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Whether you agree or not, your workplace is your second home. Spending a significant portion of your waking hours makes this second home even more important to you. If for those 9-10 hours that you are in your office are detrimental to your emotional, mental and physical well-being then you seriously need to consider revamping your workplace. Many deciding factors for your business are related to a healthy workplace. Be it having an impressive state-of-the-art facility to impress your clients or the most healthy and uplifting place to increase the productivity of your workforce, and your work deserves more attention than you might think. The following are the points that you can keep in mind when going for the workplace makeover project.

Get the furniture that does not hurt you

Investing in the right furniture should be your first step to a healthy work environment. Make sure the all the furniture in your office is ergonomically well designed. You surely do not want to have back and neck pain after a long day of work. A happy body also gives way to a happy mind too. If you have a comfortable sitting, standing, and walking fixtures, the productivity is bound to rise. In return, you can expect better results on the work-front too. And, by the end of the day your body will be as relaxed as it was in the morning: the height of your desk, the design of the chair and the floor cushioning as the most common and also the most import aspects, to begin with.

Technology usage while protecting your privacy and health

Personal computers, be it laptops or desktops, have become part and parcel of our office lives. Technology besides being a boon to us in many ways has also proved to be a bane in other ways especially the ones relating to your health. First, never use your PC while it is charging. Ensure having your PC fully charged before you start working on it. And while you need to charge it again, take a little breather for half an hour at least. Secondly, always use a UV protection screen for your eyes, it also helps you keep your privacy intact by disallowing any unwanted sneak-peek from fellows. And lastly, update your equipment to the latest and the fastest one. A slow system can bring down the performance of the entire workforce

Enjoy only the white noise

With the growing number of the workforce at all workplaces, noise cancellation is becoming a major concern these, notwithstanding, the various sources of distractions. To keep your workplace calm and interesting, you can install acoustic gypsum wallboard and acoustic gypsum ceiling board on the corridors and in the meeting areas. To add texture to the lighting around the place decorative drywall panel and carved wall panel are a great hit. Try making the hallways paneled as it helps in retaining the privacy in the office and does not pose as a distracting element in the office. Paneled walls and ceilings also give a great combining effect with your office lighting. It provides a tangible texture to your entire office area. With the difference in the depths of the wall textures your office lighting provides a beautiful pattern with the shadows and the lit up areas on the walls. With the aesthetics for your eyes set you can up the ante by playing white noise music in the background of the office to soothe any unnerving feeling among the employees.

Allow nature to soothe you

Sunlight in the offices is more encouraged these days owing to the rising number of Vitamin D deficiency cases. Try as much as possible to get the right dosage of sun exposure early on with your work schedule. Even better if you could have you by near a window with direct rays of sunlight brightening your desk. Allow cross ventilation of fresh air in the office as breathing the same old stale air from the AC vents can be detrimental to your health. Also, the ever increasing pollution has kept the air purifiers’ industry booming in the past few years. But keeping big setups of not-so-pretty air purifiers around the office might not always be a pleasant sight besides occupying the expensive office space. A better way to do it is to use natural indoor plants and trees. They are great for your aesthetic sense, occupy less space and are a natural sink for harmful pollutants.

Use colors to uplift the mood

Color therapy is a psychologically proven technique that works wonders with your mood. Where there are some colors which can lift up the mood of a sulking employee, there are also colors which can bring down the mood of a jolly good person. Each color has its own significance and theory behind it and can be used according to the feeling you want to encourage in the workplace. Colors like shades of blue, green and white are more receptive for a calm and serene environment whereas red, yellow and orange colors exude passion, happiness, and energy respectively. Purple, on the other hand, commands royalty. Grey and black can have a mixed effect on your mind but mostly can bring down your good spirits. Hence, choosing the right color combination for your office area is one of the basic and the most visible aspect of a productive day at work.

Overhauling the workplace can be a very expensive ordeal if you plan to go all out all at once. Instead, it is wiser to take one step at a time keeping mind the bigger picture. In this way, you will have something new to experience after every interval and a little more to look forward to for the next stage. This scheme will also keep you on good terms with your yearly budget. Many people are also working on the concept designs for the workplace keeping in mind the important influencing factors for productivity. But, with the right combination of the above elements, your workplace can be incomplete.