Wall Panels

If you are tired of your interior décor and are planning to give your house a complete makeover, then you can choose the most trending interior décor ideas of 2018. Playing with the colors and patterns has faded away, and there are multiple new products present in the market, which can turn your home into a luxurious masterpiece. Here are some trending design ideas, which can make your old house look like a luxurious 5-star hotel room.

Use 3D Wall Papers:

3D wallpapers are the latest trends, and there are thousands of options to choose from. Wall paneling ideas can help you to get rid of those costly painting projects, and they are easy to install. If you want to design your house on your own, then you can easily do that with some glue and the sheet of 3D wallpapers. The 3D wallpapers are the best option to transform your living room.

Don't Forget Your Bathroom:

Most people neglect their bathroom at the time of decorating their house. The bathroom is the place where people spend their most of the time after their bedroom. Due to the high moisture content, you should choose moisture-proof materials for your bathroom. If you often visit a spa for your mental and physical wellness, you can choose to have a spa bathroom. Spa bathrooms require good ambient lighting and sound, and you need to install some other appliances as well. If you have a midsized or a large bathroom, then spa bathroom can be the best option for you. To create a spa bathroom, you need to install body jets, a rain shower, a Jacuzzi, and a steam room. For the small sized bathrooms, you can't apply this designing philosophy.

Wisely Choose The Flooring Material:

Those days are gone when people used to import expensive blocks of marbles as their flooring material. Now, there are multiple materials present in the market which can be used as an excellent replacement for marble floors. Vitrified tiles are the most commonly used flooring material, which can give you the same design and look of a marble floor without breaking your bank. You can also use anti-skid ceramic tiles if you want a matte finish on your tiles. The best part of these tiles is that they are available in various sizes and designs which can go with any décor.

Add a Sense of Greenery:

The modern world is leaning towards environment-friendly products. In this jungle of concrete, you should add some natural elements to your home. The natural elements will keep the environment of your home fresh and healthy and will help you to retain your peace of mind. Small plants and beautiful ceramic tubs can add some life to the décor of your house. If you don't have enough time to take care of the plants, then you can use faux plants as well. In the recent days, orchids have become the most popular choice of interior decoration. Orchids can be very much expensive and can create a substantial financial burden also. If you want to avoid that huge cost, without compromising the quality you can choose artificial orchids.

Water walls Can Make Your Living Room More Attractive:

If you love water, and you want to hear the soothing sound of running water in your living room, then you can use water walls. The modern-day water walls take very little space, and they are less costly too. All you need is a big wall and some good technicians. If you want to be creative, then you can use the bottom of your water wall as an aquarium as well. The modern water walls will overwhelm your guests and will give your living room a premium and upmarket look. You can also choose faux leather wall tiles, which will add a more premium look to your wall.

Go, Minimalist:

The 21st-century living has changed completely, and the modern population is willing to go minimalist. If you are willing to keep a minimalist theme for your décor, then you should get rid of all the unnecessary things from your house. Also, you have to use simple and basic colors for the walls and furniture.

Add Decorative Ceiling:

If you want to make your ceiling more interesting, then you can use gypsum, and plaster of Paris and different types of ceiling boards to create amazing patterns. False ceilings can easily hide all the wires, and it will be easy to install all the indirect light. If you want to make it more attractive, then you can use different types of material to match it with the theme of your house. You can also use hanging lights, and attractive looking ceiling fans to decorate the ceiling of your house.

Mix Old with Modern:

If you have purchased an old property, then you can use the existing items for your interior décor. Mixing the old school designs with the new contemporary element will create some fantastic twists, which will overwhelm you and your guests.

White Is The New Choice:

White, grey, and beige have become the choice of all the world-class designers. If you want to give your interior a bold look, then you can add some black as well. Glossy laminates and faux leather wall tiles have become the choice of all the modern designers. Also, upholstered furniture can be a great choice. You can also use large rugs, or fabric floor mats to cover your floor.

Use False Brick Wall:

Brick walls have also gained massive popularity in the recent past. The brick walls can be used almost anywhere in your house. False brick walls can be used as a highlighter, and it can also work as a TV stand and entertainment unit as well.

These interior décor ideas have gained massive popularity in the recent past, and they can transform your old looking house easily. You can also use basket weave wall tile, as a decorative element and it will grab the attention of your guests. These tips will help you to decorate your house, without breaking your bank.