Decor Ideas For Sharing Office Spaces

Do you hate being bounded within the four walls for all your working hours? Unlike a standard office space, a shared office is more like a stage where everyone cooperates with one another. The whole notion of co-working gives a platform to work in as a social environment bringing people with similar concerns together.

The best part about shared office space is that you can run it without having to exhaust your finances in building a different office. It is the cheapest option available, to give your work culture a family feeling.

While many businesses are switching into this world, we are here to give you an exact idea of how you can build a décor for sharing offices spaces

Get rid of permanent cubicles

Of course, you can have your own small square to sit and work. But the truth is the era of the cubicle is coming to a drastic end. Now is the age to work in teams and not the 9-5 solitary desk job.

The cheapest way to build an interior wall panel is to customize fiber partitions. These will put similar groups of people together, and you can fit it to your choice now and then.

You can also use double layers of drapes or folding screens where and when personal workspace can be maintained. Japanese fabric walls like the Rice paper walls is a great option.

Share the seats

If you are sharing the same office space, it makes complete sense to go a step ahead and share the seating area as well. Considering the workforce, you can build comfortable L-shaped seats where the employees can discuss their ease and concerns.

If there are wood wall paneling sheets in the interior, then a bright colored seating arrangement will bring life in the whole working air.

Be transparent

You can bridge the gap between the employer and employee by having a transparent room for the CEOs. This will ensure that you are not just the boss but also someone who cares about his/her workers.

Work would seem a lot like work if there a perk of having a view next to the CEO’s room as well. A good view would mean some trees outside, probably climbers and focus. A feeling that there is a park right outside to shed all the work pressure!

Throw in some nice lights apart from the regular office lights to feel brighter.

Embracing the reception area

The reception desk is what makes the first impression. Apart from a friendly voice guiding your clients, there needs to be a grand and wide open space that will seal the initial deal.

The backdrop of the reception area can be given a hardboard wall panel with bright pink or red color that signifies warmth and jubilance.

A common space

While your guests are waiting for you, give them a warm welcome by having a recreation lounge. On the one hand, they can be right next to the reception area, and on the other, a sense of high-class facility is highlighted.

Having rugs right below the lounges enhances the whole look of it. Having proper lighting in the common space is essential.

Instead of having traditional office tube lights, some pop-up colored lights will welcome vibrancy. Mix in green and orange or pink and blue!

A kitchen

A filled stomach is a key to optimum work. Bring in a small kitchen area in your office where people can meet over their coffee break. A semi-equipped kitchen or pantry will allow the employees to feel more at home.

Coffee machine, water cooler, and micro oven are some must have. Your entire office will have a standard base coated color to display elegance and work code. The kitchen is where you can throw in all the colors.

Multi-colored cabinets and shelves all around will bring a sense of festivity when employees flock in for a sip of warm coffee or tea.

Cabinets and storage

It is a sharing office space, and there will be paperwork, reports, technical documentation, marketing material, letterheads and all kinds of files and papers lying around in and around everyone’s desks.

We do not want cluttering and mixing of all the important documents. Here comes in the importance of carefully placed storage areas.

Have desks with inbuilt cabinets so that every employee can have ownership of the respective paperwork. For all the other things, overhead storage boxes are seamless.

Walk around

Now that you have most of the cabinets on top, your floor is free to have extra-long corridors. Even the time gap to reach one room from another will allow a person to have the thoughts around.

There can be open-air verandah on each of the sides, where the working officials can stroll around and breathe.

Bring in trees

An office has a lot of mechanical touch to it, few trees and plants will relax everyone around. Fresh air within the workspace is a healthy treat.

It is so much better to have trees around the workers than being locked in small cubicles.

Having a small garden like structure all around the office is the best way to connect the workers with each other and with nature.


If people are going to share the same working space, it is important that you make it lively. Add artwork, graphics, designs on the wall. These can be motivational or informational based.

You can show off your company logo as well. It reminds the members of their commitment without forcing it in them.

For a sassy pop-up, you can put in writing boards where photos, stickers, magazines or even small notes can go up.

The icing on the top

Now that you have the whole picture of how your shared office space will look like, the only thing left to do is motive the workers to work together. It is good to have a sense of competition but only when it is healthy. There is something too comfortable about working at home and something too tough with a standard office.

Shared office space is the perfect blend, neither too casual nor too formal.