Create A Beautiful Entryway To Your Hotel With These 9 Decor Ideas

If you want your hotel to make an everlasting impression on your guests, so that they always prefer to choose it over others, the most important thing for you to consider is the entryway to your hotel. A good entrance gives a great first impression and most often makes tourists choose to spend on your hotel. Here are 9 decor ideas to make your hotel entryway beautiful and alluring

1) Go grand

Make your entrance a grand one; go for large instead of small. Large gates, luxurious surfaces and lighting, and an overall illusion of grandeur go a long way in wooing tourists. Consider large marble arches, big columns of pillars with decorated bases and tops, and marble statues or fountains that are visible from outside. If you don’t want to spend on the real materials, consider artificial drywall panels or fancy 3D wall paneling that can get you the same look.

2)Put things out there

Making your entrance visible is very important. If your entrance is well decorated, but not visible directly from the street, then chances are there will be tourists who miss it and move on to other hotels. Make sure there are no visual obstructions between your hotel entrance and the road where the tourists will be. Avoid placing things like signboards or banners or hoardings in the line of sight to your entry.

3)Make it exotic

Tourists always love the exotic look, so theme your entrance accordingly. From tropical to antique, to classic, choose a theme and go all out on making your entrance represent the theme. Suppose you chose tropical, then use gates and arches fashioned like trees and branches, with a lot of foliage and flora included. Try using 3D wall panels resembling wooden textures and tree-bark or moss finishes.

If you choose classic, go for marble and exotic stones. If you’re on a budget, consider marble or stone wall paneling that resembles the original surfaces. There are many artificial drywall panels in the market that are very realistic and can get the look you want.

4)Keep things coordinated

When you’re choosing your decor for the entrance of your hotel, make sure you follow a theme and coordinate all the different elements accordingly. For example, using a modern rectangular glass door won’t go with classical architecture in the rest of the hotel exteriors. Similarly, having a classical round arch will clash with a modern architecture based hotel.

Coordinate the decor to suit the style of the hotel architecture, and make sure that they complement each other instead of being an eyesore.

5) Display your interiors

Many hotels make the mistake of hiding the insides of the hotel behind small or opaque entrances. Try and go for transparent surfaces and big open gates so that the immediate interiors, like the lobby and reception, are visible to a guest even before they go inside. This presents the hotel as a welcoming place rather than an exclusive or unwelcoming one.

Making the entire front wall of the entrance a tinted or clear glass one is also a great idea to this effect. If a guest can see the interiors from outside, there are higher chances he will like to go inside and check it out.

6)Don’t ignore the driveway

The entrance to your hotel is not just the gateway, and it includes the driveway as well. Consider decorating the entire pathway from the road to the gateway, paying attention to the road surface as well. Just plain pitch roads are boring, and using decorative paving or patterned concrete is a great idea.

Line the driveway with a lot of greenery and foliage, consider hedges or small palm trees or flowering bushes, etc. that match the theme of your chosen decor. Also, having it well lit is a must as you want the guests to be able to see and enjoy the decor.

7) Protect your guests from the forces of nature

The entryway to your hotel should provide your guests with plenty of protection from the forces of nature, such as sunlight, rain, wind or dust. If your hotel is in a rainy area, make sure you have appropriate shading. The same applies to strong sunlight. Choosing some decorative canopies and hanging some fairy lights or ivy and potted plants from the roof of the canopy is a great way to welcome guests inside.

8) Have welcome mats and rugs

Nothing says welcome more than a long red carpet leading to the entrance of your hotel. Roll out the carpet along the entire driveway and entryway so that your guests feel privileged and special when entering your hotel. A large decorative welcome mat at the entrance is also a great idea. Along with adding to the decor of the entrance, it’s also a useful way to keep your interior floors clean as the guests will shed the dirt and mud on the mat before entering.

9) Make your entryway secure

Showing off the security of your hotel is very important. Guests with valuable luggage items will always prefer to go to a hotel that looks safe and secure from outside threats like robbery or theft. Use strong and thick iron gates that present an impression of good security, and include ornate grill-work to make it classy at the same time.

Most top class hotels also employ automated security services such as self-opening doors, retractable pillars that can stop a vehicle from entering, and complete security camera footage. If you want to look classy without making the surveillance system too obvious, you can choose to conceal your cameras in decorative show-pieces or foliage.

A great way to win over your potential guests is to look alluring and appealing right out front, from the road itself. Guests in passing should be impacted by the look of your hotel’s entryway so that even if they had no prior plans, they could use impromptu choose to come to your hotel for their trip. Follow these 9 decor tips, and you won’t go wrong in making sure you get all the customers you want.