9 Adorable Decor Hacks For A Children S Clothes Boutique

The intoxicating giggles of the little tots and their cute deeds will always have a special position in our hearts. This is one of the reasons that so many people incline towards catering to the daily needs of a baby. A children’s clothes boutique requires more than business strategies. It requires love.

Designing a retail store takes more than mirrors and clothes rack. It can be a daunting task for those who do not have proper knowledge in the décor niche. From telling your brand’s story to your brand’s identity, here are 9 Adorable Decor Hacks For A Children’s Clothes Boutique.

1. Cute shelves filled with soft toys

There’s no toddler who doesn’t love soft toys. Pick out a cute shelf and fill them with soft toys. You can also buy famous cartoon soft toys that children are more likely to be watching. Let the babies play with them while their parents search for the cutest outfit.

Adults also love to skim their hands through soft toys as well. This addition to the décor of your boutique will not only appeal to the children but also the parents that accompany them.

2. A wall painted with nursery rhymes

Every toddler loves to sing their favorite nursery rhymes. Painting a wall with their favorite characters from their bedtime stories or the alphabet song will keep them engaged. They will not only love them but also narrate them.

If you do not want to paint characters or write nursery rhymes on the walls, you can use a funky and bright color to represent your store’s appeal. Bright primary colors will not only entertain them but also would prompt them to say the names of the colors.

3. A To-Do area

Children hardly love to sit idle. They always want to be the center of attraction as well as mischief. Their high energy does not let them sit in one place. A To-Do area with low chairs and tables filled with drawing sheets and crayons will keep them engaged and occupied.

Puzzles, toys, dolls can also be kept in the To-Do area where they can play and make friends with other kids that come to the store with their parents.

4. Storefront design

As a children’s retail store, storefront design should be done keeping in mind the imaginative ideas of the kids. Your storefront is the main area which will attract your customers, in this case, children.

Throw in some beautiful balloons with quirky patterns or align the window with some toys and stuffed animals. Put some mannequins with beautiful dresses on display. Draw some cute designs on the windows to make it appealing on the exterior.

5. Bookshelf

Another great décor idea is installing a bookshelf. Everybody knows that children must inculcate the habit of reading. Children will be equally intrigued and enthralled by seeing their favorite books lined on a bookshelf.

You can replace the usual bookshelf and make install a unique one. It can be either a tree or a simple yet elegant alternative will be to display the books on a narrow ledge. A low lying wooden shelf filled with those fairy tales or superhero stories also works well.

6. Use of bright white

Bright white is simple, elegant and classy. Use bright white paint on walls, doors, and cupboards to create contrast for the perfect backdrop for the toys, books and the line of aligned clothes.

You can also use pale color if you plan to contrast it with a bright ceiling. A circus tent top can be created with striped red and white paint on the ceiling or a bright sunny day with soft yellows and blue.

7. Three dimension walls for a mesmerizing effect

Children are curious. The more you feed their curiosity, the happier they become. So three dimension walls create an illusion and thus satisfy their inquisitiveness. Invest in some seamless 3d wall panels, decorative wood panels for walls or wall paneling sheets.

Consequently, you can use gypsum board partition to separate areas in your boutique and gypsum ceiling to showcase your style and store statement.

8. Display an array or decoration in your store

Your boutique should not be an annoying experience of just coming in, choosing a garment and paying the bill. Keep your customers engaged and entertain them with an array of decorations in your store. The decorations can be kept either in the store corners, or one beautiful one can be placed right at the center.

Put a tree made of rope at the center of your store and hang beautiful crayon drawings made by the children who previously came to the store. You can also put pictures of your regular customers or hang some candies for the kids. You can also put wooden figures of the favorite cartoon characters at the store corners and use beautiful lights to highlight them.

9. Use the perfect lighting for your store

Retail lighting can be of many types. You would want a different type of light for decorations and another type for accent lighting. Your storefront must also have task lighting along with the task area inside the store. The lighting in the boutique must make the children, along with their parents, at home as well as make them want to buy.

Set up the ambiance of your boutique with ideal lighting and invest in some high-quality Accenture lighting to display those little decorative nooks and corners of your store.


Setting up a boutique is not an easy feat, and when it comes down to setting up a children’s cloth boutique, there’s a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. To structure and organize a children’s store, one must think what a child loves while designing it.

The interior décor, outdoor design and the little elements in the store are installed not only keeping ‘business’ in mind but also love for those cute little tots.