Gypsum Panel

A majority of the people is still not sure how to decorate a study room. It is the place where people try to concentrate. Therefore, the ultimate goal of decorating a study room is to provide fun learning. This blog tells a couple of ideas to achieve that.

1. Remove the distractions

Like other areas in life, not everything is required everywhere. A study room is for maximizing attention. As such your study room should be free from what is not essential, necessary and vital.

You should not carry your cell phone or tabs to the study room. Use the computer for study-related works only. It should also be free from all gaming apps. This will help you to minimize distractions and deliver a great study room.

Also, de-clutter the room. This will deliver a clean and minimalist décor. Use the study room only for studying.

2. Lights! Lights can improve a study room

Lighting is a key element in the study room. There should be adequate lighting as both low and harsh light produces strain and hampers concentration. In case you have a window, keep it open and place your desk near the window. Your study room will be flooded with natural light making it live and vibrant.

Invest in a desk lamp. This will make your study easier at night. LED lights are great for this purpose. There are also cool white lamps that mimic the sunlight. You can use them for illuminating your study room. They will fulfill the aesthetic and functional requirements as well.

3. Thermal comfort enhances the decor

Temperature plays a significant role in study room décor. Both hot and cold temperature can reduce the concentration level. But there lies the problem as the perception of thermal comfort differs in persons. Studies reveal that temperature between 72°F and 77°F (22°C and 25°C) produces the best result.

So, try to maintain the study room temperature within this range for the best results. You may install a designer radiator or opt for the HVAC system. This will make your study room an ideal haven.

4. Display motivational items

Embellish your study room with things that inspire and motivate you. This could be anything from family photos, slogans, scenery, sculpture, or posters of successful personalities.

Think twice before including anything. Mind, too many of everything causes a clutter. So, do not overdo and make the study room full of visual clutter.

5. Play with colors

Colors are a great sensory stimulant. They influence mood and information retention as well. So, take advantage of color psychology for decorating the study room. Studies reveal that the low wavelength colors make a place calm. People also become more focused when they are in such an environment.

Paint the walls with green, peachy-orange, light blue and gray. They are good for the study rooms. Use their lighter shades and color through the desk and chair for a beautiful contrast. This will jazz up the place instantly.

6. Shift to ergonomics

Comfort is a prime requirement in the study room. Getting an appropriate desk and comfortable sitting arrangement elevate the study room décor. Since one has to sit for a long time in the study, that should be comfortable.

The ergonomic chairs are perfect for this. They can be adjusted. So, you do not slouch and can maintain the right posture. They also let you have the computer at the eye level. Thus, you have minimum strain. They are available in many attractive designs. Using these will not only deliver a brilliant look but also improve the concentration level.

7. Book racks are vital

Your study room must contain reference books. Creating cabinets and book racks are perfect for storing books. Better have cabinets with glass doors. This will make a unique display of your collection. You can also build floating shelves for storing books. They help to keep everything organized and uplift the decor.

8. Fabrics make it attractive

Fabric curtains are great for the study room. They spruce up the room and also give you the much-needed privacy. The thumb rule is to choose light prints or strips for the study room. Get one that matches with the overall décor. Add a soft rug to make your study room classy.

9. Use CSI decorative gypsum wall panels

Gypsum panel is the generic name of the 3-dimensional wall panels made from gypsum. Use of high-quality material made these strong and durable. These are also inert to chemicals and can absorb shocks. They are also non-toxic and do not cause any pollution.

Varieties of these are available including the glass fiber reinforced gypsum wall panels. These are light and coming as modular boards they can be installed easily. The architects and interior decorators are using these to clad the walls for a stunning effect.

These panels offer wide options for decorating a study room. They are available in many designs like perforated, pop, high-back, hive, stud, etc. These let you slip your mind into rhythm and experience a relaxed ambiance.

The gypsum wall panels have great noise dampening properties and can be used as acoustic wall panels. When you adorn the study room wall with these, they help to reduce distractions. With their unique texture and curved designs, they create a piece of paradise into the interior.

Requiring no demolition or surface treatments, they save much on cost and labor. Being affordably priced, this is an inexpensive wall paneling option.

10. Personalize

Never overlook your choices and preferences while decorating the study room. Design the layout as per your needs keeping enough space for free movement. You may also display your collectibles to convey who you are and what you are.


A well-designed study room lets a person concentrate on the goals. It must have enough space and with readily available accessories. The above ideas are the easiest ways to organize a study room. Try to implement those to create an excellent study room.