Gorgeous Decor Ideas For A Charming Coffee Shop

Everybody loves a perfect brew and the seamless aftertaste of coffee. Maybe this is one of the reasons that coffee shops, or to use a fashionable word, cafés, have become a necessity in the urban culture and lifestyle. While you may have mastered the art of making a silky smooth, delicious latte or that chocolate brownie that you’ve put on your menu is breaking all records of sale, choosing the ideal décor ideas might be a daunting task, out of your comfort zone.

Choosing a theme and concept for your target audience

Before choosing a theme, understand the concept of the target audience. The target audience is the group of people your business is aimed towards. Will your café be child-friendly or would you love the idea of having a separate place for your customers’ pets to enjoy. Would you like the theme to be modern? Classy? Retro? Fancy?

Your choice of theme largely depends on your target audience. Once you have a clear picture of who your target audience is and what the theme of the café should be, you will have a clear and easy path ahead to decorating it.

Exterior design

Storefront design is a crucial factor of coffee shop design. After all, your major point of attraction is the exterior design.

Outdoor seating and pavement tables

There’s something romantic in having your morning coffee, outdoors, while reading a newspaper or with your beloved. Of course, morning coffee dates are more appealing than traditional dinner dates. Invest in some pavement tables and classic chairs to match the mood of your neighborhood and the theme of your café. You can set up an outdoor front bar with high chairs if your café is located in a hip and trendy neighborhood.

Outdoor Garden

Your café statement can be expressed in a beautiful outdoor garden. Your outdoor décor gives a charming addition to the interior décor. You can use signs or employ different commercial plants to use on the pavement area apart from the outdoor seating. This is also a clever tactic to ensure shade during the hot sunny days, and your customers would love it.


Your signage must reflect you and your shop’s style. The sign must be distinctive, unique and appealing, not to forget, easy to read, so that it gives a comfortable feeling and at the same time, attractive enough to catch the attention of the passersby.

Wood signage for the classic interiors

Old fashion classic themed coffee shop’s signage can be made with a single piece of wood. Choose a perfectly stained wood with a great finish along with a contrasting color for the text. Also, the font and style of the text can be chosen according to the theme. Rustically themed coffee shops can employ the same technique with wood panels and a different text format.

Chalkboard signage for the hip and trendy ones

Your chosen target audience falls under the age group of teens and early twenties, and you decided ‘hip and trendy’ to be your café’s theme. Wood signage, in this case, may not be the ideal choice but a black chalkboard might be the perfect one.

Use different colors of chalk and design your heart out there. Write funny quotes along with your café’s sign and a playful drawing of a steamy cup of coffee.

Interior décor

You have set up the ideal storefront design and catchy and attractive signage. It won’t do justice if your interior décor does not complement the outdoor style. The interior décor, from the bar to the point of sale, seating area and menu board, the concept and theme of your café must be manifest everywhere.


Furniture is the most important part to be considered while decorating the interiors of a café. People come to a coffee shop for different reasons. Some come with a group of friends for a cozy catch-up while some will have the first date of their life.

Some will come to your cafe to work or enjoy their own company. Make sure that your furniture is not only designed according to your theme but also to the preference of different subgroups of your customers.

Fun To-Do area

Every adult has a child in them, and a gaming area brings it out. Even if you plan your café atmosphere to be relaxing or classic, a things-to-do or a gaming area will engage your customers into a fun experience.

You can provide a bookshelf for the lone customers or game tables with chess boards or foosball tables for those who come in with a group of friends. Using a soft board for your customers to pin their reviews on is also a great idea.

Let the walls speak

A simple wall and just a solid color are boring for a café. You want your customers to not only enjoy the coffee and the ambiance but also the decorations. Wall decorations scream about your personality and style along with your café’s statement.

Invest in some seamless 3d wall panels or wall paneling sheets to spice up your walls. You may also use decorative wood panels for walls to provide an elegant and chic look to the interiors.

The restroom

You may have tons of ideas about the design of the café and sorted out the best furniture, but one thing your employees and customers would frequently visit is the restroom. You can get really creative about the design of the restrooms and the area surrounding it.

Put up funny signs rather than just ‘male’ and ‘female.’ Write funny jokes on the walls and let the customers have a laugh while doing their business.


Cafés have become a significant part of our life in this modern and urban lifestyle. The fun and engaging atmosphere and the bliss of the perfect taste of espresso or cappuccino work wonder on our mood.

Owning a coffee shop is not an easy task. With clear ideas about your customers, décor, menu and a dedicated staff, your coffee shop can become the favorite place of the people of the town.