Dune Wall Panels

The bathroom is one destination in the home that is something which cannot be avoided, so it is important that you style it in the best possible manner. The best thing is that there are several ways available by which you can add some quirky humor or contemporary style to the walls of the bathroom that are simple and time efficient. It is important to keep in mind that changing up the bathroom to meet up the design goals does not always mean costly alterations or challenging renovations. At times it can be as easy as a fresh piece of wall decoration. Make sure that the walls of the bathroom are not kept bare. Mentioned below are some of the ways by using which you can give a stunning look to the bathroom walls.

Set the tone with the wallpaper

Putting up wallpaper in the entire bathroom can be quite a hectic job. But choosing to fix wallpaper on an accent wall is more budget-friendly and manageable, particularly as a peel-and-stick option. You can select a spectacular, bold pattern to emphasize an area of the bathroom, such as behind the wash basin or the vanity. Designs with a hint of mica, gloss, or metallic will give a glamorous and classy touch. In case this is the first time you are wallpapering the bathroom, refrain from using very small patterns with counterbalance matches as the designs can be hard to be consistent with. You can choose textured wallpapers as they can give a wall some breadth and also do an outstanding job of covering imperfections.

Installing wall panels in your bathroom

The bathroom wall panels are quickly becoming a preferred with homeowners as a substitute for bathroom tile. The wall panel is usually less costly and is available in a range of designs. They can handle moisture well and are less likely to promote mold, and are easy to install. Installing a carved wall panel in your bathroom is the best way to give your walls a spotless, stylish, and modern look. With the gorgeous, clean cedar wall paneling installed, your bathroom will be simpler than ever to maintain. In order to add a splash of color to the washroom area, you can install colored wall panels. These wall panels can be cleaned easily just by washing than with water or a combination of diluted detergent and soap. It is always better to clean the boards on a weekly basis in keeping with the instructions of the manufacturer. When buying panels for the bathroom, be sure to select those that are water-resistant and are designed to be used around water and steam.

Decorate using bathroom friendly wall art

Choosing bathroom wall art can be difficult especially if you want something that is eye-catching, but water resistant. The right materials, combined with the ideal design, can help transport you to a soothing setting, outside of the anxiety of everyday life. You can opt for vinyl wall decals that can be customized entirely and works flawlessly for the most stylish setting, and the most information as well. Available in thousands of color and styles choices, this material enables your imagination to take control. Vinyl wall arts are preferred as they can be removed quickly and they do not damage the basic wallpaper, tile, or paint. They can be cleaned simply with warm water, and are also comparatively reasonably priced. On the other hand, rust-proof metals can also make an outstanding option for those who love the thought of a three-dimensional piece of art in the bathroom.

Hang decorative mirrors on bathroom walls

This can add a fun element to space. The ideal bathroom mirrors should tie your area together. Some may have contemporary amenities such as clocks or even LEDs constructed into them. Others may be formed differently. Searching for a framed mirror that can match your contemporary and clean space is always an ideal way to modernize your area. Keep in mind that every mirror you find may not work for each type of bathroom space. For instance, if your washroom is more conventional, look for a mirror that is larger in size and offers timeless appeal. On the other hand, if your washroom is modern, then you can opt for a frameless mirror. Mirrors built into walls are a great contemporary decision some homeowners opt for. These mirrors are stylish and certainly a statement piece.

Put up some plants on the bathroom walls

The plants you select for your bathroom do not have to be oversized so as to have a big impact on your space. Small-scale plants combined with sleek planters will fit flawlessly onto any shelf or countertop. If you are tight on the area, then you can think of hanging some potted plants on the walls of the bathroom. Selecting a simple plant to hang is an ideal way to start introducing this aesthetic into your bathroom. Choose for something that is flowy that will grow quickly to make sure the plant will fill up space on your wall. You can either hang this from the ceiling or use a towel hook to keep it precise at eye level. You can even include artificial plants in the bathroom in case you do not have time to take care of them.

Live up the walls of the bathroom

You can do this by adding fun wallpaper or by hanging lighthearted wall hangings. Bathrooms are the ideal place to try something a bit more bold or fun so you can go ahead and give it a try. This will make you as well as your guests chuckle.


These are some of the most simple ways by using which you can decorate the walls of the bathroom. However, at any point in time, you can seek the help of professionals to spruce up the wall d├ęcor of the bathrooms. The professionals can offer unique tips and suggestion when it comes to decorating the walls of the washroom.