Gypsum Wall Panels

An extra room in your home may turn into a blessing in disguise. Spare rooms often become a vacant area or a dumping ground for items that have no other home. Typically the smallest room in the house, they can be hard to utilize as a practical space. But, with a bit of smart design and planning, you can make the most of your spare room and create a space that works for each person. As kids become adult, they require space to study without interruption of visitors. Most parents convert the bedroom of the children into a study area with computers, bookshelves, and tables. But in case the house is big then a separate study room can be created for the children with a large library as this will help in creating an appropriate atmosphere. Mentioned below are some of the ways by using which you can convert an extra room into a study room.

Choose furniture with care

Once you have determined how you want to use your study room, then you should be very thoughtful about what furniture you choose. A chair and a study table are vital to any study room. You can get a customized study table as per your preference and requirements, or you can even choose on the basis of the size and height of the table. Make sure that you invest in a comfortable chair as you will have to spend hours in it. A comfortable chair will not only assist improve your focus but will also be good for your health.

Invest in beautiful cabinets

A Study Room Cum Library will remain incomplete without the right kind of books. You can create sufficient space for your treasure of knowledge by creating extra storage area and adding cabinets in the room. Keep in mind that things placed in an organized way are always handy while studying. Keep your books horizontally, instead of vertically, to maximize that vertical space in the cabinet. You can even paint the cabinets in vibrant colors so that they look classy in the home. However, make sure that the cabinet color that you choose perfectly complements the color of the wall.

Use decorative and artistic wall panels

An easiest and interesting way of decorating the study room cum library is by using decorative gypsum wall panels that come in an extensive range of finishes, grains, and textures with distinctive patterns. These are available in diverse styles, such as plank panels, project panels, lignite, beadboard, wood grain, wainscot, project panels, and finished panels. The aesthetic and functional values of these decorative plaster wall panels have started enticing many eyes and this why nowadays people prefer using these panels when it comes to decorating a space. Customized 3d wall panels are even available these days, and you will find them with diverse prints. These 3d wall panel design is not very costly either and is, therefore, a money-making means of adding an elegant look to the interiors.

Make sure that the room is well-lit and airy

A dull looking study room is bad for your eyes and may also affect your concentration level. Make sure that the place is airy and well-lit. The lights should not be too bright or very dim as then they can become barriers while studying. You should ideally balance the light and neutralize it as per your vision and comfort. You can even place a table lamp as it can help you especially when you are studying at night. In the case of computers in the study room, subtle lighting can be used at the back of the monitors to offer an even glow to decrease the strain on the eyes.

Refrain from choosing too light or too dark colors for the wall

When converting an extra room into a study room cum library, you should make sure that the walls of the room are appropriately colored. You should ideally choose a color that is lighter in the shade such as blue, green, yellow, crème, etc. However, make sure that the walls are not painted in very bright colors as this will then make space look gloomy and boring. On the other hand, the dark colors on the walls of the study room can affect your vision. Colors like, red, orange, brown, and violet should be avoided in the study room. However, you can paint one wall in the lighter shade and the other one with a bit darker shade in order to give a classy look to space.

Hang inspirational arts on the wall

Since you are setting up a study room, it is vital that you ensure that the room receives a lot of positivity and the best way to do this is by hanging many inspirational arts on the wall. You can decorate and design your study room with things that motivate and inspire you. You can even paste the posters of people you idolize or those with inspirational quotes that give confidence you to study harder. In order to buy such types of arts, you can refer to the online shopping portals.

Place a single bed in the study room

When in study room you are supposed to study, but in between studies you will need to take a break as this will help your brain to get some rest. Thus, it becomes important to place a single bed in the study room. If there is not enough space to accommodate a bed you can also invest in a bean bag or a couch. You can use them to take a quick nap and just to relax.


These are some of the simple tips that you can refer to when it comes to converting an extra room into a study room cum library. You can even appoint an interior decorator to get the job done for you in the best possible way. As the interior decorators are experienced, they can help in converting a room into a study room quite efficiently.