Dimensional Wall PanelsMeeting rooms play a vital role in striking the contract in any firm, and such business deals are tremendously vital for the expansion and growth of a business and thus the great importance they hold. A greatly equipped meeting or conferencing room can offer an excellent environment for top class learning and discussion. It is a common belief that the meeting rooms have to be roomy as a comfortable environment raises creativity; however, the fact is that even space restricted conferencing room can look spacious if decorated in the right manner. In case the meeting room of your office look outdated; then it is high time that you must think of giving the meeting room a complete makeover as this will help to impress your partners and clients. Listed below are some of the tips that you can refer to when it comes to getting the meeting room a complete makeover.

Begin with the conference tables

The conference tables are considered to be the focal point of the meeting room, and in case you have not changed it since the time you have started your business; then you must think of upgrading it now. You can select a brand new conference table or standing desk, and you will almost instantly find how the look of business meetings alters. In case you choose a standing table, it can also help in improving the body posture of the people who attend the meetings. There is such a vast range of conference tables available on the market that it becomes really hard for a person to choose the right one. One can, therefore, focus on many factors when choosing a conference table such as the shape, size of the room, price, size, and brand.

Get a magnetic whiteboard installed

The main objective of the meeting room is to meet with the teammates as well as the clients to brainstorm ideas for the project. And thus, it is of utmost importance to get a magnetic whiteboard installed in the conference room. Magnetic whiteboards are the most popular trends in recent times as they help in promoting communication and team spirit. The best thing about this magnetic whiteboard is that they come at cost effective prices and are made from materials that guarantee that they will last for several years. However, when buying a magnetic whiteboard, take care that the magnets which you choose have even surfaces so that the surface of the whiteboard is not dented as a dent can let marker ink to go through the surface, and that tinge could be hard to remove.

Glass Doors and Partitions

In case you want to give your company a cutting-edge and progressive look, and then make sure you include contemporary glass wall partitions and glass doors as part of the conference room design. Apart from looking grand, inner sliding doors made using glass will make the room appear spacious and will also enable the natural light to enter into space. Wall panels such as acoustic gypsum board ceiling, activity wall panels, boards for walls and ceiling board designs can also be installed to give the meeting room a stunning look. These products also make sure that the meeting room has sound-absorbing materials installed in the walls, floor, and ceiling. While most of the companies tend to prevent the natural light from getting access but as per recent study it has been found that office productivity goes up hugely when workers are able to spend most of their time in natural light, the contemporary glass doors glass and wall partitions are sure to make a conference room look grand, and at the same time will also showcase how much of a disparity interior sliding doors can make in the looks of a conference room.


It is unnecessary to say, that almost all companies these days need conference rooms that have as much technology as possible included into the surroundings. For instance, data ports and telephone should be situated all through the room, as this allows people to charge up or plug in a range of mobile devices. Moreover, you can choose to install wireless technology for the meeting room of the office which means you do not need to deal with wires anymore and at the same time you can give the conference room a professional look. And the best part about using wireless technology is that you do not need to waste your time and figure out which cables you will need to connect. Instead, you will have to make sure that all the devices are compatible.

Lit up the entire meeting room properly

Lighting is often an unnoticed and undervalued aspect of any business, but in actuality, taking the time to select the right type of lighting cautiously is crucial, because it will have an impact on the following things:

  • Employee productivity
  • The number of sales you make
  • The happiness, health, and satisfaction of your employees and customers
  • The safety of your company


Make sure the conference table is lit optimally. To improve the speed and efficiency of every activity that takes place in the boardroom, it is vital to ensure that the light is balanced consistently on the table. This is done by aligning the lighting fixtures according to the shape of the table. It is recommended to use dimmable lighting in the meeting rooms as they can provide lower energy bills and long life of the bulb. In addition, they are easily adjustable, thus giving you more control over the commercial space.


The primary intention of any meeting room is to offer an atmosphere that facilitates effective and crucial meetings. By following these tips as mentioned above, you can certainly give your dull looking meeting room a complete makeover, which means that it will continue to look stunning and impressive while you welcome the clients for meetings. You can even seek the assistance of the professionals if you want to get a more professional look for the meeting room.