.

Acoustic gyp board ceiling

Acoustic gyp board ceiling is a very different ceiling material or a product from other usual products. Acoustic gyp board ceiling is mostly made up of gypsum material. It is a hardcore material which has a special property of incombustibility. Thus, this has an added advantage of fire-resistance making it a safe product. To make it appear more interesting, it is surfaced with paper or fiberglass, even at its back and long edges.

Thus, an acoustic gyp board ceiling is the best way to use your hotel room ceiling for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The fiberglass surface of the acoustic gyp board ceiling will help you to switch dim lights inside the room. Design the other boards to make the design look unique and non-messy. Even the papers used on their surface will lend a warm and intimate look to the hotel room.

Comfortable beds

In a commercial place like a hotel, the rooms with comfortable beds are remembered and will help you in getting the customer to re-visit your hotel. The main attraction or the need of the visitor in your hotel room is a comfortable bed. So, bring in a beautifully designed comfortable bed; usually, beds made of metals are preferable otherwise wooden beds will also do.

If you could not find a bed designed well, bring a plain one and later, decorate it well. The design helps in creating a warm and intimate look to the room. The cushions on the bed also matter a lot. The cushion helps in enhancing the experience of the customers. More pillows help you to create a warm and intimate appearing hotel room.

Brick wall panels

Brick wall panels are the lining of bricks for creating walls for the room. They are of less cost and have the impact of natural brick but smooth and nice texture. They give a contemporary effect to the interior design when used. Brick wall panels are easy to install and much easy to maintain. Their lightweight property helps its installation much easy and fast. They are also very durable compared to other wall decors.

Brick wall panels are available in various sizes and surface designs to suit your hotel room decorations. With the help of a professional interior designer or an interior landscaping expert design your hotel room suitably. Hang contemporary designed wall hangings or posters of nature. It highlights the effect of brick wall panels. Thus, brick wall panels help a lot in lending a warm and intimate look to your hotel rooms.

The fragrance of the room

The smell of the room is important to make your customer feel the warmth and intimacy of the room interior. Add fragrance to your hotel rooms with room fresheners or scents. They help in bringing in the enchanting atmosphere to the visitors once they enter the room. A smelly room, how much ever it is decorated can never attract customers. Add fragrance plug-ins to your hotel rooms, and they help in adding fragrance from time to time.

The warmth and intimacy are very much related to the smell of the hotel rooms. The well decorated and wonderfully smelling rooms will enhance customers experience during their stay at your hotel. This will improve your customer base too. So, add fragrance to the hotel rooms without any hesitation but let the room fragrance not match with the smell of the other rooms of the hotel like the reception area, corridor or dining hall scents.

Carved wall panels

Carved wall panels are the wall panels which have carefully delicate designed carved over them. They are usually made out of wood and metals materials to make it affordable to everybody. You get a rich and royal look to your hotel room along with the intimate and warm appeal. They add more value to your hotel rooms with their carvings and materials, so choose the designs and materials very carefully.

Carved wall panels have a contribution of artwork on or inside to make them special. They are available everywhere and are not very easy to make, hence instead of trying any do-it-yourself process, you could buy them. If you feel you have time to make those delicate designs over them, then you can do it yourself. Appropriately designed carved wall panels will make your hotel room look warm and intimate to your visitors.


Above are some of the easy ways on how to lend a warm and intimate look to your hotel rooms. They are practically easy to implement and affordable too. You can try all of them or even a combination of these ideas to create your interior theme for the hotel rooms.