9 Trending Decor Hacks For Food Courts In Malls

Why do you need a food court in a mall? Well, you will be startled to know that about 40% of the customers in a mall actually pay a visit for the food and not to buy shoes. They spend way more money in the food court than in the fancy dresses.

Almost every Shopping complex has now adapted to the idea of having an entire floor dedicated to just serving the hungry stomachs of the shoppers. In such a rush how do you make your foot court stand out and an exclusive attraction for the malls?

Here is what you exactly need to give your food court a new look with these décor hacks

Get the Color scheme Right

There can be nothing wrong with having a colorful food court, but you need to be careful with the mix and match. Unlike a typical restaurant, a food court has many small eateries combined. Every section requires to have its own color touch.

Peel and stick 3D wall panels are one of the cheapest options you could go for. These wall panels will bring the whole food court to live. The best part is you can always peel them off and get a new set now and then.

The combination of the modern and contemporary texture of seamless 3D wall panels will give an extra dimension to about any corner of the food court.

Light it up

Good lighting is essential to a food court. It is not just about putting many lights but also which kind of lights you put will make the food court look classy.

Light up the entire food court with classic chandeliers. One chandelier can cover a large area. So for the seating area, it is best to get bigger ones.

Don’t neglect the lighting on the inside. Dimmer lights, or even stand lamps on the inside would brighten up your amazing wall colors.

Seat matter

People spend hours and hours on the food court. Sometimes it is just over a cup of a coffee bunch of friends snuggle around for the whole afternoon. So yes, seats matter a lot.

The central place where the young and the old will sit to enjoy their meal or snacks can have a uniform seating arrangement. A grey and orange combination will be fine with the bright atmosphere.

If there are restaurants too in the food court, they need to have more like lounges and sofas to stand up to the demand of high-class elegance.

Let’s say, For a Rajasthani restaurant inside the court, an all the cushions and fabric can be made out of classic Bandini design.

Watch and learn

It is always fun to see how food is made. Bring in this new trend in your food court where the visitors can see how the magic on pan comes to the plate.

A small standing podium can be placed before each of the open food stores where the Master Chefs play along with ingredients. This will add to the assurance and confidence of the final food output.

You can also have small stools out there for the new learners to sit and enjoy the whole show. Nothing is better than learning while eating.

Digital Menu

It is evident that the influx of customers in a food court will be much more than a normal restaurant. Sometimes this crowd becomes tough to handle. You do not want to lose on your customers due to lack of management.

Have high-end computer screens with respective food marts where the entire menu is displayed. Customers can scroll in and make their own selection. Taking orders could not easier!

Also, this adds to a tech-savvy look on the overall décor of the food court. It would be a nice idea to have colorful computers which look more or less like a part of the food mart itself.

Add a library

How often do you much food while reading? It is a regular habit of almost everyone. This can be put to good use.

A library in a Food court is a perfect blend of learning and eating. For all those readers who can immerse themselves in books, a tasty snack option with variety is nothing less than heaven.

Against the bright wall colors, the library can have a wooden 3D wall panel which will give it a more serious look. Vertical wooden shelves will allow you to have more books in lesser space. Do have beans bags around for them to sit, eat and read.

Don’t forget to have a “Cuisine section” the library. After all, it is all about food in the Food court!

Write it up

Do you want to share your thoughts about what you eat? Then give your customers that very option. Have pop-up writing boards at odd places where the foodies can write their thoughts, suggestions. Remember to keep a whole set of colored markers too!

You can also have boards, where you can put up the pictures, clicked while a group of friends was celebrating their final day at school, or a family is having a gala time.


Have flooring that is more subtle. Colors like white, crème or even light blue will be an excellent choice to make.

Along the middle line, you can always put up some graphic design for the fancy touch. A good idea would be “food & foodies” from all around the country.

An open area

Not everyone would enjoy walls around while eating. So have an open space with just enough seats to enjoy solitary and personal time.

You can also make it the Smoking Zone. Add some trees around for having a fresher look.

What are you waiting for?

The biggest contribution a food court makes to the mall is keeping shoppers around longer. Investing in the décor of a Food Court will only add to the profit. During festive season do incorporate the tradition and the culture in your menu and your surroundings.

Along with the décor, it is vital that the people handling the visitors are well-behaved and patient. A combination of excellent staff and stunning décor will ensure you never lose out on your visitors.