Unique And Quirky Decor Ideas To Redecorate An Old And Boring Home Decor

When looking for the right home decor for your home, keep in mind that it is not all about bringing new elements and present trends. Remember that your home decorating may also indicate that you are fond of the tradition of your family and want to enhance the condition of your place so as to preserve it for an extended period of time. In fact, certain people try to bring that idiosyncratic charm and time-earned feeling deliberately into their homes during the interior decorating procedure. Mentioned below are some of the unique and quirky décor ideas that you can refer to when it comes to redecorating an old and boring home décor:

Paint the ceiling, walls and trim one color to conceal flaws

Some of the stunning features that can make you feel amazing are antique homes with gorgeous molding, and door features built a long time back when finishing touches imparted a specific polish and character. These things can be highlighted and preserved by applying an effortless layer of paint. You can color the walls, ceiling and trim with a single color, although with a little higher gloss to give it a delicate yet a very stylish look. With this palette in place, a bold shade such as dark gray on the doors makes them architectural standouts.

Scrub the dust and clean up

Irrespective of how hard you are trying to keep your home clean, you cannot stop dirt and grime from accumulating for years which may significantly have an effect on the interior look of your home. You can invest in some heavy duty cleaner so as to restore the original whiteness and glaze of the tiles prior to considering any complicated decoration ideas. As time has left its stamp on the outdoor area as well, you can use the pressure washer, and get rid of the decade-old staining and blemishes from the paths.

Invest in acoustic wall panels

These days’ architectural wall panels come with a range of benefits for your house, in addition to ultra-modern materials, easy fixings and low-maintenance. As a result, when talking about redecorating project in the home, you should primarily think about choosing the right kind of wall panels. The decorative drywall panels usually have a long life, even with minimum maintenance. They can also help in protecting the wall underneath. As a result, by safeguarding your walls from worsening, they assure that noteworthy structural elements of your home can live even more. The gypsum wall panels offer a range of benefits that make them an exceptional option for home decor. From adequate design options to impressive durability, high gloss wall panels present both visual and functional solutions for your house. You can use these wall panels to hide wires, cables and built-in wall components that can be an ugly thing. When installed properly they can hide almost anything. Even though there are no magical solutions in regards to home redecoration, these panels offer a range of benefits that make them an unbelievable option for room décor.

Use drapery to hide imperfect windows

Older homes tend to have quirky windows in unexpected places; however, a full wall of drapery can be the ideal way to delicately clean up the appearance of the room without entirely erasing the windows and jamming all light. The material plays a key role in the look of the drapes and as a result, the room. From lightweight cotton to sheer laces, heavy velvets to medium weight brocades, you have a plethora to select from. However, when choosing draperies, you should think about the amount of sunlight you want to come in and also the mood and décor of the home. For example, traditional rooms look perfect in heavier fabrics while on the other hand, minimalistic rooms look best in sheer fabrics.

Improve lighting in your home

Keep in mind that good lighting can help in making all the difference in the room. Warm, fresh, bright, colored lights, as well as romantic, dim, yellow lights, can be used to improve the lighting of the house. Also light the dark corners of your home such as cupboards, shelves, closets, kitchen counters. These areas are often neglected; however, they become more functional and gorgeous when lit appropriately. In addition, invest in reflective surfaces such as glossy floors, mirrors, and metallic finishes as they help to bounce light all through the room. In order to maximize natural light, you should keep your windows clean as this is simple, cheap, and this can actually make a difference.

Replace out-of-date hardware

Instead of keeping classic old hardware you can think of replacing a few small pieces such as outlet covers or cabinet handles as this can give an entirely new look to space. There are no stringent rules to follow when selecting a knob or a pull. One preference is to use pulls for all drawers and knobs for all doors. Select hardware that is steady with the kind of lines in your design. You can choose chrome, or brushed nickel, aluminum, satin brass or rust finished knobs and pulls as they look stunning.

Look for simple yet contemporary furnishings

Usually, simple and clean modern or contemporary furnishings are an excellent tool for bringing a sense of contemporary life to a conventional home. You should ideally look for clean lines, rich textures and soft colors without going fundamentally contemporary or feeling tied to conventional trappings. You can also include some items that feel look periodic or have a traditional touch in addition to some contemporary pieces as they can help in keeping a perfect balance to the home decor.


These are a few tips that you can refer to when it comes to redecorating an old and boring home décor. Thus, it can be said that interior design is not just about creating a home that looks current and new rather it is all about preserving the past and with respect to the personality of an older home.