The Perfect Decor Ideas For An Indian Restaurant

India is a land of culture, color, and ethnicity in every corner. It is very well said that in India the way to Heart is through Stomach. That is exactly why a restaurant is always a safe and profitable option in this land of diversity because you can never run out of options.

There is no doubt that the menu and the cuisine are of utmost importance, but the restaurants décor will give its 100 percent contribution to your triumph.

Maintaining authenticity becomes very tough in such a case. So here are carefully sifted décor ideas for an Indian restaurant that will help you elevate the frequency of your visitors.

With mood goes color

Why color? It is the most significant element in Indian design. Pick a color scheme that will be a perfect partner to your style of food. Warm and neutral colors like saffron or green herb are most often favored.

Interior wall paneling design ideas that would combine crimson and florescent orange will keep your eaters glued to their seats. Even using metallic hues of copper or gold will invoke a feeling of grandeur. Jewelry is a very fundamental part of Indian culture. Put this to use.

If you wish to have the walls of your restaurant rather plain and simple, Murals are the best option that classically has trees and flowers talking about the nature India embodies.

The Native Melody

Every customer would almost find it necessary to have some sassy music being played at the background of an Indian restaurant. Drift away from the mainstream and align your walls with the different classical musical instruments that India is home to.

Soothe the eyes with music along with the ears.

The Buddha and the peace

Food is considered to be a form of meditation. No one can deny the effect that a huge sculpture of Lord Buddha can bring in. His significant spirituality will automatically maintain a class in the restaurant.

A copper-gold Buddha “stupa” backed by wood veneer panels for walls will talk about food being beyond gender and is a universal form of necessity. If an idol of Buddha seems too high end, even a painting will make impressive wall art.

Use the artisans

Every nook and corner of India ushers art and the experience of artisans. Adding just a handful of carved accent pieces in the wood will rightfully add a touch to cultural flair. Wood crafted windows and doors might be an expensive deal, but it is worth every penny of its panache.

Even a single hand-crafted teak sofa would put your waiting customers in line at comfort, without a drop of irritation.

Choose your fabric well

Cover the ordinary tables and chairs with extraordinary fabrics. There is no shortage of ethnic fabric collection in India that often depicts stories and artwork. A Rajasthani fabric with tiny glasses and thread work or fabric paint from Bengal, called Batik will make amazing table clothes.

The same fabric can be used for cushions bringing ease. Over the colorful table cloth, simple bamboo woven table mats will add to the overall grace.

Saris are long fabrics wrapped as apparel, but they can be very well given a new “avatar” of curtains. Floral printed or block printed saris will flow on the window determining the beauty of the Indian women.

Light it up

An adequate lit restaurant with just enough brightness will ensure the privacy of the visitors. There are numerous lamp covers in the market with Indian tribal art depicted on them.

Such hanging lamps above every table will make sure that there is always a flow of communication between the groups and families and friends. At the same time, light with shone upon the eye-pleasing food on the table.

For a more folkloric effect consider using mud lanterns which would fit in with the intricate colors.

Cutleries matter

Food is a form of love and gesture. Where you present, your well-cooked items will add to your taste. Pottery is inherent to India. When everything else is Indian, why miss out on the cutlery and crockery?

Holding that tiny mud cup with “Masala Tea,” is much more than just beverage, it is an emotion. Likewise, a mud plate with banana leaf brings not just rice or roti on it but the warmth of home.

An indigenous addition would be ethnic yet straightforward artwork on the cutlery and crockery using white food-safe fabric color.

Wall décor

If the wallpaper you chose is ornate, a minimal wall décor will suit the need. On the other hand, if your choice is that of warm, solid color, an Indian surrounding could have basically any color of choice.

There is nothing that adds personality at large but a gallery wall. Over a decorative wood panel on the wall, you can display a collection of ancient art, black and white photographs of age-old restaurants or any other ephemera.

It is always best to opt for humble, cohesive frames since the overall theme of the restaurant is very multihued.

Bring in plants

Considering the biodiversity of India, whichever place your restaurant is in, there has to be greenery nearby. Bring in plants in your restaurant to drag that greenery right into your restaurant. Plants are not just for the exterior or verandah.

They are a flawless touch to your interior restaurant décor when used wisely. A plant beside every table is such a new welcome to guests. Home plants are frequent in the market and need lesser maintenance.

To wrap up

An authentic Indian restaurant needs to involve all its warmth and a welcoming atmosphere that opens its arms to visitors to come in and get comfortable. You can always have ethnic costumes for the waiters to add to the whole glow of your restaurant.

While the décor must represent the culture and routine of India, it is better not to clutter the dining space with too many intonations. Indian art is already colorful in its own and very deep in nature. That is sure to run a long way