Revamp The Decor Of Your Jewellery Store With These 8 HacksThe main aim of any shop is to gain profit, be it a small moveable vendor or a large retail one. Showing the items to customers and coercing them to buy it, although increase your sale, do not constitute selling.

Selling is an art. This art has to be painted in such a way that it entices the customers to visit the store repeatedly. This is possible only when the shop meets the customers’ expectations. When a customer is dissatisfied, he/she will not visit your store, and further, the reputation of your store will face a downfall due to that customer’s feedback. Hence, customers are akin to God in the world of sales.

This factor takes more precedence for a jewelry shop, as the quality of the design is the main sale criteria. Now the question is how do you meet your customer’s expectations?

Why do you need to decorate your store?

The customers are judgemental by nature. They determine the quality of the shop with its outward look. In order to lure customers, it is, therefore, necessary to improve the overall view of your shop.

The entry phase during which the customers enter the shop and look around serves as the deciding factor. Their enthusiasm to buy the ornaments stems from the initial impression obtained on seeing the jewelry store.

This does not necessarily mean that you need a grandiose look to attract customers. A simple but elegant design can achieve a similar effect, and maybe even more.

You can model the shop with latest designs when building it anew. But, what can you do about the already existing shops? You can either go for redesigning or incorporate only the ideal designs without affecting the existing structure.

Below are some tricks to improve the appearance of your jewelry store.

8 Ideas to Revamp the store

1. Using multiple lights

In jewelry shops, it is a common practice to have a chandelier at the center for lighting effects.

In addition to having a vast chandelier, you can also use smaller corner lights. You can fix these at every counter of the shop, as well as in the corners. Small lights can be fixed in every jewel organizer to illuminate the display item.

You can use various light patterns, such as white and yellow lighting. Also, you can position the lights such that they focus on the pieces in the display. To achieve this, you can use different arrangements, such as recessed and spot lighting systems, cabinet and vanity lights and so on.

The main aim of using such patterned lights and systems is to enable the buyers to view how the ornament shines under different radiances. This, in turn, helps to select the appropriate piece for the occasion.

2. Having a long-sized mirror

Generally, be it a pendant or a necklace or a bracelet, everyone tends to buy only after inspecting the image it imparts. The same is the case with your customers. Every jewelry shop undoubtedly has mirrors. But the question is how do you differ?

In addition to having hand-held mirrors, you can install large vintage mirrors in your shop. These aid in providing a full-length view of the person after adorning the ornaments.

Hence, customers can gain an understanding of the effect of jewels. For example, the buyer can see his/her image while wearing both a chain and a bangle, which is not possible in the small counter mirrors. This boosts your sales as the customers buy matching sets of jewels.

3. Use multiple counters

Having distinct counters saves you a lot of trouble. Each counter must focus only on a particular aspect of jewelry, such as pendants or rings. This prevents cramping, as well as helps in a better organization of your store.

You can set up the store with a round counter in the center surrounded by counters on all four sides. This facilitates ease of movement from one counter to another.

4. Luxurious spacing

Buying jewels is an indication of a joyous occasion. Therefore, most of the customers come with their entire family. This group may include aged people with knee pains to playful children.

The customers incline towards shops that accommodate enough space for both the above kinds of people. In other words, your shop must be spacious enough to prevent buyers from bumping into one another.

To achieve this, you have to maximize the available space by removing unnecessary components. For instance, you can use foldable chairs instead of fixed ones. These chairs serve as modular units, and you can keep them aside when not needed.

Another way is to have centralized air conditioners instead of having visible ones. They occupy lesser space and further reach all the corners of the shop.

5. Comfortable seating arrangements

A sign of a good jewelry shop is to have proper seating dispositions. You can use plush chairs as seats for the customers. You can also use rattan beds as a replacement for sofas. This offers relief to buyers with physical ailments.

It is necessary to have more chairs to avoid a shortage since the lack of proper seats affects the mood of the buyers.

6. Decorative wall panels

Wall panel designs are always eye-catching. They are one of the important elements that lure the eyes of the customer.

Although these panels are built with wide materials, wooden wall paneling and gypsum wallboards are the most common one. These panels also come in different designs. Some of these designs include 3D textured and seamless wall panels, drywall sheetrock panels. They come in different dimensions to suit your needs such as 4x9 drywall, 4x12 drywall, and so on.

These decorations do not occupy much space and assist in holding lights and other smaller fancy objects.

7. Jewel organizer

You need to have a proper jewel organizer to display your collection. The size of the cupboards must be large enough to display a model from each design collection. Further, glass casing is recommended to facilitate ease of viewing.

It is better to have a single model of the same design as a display item. If the customer prefers another model of the design, you can bring out the rest of the models from the storehouse. Having all the items not only makes the display look untidy but also affects the safety of the store.

8. Awe-inspiring signboard

The first thing to entice your customers is your shop’s signboard. So, your nameplate must be clear, bright, and bigger in size to attract customers. The color and lighting should not be eye-jarring. For example, a combination of gold and white palette for your signboard provides a classic look.

It is normal to name a store based on some sentiments, be it the name of a person or a place. But, if you can project that sentiment in the form of a slogan below the nameplate, it raises the morale of your store.

For instance, you can have a slogan as ‘Always for you.’ This implies that the store values the customer’s desire.

Parting thoughts

In recent times, terms such as design and décor have become synonymous with a high cost. But, in reality, that is not the case. You can incorporate all the above design hacks in your jewelry store at a lower cost. So, do not hesitate due to monetary constraints.

Note that the more intimate your relationship with the customers, the more profitable you shop becomes. Thus spending on your décor definitely yields a good return.