How To Elevate The Look And Feel Of Your Office Space

A workplace should be inspiring that bring in innovation and collaboration amongst employees. ‘The world green building council’ analysis states that there is an association between wellness, productivity, and office design. The capability to focus and be productive wholly depends on where you work. It is hence important to elevate the look and feel of your office space. Let’s run through a few ideas about interior office décor for better results.


To stay focused and hold an inspiring feel, light is a crucial factor. Bad lighting can lead to an array of issues such as irritation, eye strain, fatigue, headache and more. Moreover, dark spaces can lead to depression. It would be suggested to make use of natural light bulbs or any light therapy device. There are many varieties of lighting options available in the market today suitable for workspace.

Ceiling Tiles

For lower reverberation levels in office interiors, felt ceiling tiles are the best choice. These tiles transform your interior space into a trendy and acoustical interior. Csiposhfelt is pioneers in the wall panel and ceiling solutions for modern corporates, restaurants, halls, etc. These ceiling tiles are made from recycled products and are assured of quality. They are not easily damaged or faded away. Maintenance is also not a big deal and can be obtained in different colors.

Office cubicle

Cubicle privacy screens and room dividers are the powerhouses that make the office interiors elegant. All employees require independence and autonomy; hence it is necessary for an office cubicle or divider in the office interiors. The workspace satisfaction report of 2013 mentions that workers who worked in an open office environment were not happy and satisfied as they lacked privacy. In that manner, csiposhfelt offers a range of trendy dividers and office cubicles that make your interiors attention-grabbing.

Felt hanging panels

Hanging panels are soft, thick and of enhanced density. The felt hanging panels so not require any support or backing up. They are available in a variety of contrast colors that’s provides a stunning look. These panels are an important office décor element as it enables best space division and offers a varied degree of privacy along with acoustic and visual separation.

Chair and table

With today’s scenario, where employees are to be seated all day long, it is mandatory to opt for the appropriate type of chair and table. The positioning of the chair and table in an office environment is important. The chair should be placed at about 24-36 inches from the computer screen. Your feet should be resting on the floor. A reclined chair posture is also for back pain and reduces spine pressure. Pick out latest, bright colors chairs and tables to elevate your office space.

Acoustic felt panels

Acoustic felt panels should be in your list to elevate the look and feel of your office space. These panels are sturdy sheets of long size and are used for a variety of interior décor purposes. They are soft to touch and are installed in ceilings, dividers, and walls for an inimitable look. There are ample design templates used for sound absorption. These acoustic wall panels are perfect sound absorbers and offer a working scenario for employees.

Go green

Plants are the perfect choice to look, feel and enjoy. Though employees are stuck the whole day at work, they can create a little greenery around to breathe fresh air and rejuvenate themselves. Placing plant pots inside the office can be followed. There are many indoor plants available with low maintenance, especially for office interiors.

Personalize your space

It is good to personalize your workspace as it creates an emotional link with the office. But remember to limit the clutter in your workspace. It is suggested to limit personal items and place only the necessary ones. It is also a good idea to hold an own desktop calendar so as an employee you’re on track throughout the work.

Color psychology

Varied colors have different psychological effects on employees. Employees inside the office can be influenced by the right colors picked. Green can be painted as they help in broader thinking and creative thoughts. The emotionally intense red color enhances energy. Blue is considered a productive color and is the most favorite color for all. White also has its own power, as it helps people to reflect their own thoughts.

Room Scents

Similar to wall panels, furniture, lighting, etc. room scents are an important element inside the office interiors. Room scents possess the power to affect the mindset, mood which in turn affects productivity. Your workspace should be installed with room scents, to drive your mind with focus at times of deviation. There are few scents suggested staying focused. They are

  • Peppermint to enhance your mood
  • Cinnamon to elevate focus
  • Pine to enhance alertness
  • Lavender to relax on a stressful day
  • Citrus lifts your spirits.


About csiposhfelt

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It is mandatory for employees to feel comfy and relaxed in their workspace. Though space is small or vast, distractions are more or less, a comfortable workspace with mind-blowing interior ideas can refresh you. You feel the responsibility and dedication to work with such an ambiance. The workspace as mentioned above interior décor ideas can be followed to raise productivity and develop involvement within employees. Hence concentrating on workspace interiors is mandatory.