Wall Panels

Hotels are a big industry by themselves. They have large and tough competition among themselves. They keep themselves much updated and unique to survive in the industry. So, it is important to make the right impressions on guests with the right reception decors.

Hence, here are few ideas on making the right impressions on guests with the right reception décor at hotels:

LED lightings

These even the ordinary hotels have the interior designed with LED lights. Whether it is a busy big hotel or a small hotel, LED lightings has become many customs for hotels. It is essential to decide what types of LED lights you are going to use and how are you going to design the area with them. Even one type LED lightings could be designed in various forms and styles.

LED lightings are easily available everywhere. They are produced in various styles and models. They also have various effects on the corners of the ceilings or corners of the hall. There are some methods and techniques through which small LED lightings will spread light to a large amount of space. Hence with the help of interior landscaping experts and professional interior designers, you make the best use of LEDs.

Acoustic gypsum board

Acoustic gypsum board is one of the famous and standard interior décor. It is well known for its nature of sound reduction. It helps in maintaining the decorum of the place. This is much useful in commercial areas like hotels, office, and schools. As the noise pollution is much avoided with the help of acoustic gypsum board, it preferred for the ceiling or the wall cover. Even the wall designing or ceiling designing could be done with the acoustic gypsum boards.

Use acoustic gypsum board for ceiling or the walls of the reception area at your hotel. It will help in the reduction of the noise pollution and create a pleasant atmosphere for the customers. Acoustic gypsum board is mostly made of gypsum material, but the surface has many varieties of designs. They are affordable and easy to install. Choose the ones which will suit your hotel reception area to make a right impression on them.

Activity wall panels

The reception place at a hotel is also a waiting place for the customer. Usually, in all hotels, the reception areas have couches and sofas for the visitors to be seated. There is also a custom of providing magazines and newspaper to the visitors to keep them engaged, till their turn comes. To make your hotel unique and exciting, you could use a new interior décor, activity wall panels. They are well-designed wall panels which have some activities to perform in them.

There are varieties of activity wall panels, which are created for different age groups. There are activity wall panels which have a small activity for kids, and there are activity wall panels which are interesting or suits adults. They are attached to the walls and could be used by anybody there. They keep the waiting visitors occupied and busy. They do not get bored, and this helps you in not losing the customers due to boredom.

Ceiling hangings

It is essential to have a special look for your hotel reception. The reception is the first area where the customer connects or talk to your staff for details. Just like how you take care of the hospitality, you have to take care of the impression the reception area creates on the customer. The reception has to create faith in visitors that the rooms are also going to be at their best and inviting.

The ceiling also has to be occupied by interior decors. As the visitors are heading towards the next floor, they will notice the ceiling. The ceiling of the hotel reception will be disappointing if it is just plain. To make it more interesting and attractive, use ceiling hangings. There are various types of ceiling hangings, and some are available with crystals. So, use the ones which suit your hotel reception and impress the customer.

Artistic wall panels

Artistic wall panels are varieties of wall panels which are created according to the customer’s taste and interest. There are 3D embossed wall panels, and stencil designed wall panels, wooden art wall panels, floral art panels, landscape art wall panels and many more artistic wall panels available. You choose the ones which suit your taste to install them at your hotel reception area. They make the reception area look updated and will impress your customer.

It is essential to leave a great impression on your customer because that will bring them back to your hotel. Artistic wall panels will do just that, and it will leave a great first impression on the customers. They are unique and will help your reception also look unique. The special appearance of the entrance area of the reception will show the culture of your hotel. When you show interest in small details like this, the customer can analyze the hospitality you would provide them during their stay.

Metal decors

It is important to keep the reception area of the hotel at least a little shiny to attract customers. For sure, the glittery looking hotels are noticed more often than the normal hotels. To make the reception place to appear rich and luxurious use metal decors. Gold plated, silver plated decors in the reception area will give a royal and classic look to the reception space of the hotel.

There are various decors available in metal materials. If you find gold or silver plated like showing off, buy brass material decors. Brass metal is very popular in hotel interior designing. There are even other alloys which would help you with the interior decoration of the reception space. They also have almost the same specifications and hence will help in enhancing the look of your hotel reception area.


Above are some easy ideas on making the right impressions on guests with the right reception décor at hotels. They are all affordable and will help you in impressing your guests with your hotel reception appearance.