Office Dcor And Productivity Are Linked Here S HowIn the world of smartphones, we cannot afford our employees being otherwise. This being said, it is pretty obvious that productivity and milieu have a direct connection. Your employees will work better and efficiently given a motivating space. How you work has a lot to do with where you work.

Your office décor should be such that it maximizes productivity and minimizes work stress. Considering the number of time employees spend in the office, it is only fair that office space should be comfortable and peaceful.


Here are 9 tips that will accentuate your employee productivity

A Well Lit Space

Your office space better is lit (literally and figuratively). Bright lighting boosts energy and keeps out the dull vibes. Allowing natural sunlight into the office keeps the ambiance fresh and lively. By this, we aren't hinting at rooftop offices but you can consider using glass instead of concrete walls for creating aisles which will let the light propagate.
If not natural sunlight, your artificial lights should be able to blend in perfectly with the floor map and reach every nook and corner of your office. Don't give your employees a reason to doze off and blame the poor lights for it.

Block The Chaos

Don't let the office walls have ears. The most irking factor at a workplace would be unwelcome noises. A chaotic workplace will affect not only productivity but also the lifestyle and mood. Don't let them feel perturbed and make sure they have the much-needed silence and privacy.

To tone down the traffic noises, trust the sound blocking panels for windows which grant the light and its freshness inside but obstruct the bothering traffic noises. Also, decorative sound wall panels will ensure privacy and make a beautiful sub for the regular walls.

Bring In Nature

Office work can get tiring and mundane. To break this rut, it is of utter significance that the employees feel linked with nature. Indoor plants or an airy balcony of plants will bring in positivity to your office space as they are real stress busters. Flower plants are not just a treat to eyes but are known to buck up your spirit.

Adding greenery to your place will make a good impression on your guest and clients and not forget it will keep the air fresh and the room dynamic, eventually boosting up the productivity of your employees.

A Break-Out Room

Accept it! If your employees drag themselves to work every day, your office space is sad and least exciting. Give them a reason to happily come to the office every day. You have a chance to create a cool work culture by adapting a recreation room in your office. This room is kinda like a breather. Put some board and table games in it.

If this doesn't keep them in the office, then what will! Your employees can bond over these games which will create a healthy work environment and get back to work all rejuvenated. This room is sure to maximize their work potential.

Push 'em Up

We all have our share of dull and unfruitful days. It is for days like these that your office décor can give them a push and motivate them to be better. Decorate those blank spaces in your office by putting up motivational quotes and messages. Dedicate a wall of your office for appreciation and accomplishments of your employees.

Your employees will strive to be better to see themselves on the wall. This will create a healthy competition in the office and will act as an incentive.

Spruce It Up

Mothers are always right! Cleanliness and tidiness indeed are important factors. Of course, it is an office and we don't deny that there is going to be a lot of office supplies and equipment that will tag along but a well-organized workspace will minimize the clutter, keep the place tidy and make your office a presentable one.

Keep your office as neat as a new pin; it will help employees concentrate better. Give a home to all the office appliances or tiny things and save yourself the efforts of losing and finding things in the wrong place. Make the place more disciplined and organized.

The Right Seat

How many times have you heard colleagues complaining of their back problems or a headache? With the growing trend in cool office spaces, you can upgrade yours by a notch and make it cooler. Ditch the fossil décor idea of chairs and tables and replace it with something comfortable and cool.

Go for the cushioned chairs and that will make the long sitting hours comfortable. Also, a proper plan of seating arrangement will promote the easy flow of communication and ideas in your office.

Make It Colorful

Don't make your office look like a run-of-the-mill place. Just because it is an office, you don't have to stick to the old white color for everything. Make your office stand out from the rest by adding some vibrant colors to it. They bring an instant charm in your place and will have a positive effect on productivity. Designer acoustic panels are a great way to dampen the noise and make your walls artistic.

Colorful chairs or office accessories will do the trick and give a youthful vibe to your office. But, just don't paint your heart out on the walls. Choose the combinations wisely such that they will blend and complement the rest of the décor.

Maintain the Air

You don't want your employees to come to the office wearing shawls, sweaters, and muffs or even casual summer wear on a pleasant day. Strong AC vents or hot airwaves will affect their health and eventually their performance as well. Set the temperature mild and moderate according to the changing seasons.

Refurbish your office as per the changing demands of the generation. The above tips are economical and will have a positive impact on the employee's productivity and overall success of your team.