8 Decor Ideas For The Perfect Furniture Store

Any furniture shopping you do or plan to do always needs a visit to the store. To look and feel the material, how much space it takes up, or how the lighting will affect the color and so many other things.

You could put all your stress away about new furniture for the home, at a furniture store, and enjoy the whole process. A great store, not only offers different varieties for customers but also an outlook of how things might fit at home.

With these 8 decor ideas, make your furniture store the best one for your customer.

1. Create an accent wall.

A furniture store should act as a stage for the furniture, to display their quality, color and the space they might occupy. And to give the stage a better view, create an accent wall. There are various options for it. You could paint one of the walls with any bold colors and use contrasting décor elements for the furniture section like throw pillows or rugs.

You could try printed fabric or wallpaper on any wall, to achieve a similar effect. You can take aspirations from interior wall paneling design ideas. These are the contemporary style, which is on trend these days. There are many options to choose from.

Like you could try the decorative wood panels for walls. Or the 3D wall panel designs are known to create an out of the world experience. These not only give the store a more significant and brighter look, but the furniture too along with them look stylish and boost the customer confidence in choosing them.

2. Go for vertical display.

Try to use vertical space for a better viewpoint. When customers are strolling around your shop, make sure to draw their eye up. You could use lots of shelving units and display an array of smaller furniture.

You could also hang up drapes to give a sense of larger space. This would give them an option for window-shopping and chances are they might be tempted by the display and buy them.

Try hanging up sofas, mattress, coffee tables or anything, which need not be felt for fabric or sat on for space taken. You could try to color coordinate them or organize in a way that gives a pleasing look and not a cluttered feel.

3. Make your statement with lightings.

Customers don’t come often for furniture shopping, but when they do, you have to make sure they keep coming back to your shop every single time. It’s not always about quality furniture and amazing deals, but the store aesthetics also play a significant role in customer retention.

Lighting can be a mood enhancer or spoiler. If you have all these great furnitures under poor lighting, it will become an excellent mood spoiler. Try to mix up all sorts of lighting throughout the entire store.

Picture lights, scones, track lights, pendants or fancy chandeliers too. With the right combination of lighting, your furniture would always steal the show.

4. Keep changing your style.

Customers need to see something new every time they walk in the store. If you keep having the same layout from six months ago, they are going to conclude the furniture is also old and not in trend. This might be bad for your business.

Be experimental with the store layout. Play with colors according to a season. When it’s spring, use lots of red, yellow or other bright colors. You could also use a lot of cozy décor elements for marking winter. Or colors respective to the holiday seasons like red for Christmas and pink for Valentine’s Day.

These not only make the store look festive, but also enhance the mood of the customers. The change should be meaningful and fully functional too.

5. Use window-like effects or mirrors to make space look larger.

If your store has windows, it is excellent, if not, try to fake it. A window-like effect or a mirror on the wall gives an illusion of open and larger space. This also gives a creative look to your store.

Try to use false partitions and group furniture according to the room plan. Like living room furniture they are together separated by a wall with a window, which opens into a kitchen. This type of organizing gives a better idea for the customers to visualize their actual needs.

6. Choose your layout wisely.

Any store needs a layout to enhance the flow of the customers. And for a perfect furniture store, it is vital that customers feel relaxed and are able to take time for their choice. A free-flowing layout is a good option, where customers can move in whichever way they want.

It also makes it easier for them to go to the section, which they want. The furniture arrangement in the store should be strategically spaced. This way, they have enough personal space for them to do the shopping.

7. A cool-off zone for non-shopping customers.

Try to arrange some furniture in the store corner. This can function as kids play area or a relaxing place for tired people who are not the decision maker in the furniture shopping process. Added points if you could include some toys or books for them to relax while they wait for their company to finish shopping.

This might not be a must to have. But when you go above and beyond for your customers, they value doing business with you. This creates a positive impression on your store, among your competitors.

And these personal touches can include music too. It is believed to have a direct effect on their shopping behavior. So introduce some light music in the background to keep them energized.

8. The first impression is always a lasting one.

Even if your store is designed to perfection on the inside, if the outside is not as appealing, the customers will not be lured in. Invest in making the exterior of the store as welcoming as possible.

Digital signage can be a good one-time investment, which can be changed according to the season or sale that you have in store. Or unique signs also grab customer’s attention. Make sure the entrance is eye-catching and that some products are visible to people who prefer window-shopping.


Your business is all about customers and their needs. Keep their priorities in mind, observe them, talk to them and go beyond their expectations.

This way your store becomes their all-time favorite shop for furniture.

So, what inspiration did you take to decorate your store?