Geometric Wall

Walls are considered to be the most integral part of the building as they offer support to the ceilings, floors, and roofs. In addition, they offer audio, water and thermal insulation and are used for dividing the floor space for a specific use. Besides this, the décor and design of the art matter the most in interior design. When chosen thoughtfully, the right wall decor can provide an amazing for the entire room. However, over some time, flaws and imperfections may develop on the walls, and they are considered as the flaw for a room. Stains, cracks, discoloration, remaining wallpaper, uneven textures are some of the most common wall imperfections. The best way to get these issues fixed is to renovate the walls completely, but this can be a costly venture. Fortunately, there are several options available by using which one can hide the wall flaws in an effortless manner, some of which are explained below:

Use drywall mud

Drywall mud is quite easy to work with and can give the mud an attractive touch after putting it up to conceal any flaws in your wall. You can buy the readymade drywall mud available in the market and then apply it on the wall evenly. Ideally, the coat should be between 3 to 6mm based on the severity of damage. Once the drywall mud is applied, you will have to wait for at least 24 hours so that the entire thing can get dried properly. After this, you can give paint to the wall and can also apply a shiny finish over the paint after it dries to enhance the wall texture further.

Cover It Up using Wall Paint Textures

In case your walls look extremely unattractive but you are not keen on using drywall mud to give it a flat and smooth look, you can think of using textured wall paint as they are a better alternative to coating. These textured wall painting techniques, not only can help you to put out of sight numerous surface flaws but can also assist you to add value to your home simultaneously. Check the instructions provided by the manufacturer to determine how to fix these wall paint textures. Most of them usually come with dried glue on the back, and you need to paste them to the wall directly. Based on the materials, tools, and technique used in the procedure, you can create a gently, reasonably or deeply textured surface in any finish and color to create a distinctive, exceptional pattern. Some type of textured wallpaper is also paintable which means you can apply a coat of standard wall paint over the surface of the wallpaper once it dries. This can give a personalized look to the room.

Create a stunning art collage

Instead of hiding an odd-looking light switch, thermostat or another bizarrely placed wall blemish, you can distract it simply by mixing it into an art gallery wall. By choosing a stunning art college, you can find out how the wall blemish is not immediately noticeable. The art college can blend in perfectly with the entire wall, and no cover-up is required. Choose arts that are of vivid colors and make sure that they can complement the look and feel of the home perfectly or otherwise the entire decoration may look weird.

Hang draperies and tapestries

Do you want to hide something which is bigger or spread across the wall? Then you can choose a sophisticated floor to ceiling draperies as well as tapestries as they can hide an extensive range of flaws, and they also serve as a beautiful background to a bed, sofa or any other furniture arrangement. Hanging the draperies on the wall is a particularly efficient way to erase a wall completely. In order to add a warm and cozy look to the walls, you can choose draperies that come in colors like orange, yellow, red, etc. On the other hand, to get a cool and sophisticated look, you can choose draperies in colors like green, blue, violet, etc. You can even select tapestries that come with intricate designs, patterns, and styles and hang them on the wall to cover the imperfections.

Panel an unappealing ceiling

The ceiling can have issues all its own. If you have water damage or other items to cover up, you can think of having the ceiling paneled in wood to turn it into a room-defining feature as an alternative. Just be sure that whatever initially damaged your ceiling is fixed at first. You can choose different types of ceiling boards such as acoustic gypsum ceiling board, best gypsum board false ceiling, drywall ceiling designs as well as drywall ceiling tiles so as to give an attractive look to the room.

False ceilings are used for soundproofing, concealing wires, fire safety, and energy efficiency and to assist in sag and moisture resistance. These days, you can get false ceilings that are not only functional but also decorative, so by getting them installed, you can certainly give the room a gorgeous look.

Change the negatives into positives

Features such as light switches are essential for contemporary life, so instead of trying to conceal them, it is often better to embrace them. Selecting a gorgeous cover plate can turn a light switch into an attractive piece, so rather than seeing it as an interruption of your magnificently simple wall treatment, see it as an option to add a bit of charm to bring the whole look together. This way you can easily change the negative to the positive.


These are some of the simple ways by using which you can hide the flaws of the wall effortlessly while at the same time you can give a more stunning look to the home. Apart from this, you can even seek the assistance of the professional interior designer as they can guide you in the right manner to change the décor of the home as well as concealing the imperfections of the wall.