Wall Panels

While discussing interior designing for the kitchen, a customized wall panel is required for the kitchen. By installing a wall panel, a posh look is obtained for the kitchen and is updated to the latest period. The state of the art homes has been installed with a variety of wall panels. People are also trying out new patterns like glass kitchen panels, steel panels and more instead of traditional wooden panels. Let’s glimpse through a few ways to make your kitchen less boring.

1. Blue ceramic wall tile

In urban houses, the blue ceramic wall tiles are common. If the kitchen has a wooden flooring then, selecting blue ceramic wall tile is the right choice. With a light blue wall color along with ceramic tiles of blue can be an elegant fashion. To make the kitchen look bright, the latest lights can be installed with contrast ceiling.

2. Commercial wall panel

A striking look is gained with Texture panel. A rural taste can be added to the ceiling and walls along with these parameters. The color can be utilized for Kitchen Island. The island should have lights with small pendants to gain a dazzling appearance. Texture panels are of many varieties and designs to opt from.

3. Wall art panel

Another idea to make your kitchen less boring is by installing wall art panel. These panels provide a classy expression to the kitchen. When the countertops are marbles and backslash is glass, a wall art panel looks splendid and polished. Different art appropriate for the kitchen can be used to obtain a faultless mixture of flairs.

4. Stainless steel wall panel

For a graceful look for kitchen interiors, wall panels made of steel can be thought of. These steel wall panels are perfect for rooms of large size and brown painted kitchens. Wall panels made of steel looks excellent when accompanied with kitchen islands and brown cabinets.

5. latest wall panel

Textured wall panels add the best look to the kitchen when they are outdoor lit kitchens. When researching interior designing for kitchens yellow can be a bright choice. Such bright colors with white spots look great. The black spots usually go in with the dark border of the countertop and Kitchen Island. The same pattern can be used for ground floor also.

6. Panels made of metal for kitchen

Elegance and weight are obtained only by installing wall panels made from metal for the kitchen. The appearances of the kitchen can also be enhanced by adding white paint completely. There would be a contrast look with any dark colored floor. The cabinets would look inordinate in bright interiors along with off-white color.

7. Wall panel designed from plastic

Housing trends have changed, where houses with white interiors are installing plastic kitchen wall panels for a polished look. Cabin kitchen that holds a light brown shade can opt for a plastic kitchen wall panel. It would be a right blend with slabs made of porcelain is paired with sinks that are wall hanged.

8. Wall panel of wood

Cottages usually have this wooden wall panels. Wood holds its beauty, elegance along with floors that have the same color. The furniture should also bear the same paint color that adds charm to the complete kitchen. When such a kitchen is added with white appliances, then it looks rich.

9. Traditional panels

The eat-in kitchen which is a traditional one looks inordinate when glossy panels are installed in it. The kitchen would look excellent with a light color floor, ceiling and walls. It would be an added beauty with brown colored floors. The glass doors should be completed with contrast frames.

These nine ways are splendid ideas that make your kitchen look interesting. There are more ideas such as installing a contemporary, floating, formal, green, kitchen mosaic, rustic, unique wall panels for kitchen and plenty more. There are many sources from which ideas can be obtained and implemented.

Other ideas to make an interesting kitchen

The kitchen updates are to be followed too, to make your kitchen less boring. Your cabinet needs to be painted accompanying your wall panels. The cabinetry hardware is to be updated. Cabinet door if required can be removed. Pendant lights can be hung. Appliances can be made decorative ones. Try to adopt new drapes as they spruce up space. Acute, designed durable rug is to be placed before the sink. And if necessary countertops can also be replaced.


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When looking to design the wall panels of your kitchen, you should bear in mind that your inner components of the kitchen are also complimented. The floor color, the ceiling type, furniture, etc. along with innovative panel ideas, a kitchen wall made of stone is a perfect one too. To obtain a sophisticated look, glass wall panels can be installed. This also makes your kitchen look rich. Hence make sure to concentrate on other aspects in the kitchen though wall panel is to be changed.

Before you start for a kitchen update, gather plenty of ideas available on the web. There are unique plans which completely suit everyone’s taste. Some ideas are easy and simple to be implemented. Hence take a quick tour online, gather points and try to implement them. Look for online services for better understanding and compete for your update within your budget.