Gypsum 3d Wall Panels

Wall panels have almost outnumbered all other wall décor elements because of durability, hygiene, and price. Many wall panel options are available based on the core material used. Among these, Gypsum wall panels are quite popular and hold a prominent place. Read on to know the unique features of the gypsum wall panels and their uses.

Gypsum wall panels - the ultimate solution

Paneling walls happen to be the latest trend in interior decoration. They are manufactured from different core materials and are named after that. Made from gypsum, these are called gypsum wall panels.

These flat boards are available in geometric shapes. They can be used in residential and commercial interiors. While beautifying the wall is their prime function, they serve many practical purposes beyond that. The popularity of these décor elements is steadily increasing for this.

Reasons for using gypsum wall panels

There are many varieties of wall panel types with different qualities. A majority of the people falls for these that are meant for specific purposes. None of them are as versatile as the gypsum wall panels.

Coming in endless designs, the gypsum plaster 3d wall panels make the interior appealing. No matter of the interior type, they enliven it with their timeless appeal. These wall panels can be customized into any pattern for any specific need. You can also paint them for enhancing the interior.

These are great for creating a feature wall. The repetitive pattern of the panels creates colorful designs with the right illumination. Using these you can add depth and dimension to the interior.

You can choose from many variants

The gypsum-based wall panels can deliver a positive identity to the interior. With their unique 3D design they seamlessly add depth and character to the interior. These modular panels are available in a wide array of textures to sculpt any interior. You can choose from the following design options:

  • Weave
  • Highback
  • Tectonic
  • Stud
  • Perforated
  • Mariana
  • Silk ran
  • Mirror
  • Pop
  • Tetris
  • Post It


These collections deliver a cohesive decor that makes the ambiance stylish and elegant. Built with magical patterns, they make a strong impact without compromising the welcoming appeal. They also make the mind sooth slipping into the rhythmical designs. These wall panels are light in weight and have varying thicknesses. Available in 24 x 24 inches size, this versatile wall panel is convenient to use. You can mount them on the walls without much effort.

These are strong and durable.

Made from gypsum the 3d decorative gypsum wall panels have a long life. They are not affected by the usual wear and tear. These are also inert to abrasion and chemicals. Installing them on the walls, you can have a glamorous interior for many years.

They are also flexible

Gypsum wall panels are made to fit a variety of interior environments. You can install them on any wall surface. They take less time for installation when compared to the other wall paneling options. Using these you can have a seamless décor that makes the place elegant.

These also add sculptural identity to the place. Choosing the right design and type lets, you have the desired result. Combined with furniture and lighting, they can deliver an ambiance that uplifts the mood.

Can dampen noise

High-density gypsum has unique soundproofing ability. The acoustic wall panels can be made using gypsum and noise insulating material. They can substantially reduce the noise level. These are best suited for residential and commercial interiors.

When you have your meeting room next to the manufacturing facility, this can make it soundproof. Paneling the apartment walls with gypsum wall panels is a smart option. This gives you relief from the noise making neighbors in the adjacent apartment.

These are eco-friendly

Recycled raw materials are used in the manufacturing of the gypsum wall panels. This makes them renewable. They are also FSC, LEED certified. These have no toxicity and do not pollute the environment. This makes them a safe paneling option.

Can hide wall flaws

The walls of the homes and offices are likely to develop cracks with aging. They may also have holes and other blemishes caused by water, electricity, and gas, etc. Constructing a new wall for rented settings is out of questions. It may not also be feasible, even if you own it.

The gypsum wall panels work as a messiah for concealing such ugly looks. These architectural wall panels are perfect for adding charm and character to the basic architecture. Thus, the interior gets a nice facelift.

This is a cost-effective product.

Installation of the gypsum wall panels does not require any demolition. No surface treatment is also necessary. Coming in a standard rectangular shape, they can be straightway mounted on the walls. Since these are available modular shapes, they are very easy to install. This entails much saving on time and money.

Fire safety is the essence of the gypsum wall panels.

No matter if it is a commercial or residential interior, fire safety is of prime importance. Gypsum wall panels ensure excellent fire resistance properties. When you cover walls with gypsum wall panels, they prevent inflow and outflow of heat. Thus the room becomes more comfortable.

Being fire retardant, the gypsum wall panels are a safe paneling option. It is not that they will never catch fire even when the temperature is high. They do not help fire spread quickly. So, you have ample reaction time in case of any fire hazard.

Maintenance is also very easy.

The gypsum wall panels need no serious maintenance. Once install, they protect the wall for many years. They are also easy to clean. Regular dusting and cleaning with a soft cloth are enough to keep them glam for years after years.


Gypsum wall panels are in high demand for their seamless designs and versatility. Now that you have the insight about them choose the right type based on décor theme and application. This will make your interior a definite cut above the others.