Gypsum 3d Wall Panels

Restaurant makeovers tend to be a pressing challenge if you want it to be up to your expectations and also within your budget. The simplest yet most effective solution is “imagination.” You are only limited as your imagination. A makeover well-adjusted within a limited budget will definitely need a touch of creativity and tweaking from its owner. There are many success stories, and yet there is a lot to get sad about it too. We are here to help you get some of the easiest ways in, so fasten your seat belts and keep reading.

1. The magic of light

Light alters perception. It can create an illusion of a bigger space, it can make your small restaurant look classy, or it can build up a romantic vibe inside for the candlelight dinner. You can go for bigger windows as they allow more light to come in alongside giving a nice and easy view of the outside to the customers sitting inside. The big clear chequered glass windows are an easy solution to lighting problems inside and a good source of entertainment for the people sitting by those windows.

If you want colorful light, buy some tinted window glass and use them alternately with clear glass. Incoming sunlight will brighten up the place with vivid colors. Talking about the electric arrangement, you can go for LEDs, as these consume less electricity yet they can cover a huge range. Line them up at the junction of your ceiling and walls and around the picture board behind the ordering table or bar table. If your setting is romantic, then use candles on tables with dimmers on the ceiling. A layered set-up can help you use them alternately instead of having to use the same set of light every-time.

2. Creative storage

This is an addition to the style of the interior décor, not to mention its many practical uses. Here you can use salvaged materials, affordable new things that can work as ingredients. Large glass vases work seamlessly as flower pots which you can place by the windows. Old truck tires with just a little refurbishment can work as seats for restaurants themed for roadies. Wine bottles can be stored in a rack made of pipes.

Bamboo wall panels suit the theme with handicrafts such as bulbs hanging from bamboo shoots, and bamboo made spoon holders on the table, a coffee table made of asymmetric wooden log, etc. Spoons and knives for each table can be stored in metal or glass vases with extra holding for sauces and seasoning. Hang the lights from a ladder that is itself hanging horizontally from the ceiling. Hang clothed pouches at the corner of the order table that will carry napkins. In the kitchen, you can use the salvaged metal buckets suspended from the wall for storing bottles and silverware. Mixing a little playful and cheerful techniques are going to buy you more interest from customers.

3. Walls and beyond

Decorative wall panels have been the all-time favorites for remodeling as they are affordable and can be customized according to your design needs. A little rawness can be made available by textured wall panels whereas wood plank walls bode well with a vintage setting with rustic bar table, classic dark red wooden chairs flanking the country style bench-like thick tables. Moving towards a more natural vibe, you can get the nautical theme décor which comes with interior stone wall panels and bluish white clothing material on top of white marble table arrangement. Apart from paneling, you can use wallpapers in diverse ways to suit the set-up. Or more simply, you can paint the wall by yourself with one or two colors while making sure that it forms the background for a shelving arrangement with showcases.

Don’t forget there are more than just walls in play here. Paint the ceiling with a bright and vibrant color to make it reflective and eye-catching particularly if you have a well-lit and moody light set-up. There is an intimate feel and a vibe of closeness vibe if your eyes catch a glimpse of dark hues. Faint or light shades create the sense of a spacious room. Floor decor is another issue in limited budget. Advice can be given for the use of customization. Rugs of hand-made origin will be great for a traditional look and a more modern art theme you can use more illusion based and color pattern floor material. The cozier environment can be arranged by contrasting floor color, and for a countryside vibe, you always have the option for the wood floor.

4. Use of Art

Art becomes the centerpiece of a set and can be wisely used to masquerade any other design flaws in the décor. Use of local art is suggested for the feeling to be more of belongingness to home. Just imagine a gallery of modern art painting hanging by one of the four walls whereas the opposite wall holds the showcase is making a presentation of vintage sculptures and fresh flowers. Make every nook and corner stand apart by using matching color pattern and painting. A revealing brick wall design goes well with mild color pictures and arts. A shining white themed interior can be spiced up by using a large modern art painting on the wall faced by the tables. Sculptures made of clay or glass can assist fish bowls or fresh flower vases to mold the image of a clear white wooden rack. Find the proper accompaniment before taking action.

5. Less modern, more complex

This is a good idea. Go for fewer electronics except the important few. Use nature as a theme. People love the improvised setting, so exploit them by adding different ingredients together. Seating arrangement can be classic with a tinge of royal food items. A vintage reception can lead to the more traditional countryside or home-like main course. Mix up colors and get your taste. Use mirrors to enhance the lighting and spaciousness. Indoor plants are magnificent if put to proper use.

Express your passion by impeccable attention to intimate details. Accentuate the feeling with the customized recipe. The secret lies in imagination.