How To Set Up A Mini Library In Your Cafe

What is the similarity between a library and a café? A café is a haven for the weary soul, as a library is a retreat for broken hearts. Coffee lovers pledge that coffee is a liquid hug for the brain, whereas book lovers vow that books are a man’s best friend! A café helps to replenish your physical energy, while a library helps revive your intellectual and emotional spirits.

Coffee and books are both like soul mates to humans—providing us with much-needed comfort, warmth, solace and immense pleasure!

What can be better than books? What can be better than coffee? The answer is pretty obvious, books and coffee together!! How is it to possible to bring together man’s best-loved favorites? The answer lies in a unique themed café -- a book-café or the more popularly known as library café.

A library-café is a place where you can sip your favorite coffee, read your favorite book and nibble your favorite cupcake, all in the comfort of your favorite café! It is genuinely every bibliophile’s dream come true!

Here are some suggestions to help you set up a mini library in your café. Follow these super-easy ideas to create the ideal book-café:

Private Alcoves:

Libraries are fundamentally quiet places, where readers can soak into the sounds of silence and pour over their books without any sound disturbance. Cafés, on the other hand, are filled with the sounds of people speaking, teenagers chattering, cooing babies, and all those tones of the hustle and bustle of social interaction.

Book aficionados often miss peace and silence while reading in the buzz of a café. So how do library-cafés manage sound on their premise?

Decorative sound absorbing wall panels may be used to create a particular reading space within the café. In the case of existing cafés, these inexpensive acoustic panels are very useful in limiting sound penetration and also aid in creating appealing visual aesthetics. If space availability is limited, soundproof curtains may be used to improve on space management.

Comfortable seating:

Book lovers love nothing more than a cozy and comfortable couch to relax with their favorite books. Whoever enjoyed a book and coffee in a plastic bucket seat?

Psychologists claim that a comfort zone creates a feeling of safety, familiarity, and security. And that’s exactly what a library café needs to create. A quintessential book-café will have cushy seats that tempt customers to settle down with their desired novel and a cup of steaming hot caffe latte.

The smartest and cheapest trick towards building a library-café is comfortable couches, sofas, and seating that encourage customers to pick up a book, a chilled macchiato and leave behind the worries of the world. An eclectic arrangement of cushions and rugs goes a long way in adding to the comfy touch.

Warm Décor:

Books, study rooms and libraries exude an ambiance of warmth and woody hues. If you are looking to create the perfect library-café ambiance, interior designers suggest creating a snug and homely atmosphere, complete with wooden panels, a fire-place or leather couches.

Hard-wood paneling may be very expensive and difficult to install, especially if you already own a café and are looking for a change. Renovation cost can leave your financial budget haywire.

However new-age acoustic panels can be used to create different wall-art effects without compromising on your budget. Whether it’s hard-wood finish or textured finish, these 3D panels offer a broad spectrum of color schemes for your café décor.

Innovative Display:

A book lover dreams of floor-to-ceiling shelves full of their favorite novels. Customers who frequent library-cafés prefer a café with not just an interesting food and beverage menu but also a wider choice of books to read. Suspense-thrillers, romantic novels, historical fiction, comics, classics, modern-age bestsellers, documentaries, biographies, a book worm lives on this fodder!!

If you are short on space, it may be quite challenging to set up these floor-to-ceiling shelves. A lot of book cafés stack their existing coffee tables with a wide variety of books. An innovative design idea is to set-up a book bouquet or a pyramid on a center table in the café. This bookish centerpiece will be a visual delight for customers. Moreover, it will serve the function of storing and displaying books too.

Kindle and Online-Reading:

While a lot of people may swear by the smell of old books, youngsters today are getting used to reading on tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Books take up a lot of space and often cafés may face the challenge of books getting stolen.

Online-reading is the way forward. Thousands of books can be stored on the hard-disk or can be uploaded on the “cloud’. No more hassle of space. No worries about theft!

A lot of book-cafés offer reading stations instead of conventional books. A very popular option in cafés built for college students and university scholars is to create an island table with built-in computer screens specially designed for reading and research.

Some reading cafés simply offer tablets or Ipads to clients with pre-loaded reading material. While some reading material is offered at no-cost, charges may be collected on premium books and material.

Seasonal & Festive:

A book-café that adapts to changing seasons and festivities is sure to be a huge success.

When it's snowing heavily outside, a book lover yearns to snuggle up with a hot chocolate, cuddlesome blanket and a feel-good book. During the warm summer months, nothing can beat a chilled ice tea, strawberries and whipped cream and a romantic novella.

Festive seasons are an extraordinary time for hot cocoa, coffee, cinnamon cakes and of course books. During Christmas and Thanksgiving, book lovers are sure to buy books as a gift for either their loved ones or also for themselves. Create a Christmas tree out of books to prop up with the festive spirit and build some extra sales!!

Here’s to library-cafés, book-cafés, and reading coffee-houses! A harbor for all those people who love their books and coffee too! A place where you don’t have to choose between the bibliophile and javaphile living within you!! Happy Reading and Bon-Appetit!!