Gypsum 3d Wall Panels

An excellent looking office which looks inspiring keeps the employees engaged and motivated, as well attracts new talent. Many studies have proved that there is a connection between the productivity of employees and the office environment. Investing in office décor and making it a work-friendly office environment will not only enhance the business levels but also help in increasing the overall productivity. Enhanced office layouts will ultimately have a positive effect on the happiness and performance of the employees and team members at work.

Office Plan

Planning the décor for an office starts with the plan and space for the office. Many companies are now moving from cubicles to open office plans. Having an open office raises the level of communication, increases creativity and has a positive atmosphere amongst the employees in the office.

The colors used in the office plan should be coordinated and be balanced in a way that would help the employees feel focused while working. The textured gypsum wall panels along with white wall paneling would enhance the look of the office. It is important to ensure that the heating, ventilation in the office and air conditioning are maintained in proper order for the health of the employees.


Furniture is the main part of the office décor. It is necessary to keep furniture which is comfortable and do not cause discomfort to the employees. The wrong furniture can be the cause of employee absenteeism due to neck strain, back pain, leg pain, and many other problems. It is important to bring in colorful and comfortable furniture in the office which will look vibrating and at the same time make the employees feel happy and not stressed.

The employees should be given adjustable furniture like chairs, task lights and desks so that they have the freedom to adjust their workspace as they desire. Outdated and boring furniture does not look inviting and makes people feel less interested in their work, which would affect their productivity.

Adding Greenery

The office décor can be enhanced by adding greenery to the office. The greenery helps with oxygen levels in the office since the bad quality of air is not only deleterious for work productivity but also takes a toll on the employee’s health. Lousy quality of air with poor office ventilation can cause people to fall sick with headaches, coughing, fatigue, and more. This will drop their levels of performance and increase the rate of absenteeism in the office. The corners can be utilized to keep the green plants, or they can also be hung from the walls.


Providing rooms for break and entertainment are important where employees can relax and chat with their colleagues. It is not possible for the employees to work continuously for eight hours without a break. So having a room with facilities for entertainment for the employees is very important. It helps them to rest and communicate with their colleagues. These days most of the modern offices have a break room where there are billiards or a snooker table and other forms of play for their entertainment. The break rooms can be made colorful with textured wall panels and textured wallpaper panels. These days there are a variety of wallboard designs available in the markets

While designing the office break room, it is important to bring in elements which will help people keep focused and productive at work. This will create a level of commitment to their work and enhances the productivity of the office. It is seen that people who enjoy their workplace are more productive with stronger commitments.

Small kitchenette

This is the place where people can enjoy their lunch or dinner or even enjoy making a cup of coffee or tea during their time in office. It is important to offer snacks to the employees that are healthy so that it helps in keeping them fit and healthy. Companies that provide free food to their employees have happier employees, compared with those who don’t. What people eat affects their performance greatly; hence healthy snacking helps in keeping the workers productive.


Having an equipped gymnasium is very beneficial for the overall health of the employees. Many companies offer their employees membership to gyms in the city for keeping them fit and healthy. The physical activity is vital for employee health and productivity. It helps to improve their concentration and enhances their levels of creativity, and has many other positive side effects.


Having proper lights in the office is very important. If the place is dark, then it gives a sad look, and it makes the people feel sleepy. On the other hand, if the lights are very bright, then it may cause people to feel uncomfortable with headaches and strain to their eyes. Therefore having proper lights is a key factor which affects the employees and their productivity.

It is best to have windows which can bring in natural light into the office and is best for the well being of the employees. Natural light enhances creativity and improves the mood of the employees.

Meeting room

The meeting rooms are where business is discussed for increasing productivity. Therefore a simple table and chairs are good enough for the place. If a place becomes very comfortable with sofas, then the people would feel very cozy, and the productivity levels go down. Some offices have done away with sofas in the meeting rooms and had to stand up meetings to encourage less and shorter meetings. These are certainly more effective and productive than the long meetings.

A neat modern office that has a work-friendly environment will definitely keep the existing employees happy and motivated. Many offices also play soft music for their employees to keep their enthusiasm levels high and feel energetic. Effective décor with the right tones in the workplace can boost productivity, lower stress, and even encourage employees to innovate new ideas. The workplace should have an integrated plan that supports performance, health, and wellness of the employees in various ways. If the workplace is not stimulating enough, then the employees lose focus and drive for creativity. It is important to plan strategically and enhance the office décor so that the place looks inviting and the employees feel happy.