3d Gypsum Wall Panels

Elegant and warm is the countryside home. Layers and mixes are its characteristics. Emanating is joy and peace from the colors of green, white and blue. The rustic wooden plank reminds me of the days when we lived in the care of nature.

We bring here the basic principles that govern countryside decor, and you have to remember these while making a redecoration.

1. Classic kitchen

A kitchen is a place in a countryside home where the family gathers, eats and decides who will do what the day over. The technical word for that is called planning the ‘schedule’ but, in a rural household, there is more to than just recklessly devouring food to leave for work and charmless family dinners where no conversation happens as we see in metropolitan living quarters. That kitchen is the place where everyone shares their work plan, emotion, happiness and many more.

The best idea nowadays is to create a mix of modern equipment and old farmhouse ingredients so as to get a classic kitchen. The reclaimed wooden door that slides can be the perfect entrance. The ceiling makeover should be covered with shiplap and colored in a retro style to revive the memories. Kitchen amenities, except the hi-tech equipment, should be of local material, preferably wooden or made of bamboo. Straw, grass or coconut rope made rugs will be fit in this scenario. Racks and shelves certainly lack the modern touch of glass covered outlook, and the lampshades are better shadowy in the evening, except the centerpiece main hanging downlight. Chairs and tools are made of wood and show some sign of withering. Avoiding bright color palette is a good choice.

2. Living room and drawing room

Another major destination is the living room. Here we have some ideas that you can work on.

(a) Antique Rugs-

They make you feel like you have been in that place for long and give you an earthly sensation. Choice of rugs in the living room should depend on factors like what kind of sofa you have, how is the lighting, design, and structure of shelves and showcases. Patterns and color should match the rustic sense of countryside vibe.

(b) Paneling-

Prevalence of wood paneling is found in rural houses. The less than soft furnishing and the rich color, mostly red, add warmth to the atmosphere. Things to be focused here are that bookshelves, floor and wall panels are the major parts to be covered in this style but, you can have a little different arrangement for other smaller segments.

(c) Curtains-

Curtains attract a lot of attention. Particularly in a countryside house, these are categorically rustic, or simple in appearance. Decorated and designed curtains are good looking in a not-so glaring set-up. Large Georgian windows accompanied by floral-print curtains hanging down to the floor help you visualize the greenery of the garden outside and allow sunlight to come in. Full-length curtains are used in large-scale and printed ones suit most of the probable living room theme.

(d) Cottage style-

A living becomes more charming when it gives you a feeling of relaxation where you can finish your book or lay down listening to songs. A cottage style living room has an informal setting that is not so organized technically. Handicrafts, artworks and palette form an ensemble of belonging to a lovely house in the middle of lush green grassland. Furniture is furnished with classic polished colors such as red or grey.

3. Use of found objects

Found objects are the center of focus in a country-style household. These things are very inexpensive but, their collection and proper setting represent dedication towards restoring lost beauty using the forgotten goods. Rustic wooden planks look good when fitted on the bench in the garden. Refurbished wall-fixed metal holders form good companion for books and vases. Big old metal bowls make very good bulb holders hanging down the ceiling. You can also put revived iron chairs on the porch along with a small coffee table made of the wooden log to show your love for nature.

4. Value of repurposing

The core of repurposing lies in giving new hope to an old piece. Bowls and holders are perfect end-up for those old materials. An old cupcake maker can be used to hold fruits and vegetables. Vintage glassware can be used as flower pots. Display of those not-so-much used materials in ongoing work will bring a cottage-like feeling. A refurbished small wooden ladder will be a perfect spot to keep your clothes.

5. Frames and Mirrors

For centuries people living far from the city hustle-bustle have liked to have their memories in front them all the time. Therefore they used framed pictures and paintings as instruments of decoration. That technique can be used now. Framed pictures in the bedroom opposite your bed is a good setting as you will see your favorite things first thing in the morning. Grey painted wooden frames bode well with vintage paintings. Hang a few of those on the wall all through the hallway to create a picturesque setting.
Apart from the frames, mirrors are another classic magic wand. They bring joy and light. A large antique mirror in the drawing room will definitely redefine the way you look at your indoors. In the bathroom, try to have a simple medium size wood framed square mirror, avoiding the large ones used in modern home decor.

Conclusively, a country-home depicts the love of nature and valuing what you have rather than what new you can buy. Country colors, cozy quarters, barn library, farmhouse kitchen, rustic cupboards are the magic mixtures of a countryside home. Lights are yellowish, and the fireplace is made of bricks. Houseplants are of a variety of color, and the flower pots are red ochre. The dining table is a large and heavy wooden plank with assisting wooden benches on both sides. Bath has an antique bathtub that is giving away its paint in pieces. A metal chair, looking deep green, is sitting in the corner of the bathroom helping the wood log-turned-tool, holding towels, make a right combination for a vintage context. Refurbish every possible thing and think about the setting before you put that in place. Remember that color shades like blue, white light pink, and deep red is the best colors for a heart-touching countryside home.