7 Dependable Methods Of Hiding Wall FlawsAwkwardly patched walls are only the second most disgusting thing to look at after damp, swampy walls. Before you try using a joint compound with a utility knife or replacing the wall entirely, there are tons of another method to implement which can save you further damage over time, a big dent in your bank account and embarrassment in front of your guests.

Wall collage- An easy fix

A lot of property owners find investing more to renovate the wall as the best possible option but if that idea doesn't align with your budget for maintenance costs, try this method. Having a collage on the wall doesn't mean you pick up the random picture, have them framed and hang them on the wall. What this actually means is you have a chance to have a wall that speaks about the theme of your business or its objectives. It can be something as random as positive affirmations, quotes or pictures of your business from its inception. This allows you to connect to the customer and tell your business story while hiding the underlying flaw on the wall.

Chalkboard wall

Okay, this might not be the best option for a theme park or a mall, but for restaurant owners, it's a great idea to own a chalkboard wall. What this does is hide all of the wall flaws and brings in an organic feel to the room. This provides a blank canvas where customers can write their own views about the business. This opens up an interactive approach with the customers which will help earn loyal customers. With the chalkboard wall, you can hand draw designs and change them on a regular basis to add a personal touch.

Hang the curtains

As a part of a temporary fix, you can choose to hang a wide and heavy curtain on the wall lining the windows. This would create much necessary drama for your business if you deal with hotels, casinos or restaurants. This would only work for a place used by multiple guests at a time. If you have curtains installed in a hotel room, there are chances that the guests staying over may locate the damaged walls while moving the curtains. This fix is only applicable for areas with high traffic like a lounge. This seems like an easy task but in reality, if you have more than just one patch to fix, the curtain would not be your friend in that case.

Wall paneling: A complete renovation

Those days of fake wallpaper are long gone. Now it's time to get decorative interior wall paneling. Interior wall paneling is a onetime investment that will save you tons of money in the long run that you'd otherwise have to invest in path fixing the walls and repainting them. What wall paneling does is opens up unlimited choices of fixing a wall in terms of material used, design and texture. Panels can be customized to the required size. This fix gives you a chance to change the look of the area in question completely at half the cost of renovating the walls. Not only are they durable, but they also come in multiple choices of material, shapes, colors for you to choose from.

Wooden rugged layout

Wooden walls provide a rugged look to already existent patched or damaged walls, this would provide a grand look to the walls. You can choose a wooden wall paneling design that would work well with the interior décor you have at your business place. Polished wooden walls are extremely chic to look at, you can alternatively choose rustic wood paneling for walls. Instead of going for polished wooden walls, if you are going for rustic charm, it's best to go for wall panels instead of the real wooden frame for the wall; they would be quite expensive and would need more maintenance. While polished wooden walls do impart an elegant look, with the weathered wooden look, there are multiple types of room décor you can experiment with like a mod, contemporary, exotic, and the choices are almost unlimited.

Don't leave out the ceilings

The ceilings make up the 5th wall of a room; it would be foolish to avoid that. Chipped walls and ceilings are not very welcoming to your guests. If you can afford a full ceiling picture wallpaper to mimic whatever theme your commercial space is looking for, great, go for it. If you would like to keep it formal and more professional, the best option would be to choose a neutral theme that goes with all kinds of décor. Choose seamless 3d wall panels which provide a look of symmetrical and one piece décor. These can be a stone texture or something that you'd like to have customized to your need. Alternatively, you can opt for decorative wood panels for wall and have them installed on the ceilings. Hang your desired chandeliers, overhead light fixtures or something else that goes with the existent décor.

Can we get some screens already?

For a relaxing commercial space, like a hotel room or an office cabin, air vents are of absolute necessity. They don't necessarily add to the décor. Along with that if you have chipped walls; it is an absolute disaster for a customer, employee or anybody who uses that space. Wall screens are amazing for a cover-up. What these screens do is add a feature to the vent area and incorporate it in the décor for the room. They also cover up the chipped walls. They come in customized color, material and dimensions. You can also hang frames, photo art or something else of your choice to space and make it look way more appealing than its previous state.