Decor Of The Conference RoomThe conference room of any office should always have a top class décor. Clients, customers, stakeholders and many other important individuals who have direct and indirect links with the organization will be made to use the conference room from time to time. A shabby looking conference room will only end up imprinting a negative impression of the organization on the mind of the customer or investor. To make it simple and hassle-free for you, we have compiled a list of 9 décor hacks that are worth incorporating in your office's conference room.Here's everything you need to know:

Opt For A Classy And Upscale Décor By Using Wood

Using wood in your conference room can give it that stylish and sophisticated appeal. You can install wooden flooring, a substantial and elegant long wooden table, wooden chairs and other such options. Not only will the wooden décor make the conference room look fancy and dapper, but it will also give the surroundings a more special and luxurious appeal. You can also opt for a monochrome theme by using the same kind of wood on the floors and in the furniture.

Use Indoor Plants To Decorate The Conference Room

Meetings that are conducted in conference rooms can go on for hours on end. Having a few décor items in the conference room that give a cheerful and uplifting vibe to the surroundings can prove to be very useful. The lush green leaves of plants, for instance, can be very useful in giving the employees and stakeholders sitting at the meeting a refreshed and calm feeling. You can install beautiful indoor plants that require minimum sunlight and alternate day watering in the corners of the conference room. You can also place a miniature bonsai plant in the middle of the conference table so that it acts as a centerpiece.

Wall To Wall Carpet For The Floor

Another excellent way to upgrade the décor of an old and worn out conference room is by having the floor carpeted. Opting for a wall to wall carpet in the conference room can give the space a very classy, professional and upscale appeal. When selecting a carpet for the floor of your conference room, make sure you choose a carpet color that blends well with the overall décor of the conference room. You can opt for a deep gray carpet or a subtle beige carpet and so on.

Wall Panels Are Ideal To Spruce Up The Walls

The walls of an older conference room may have a certain number of cracks or flaws in them. One effective way to spruce up the walls in the conference room is by installing decorative wall panels. These beautifully designed architectural wall panels are super useful in hiding wall flaws and also preventing echoes and sound reverberations in the conference room. If you're looking to take a step ahead and give the conference room décor that added oomph, you can also install ceiling boards or ceiling panels. These acoustic wall panels are affordably priced, durable and sturdy, easy to install and just what you need to make the conference room look sophisticated and classy.

Improve The Lighting Of The Conference Room

For the décor of your conference room to look fabulous, you need to make sure that the lighting in the space is excellent. Install new age and contemporary lighting options like pendant lights, sconces and so on. Make sure that the light bulbs have just the right amount of brightness. Excessively bright lighting can cause irritability and discomfort amongst the people present at the meeting. Dull and dim lights can cause sleepiness and lethargy amongst the individuals present at the meeting.

Art Work Should Be Installed

Just because it is a conference room or a meeting room that doesn't mean the décor cannot have a creative appeal to it. Installing artworks in the conference room can play an essential role in giving the décor a classy and captivating feel. Painted canvases for the walls (abstract art pieces and nature paintings), showpieces or sculptures as centerpieces for the conference room table and other such options would be ideal.

Install A Large Projector Or Smart Television

A smart television or a projector can prove to be very useful in a conference room particularly if you're looking to have digital presentations for the people present in the meeting. Place the television or projector on the wall that faces the conference room table so that all the individuals can clearly understand and see the presentation.

Opt For A Minimalistic Décor

It is essential to have a minimalistic décor in the conference room to avoid distractions amongst the people present there for a meeting. Further, a minimalistic décor will also make the conference room feel less cramped and more spacious. Keep only those furniture items and products that are used and required. Avoid cramping the space with unnecessary furniture.

Make A Small Stationery Cabinet

Pens, pencils, notepads, and other such stationery items are always needed in a conference room. Making a small wooden and glass cabinet with all these items can prove to be very useful for the people who are sitting at a meeting or using the conference room. Make sure that you regularly have the cabinet restocked so that stationery items don't run out when they are needed the most.

Well, there you have it, nine useful and practical ways in which you can transform the décor of your office conference room. These tried and tested décor hacks are easy to incorporate, and some of them are budget-friendly too. So what are you waiting for? It's time to start making these changes and leave a positive impression on the minds of the stakeholders present at the meeting. Start making these décor changes immediately, and you will have an upgraded and classy conference room in a matter of days. We guarantee that clients and customers will be extremely pleased with the new and improved conference room décor.