Gypsum Panel

Everyone dreams to have an excellent dining experience. Other than delicious food, the dining room ambiance plays a vital part in this. You spend quality time with your family and friends in the dining room. So, it is the best place to wow the guests with your decor fantasies. Let’s see how you can do that.

Wow with bold lighting

Lighting has excellent powers to improve the dining area ambiance. Explore natural light to make it bright and shining. Also, include stunning light fixtures to spruce up the place.

Select designer lighting options that match with the dining table. For instance, chandeliers go well with round or oval dining tables. Use Pendants when you have a rectangular table.

Pop up with paint

Blank walls cast a dull and boring view. Painting the walls can deliver a stunning look. It also sets the stage for family celebrations. Pick any hues from Truffle Brown, Spicy Orange, Apple Green, Aqua Blue, and Warm Gray. Include furniture of contrast colors.

Consider the floor

The floor can make the dining area elegant and appealing. There are many flooring options available including hardwood, laminate, stone, etc. Consider one that matches with the overall décor. You can also add an area rug for décor improvisation.

Take care of the ceiling

More than often we forget about the ceiling. But it should not be so; because a well-designed ceiling can spruce up the entire area. As you hang a chandelier, the eyeballs are drawn naturally upwards. Creating a decorative ceiling can only deliver a visually appealing place.

Invest in dining tables

The dining table is the prince in the dining area. So, investing in dining tables is a must. The rectangular tables are the by default choice. But, the round and oval options make the place more sociable.

While getting one, you should also consider the top. There are many options. Glass tops are great when looking for contemporary dining areas. They match well with any décor theme.

Get comfortable chairs

Dining chairs must be comfortable. Better mismatch them with the dining table to create an eclectic place. For instance, you can add contemporary chairs with traditional tables or vice versa. You may add extra cushions to the chairs for making it more comfortable. Also, have slipcovers for upgrading the look and feel.

Upgrade the cabinet

Paint the cabinets and drawers in the dining area complementing the wall décor. Arrange glass doors for displaying your cutlery and crockery collections. Illuminate these with accent lights. They will improve the decoration manifold.

Enliven with window treatment

Right curtains and drapes can add life to the dining area. Have ceiling to floor curtains. This will create an illusion of more space in the dining area. You may use fabrics or any other material. These are available in plenty of colors and design options. Get one that matches with your décor theme. Using layered curtains is also a great idea.

Clad with wall panels

Wall panels offer a distinct identity to the dining area. With their unique design, the decorative gypsum wall panels add depth and drama to the area. The CSI gypsum wall panels are available in many varieties to sculpt the interior.

You may pick any from the following varieties:

  • Weave
  • Tectonic
  • Stud
  • Pop
  • Incision
  • Hive


There are also many more. Coming with magical patterns, these textured gypsum wall panels make a stunning impact. They are light in weight and are available as 24 x 24 inches board. As such, they are easy to install. Requiring no demolition or surface treatment, these save much on cost and labor.

The 3d decorative gypsum wall panels are eco-friendly and come with FSC and LEED certification. Made from premium quality raw materials they are strong and durable. Using these in the dining area you get a chemical resistant and fire retardant wall.

Besides beautification, the sculpted gypsum wall panels are great for hiding wall flaws. When light falls on the frozen pattern, they create an excellent ambiance in the dining area.

Infuse color with showpieces

Decorative pieces can create a colorful impact in the dining area. Get bowls, candle stands, flower vases, plates, etc to make the dining area stand out. In case the dining room has a neutral color, get these decorative pieces in contrasting colors and designs.

Use them as centerpieces to create a focal point. Hanging a wind chime is also a great option. If your space and budget permits, you can even include a piano in the dining area.

Add plants

Plants can add life to your dining area. They make the dining area luxurious. Have some houseplants, and they will add a nice touch of green. Including plants also put you in a win-win situation. They purify the air by removing toxins and complement all décor themes. You may place them in a corner or can also use as hanging plants.

Accent with an oversized art

You must think out of the box while decorating the dining area. Include a large painting or photograph to add colors to the area. This could be anything from replicas of a masterpiece to abstract art. Adding something that resembles food items is also a great idea.

Display your wine collection

Maybe you have a collection of wine. Storing them in the dining area makes those easily accessible. If you have enough space, you may create storage for displaying the collection. Else may display them on a floating shelf. This will build an excellent feature point and lift the ambiance.

Use candles as a centerpiece

Candles are warm and welcoming. They create a romantic ambiance with their flattering light. Decorating with candles is quite easy and simple. Use scented candles to make the dining area refreshing.


The dining room is a multifunctional place and significant for family celebrations. So, it has to be decorated both tastefully and carefully. The above décor tips are simple but highly effective. Try to implement those in your dining area for a beautiful experience.