Office decorWalls not only contain the office space but also cater it. In fact, these are a great canvas. Styling them up can give your office an amazing look.

Maybe you are fighting with the blank office walls and cannot decide what to put there! Then this blog is for you.

It contains a collection of creative decor ideas that can make your office environment awesome and inspiring.

Fill up with abstract & geometric patterning

Single color walls are now on the backbench. Filling it with arts is the current trend. But filling the blank office walls with arts can be very expensive! So, you can fill it up with DIY abstract patterns as an alternative.

Can you guess why we are recommending abstract patterns? This is because even if you mess up everything by chance, no one will be able to spot that.

You may create abstract and geometric designs on the wall with paints. Or, you can also use colorful tapes for that. This will showcase your creativity while shooting up the decoration.

Clad with 3d textured wall panels

Paneling the walls with 3d gypsum wall panels is an excellent styling option. Using them puts you in a win-win situation. They add character to the office interior and also hide the ugly wall flaws. So, you can enjoy a dual benefit!

You can get the decorative paneling boards for offices in a wide range of designs and patterns. Weave, High-back, Perforated, Stud, Mariana, Tectonic, Mirror, Pop, Hive are some of the premium designs. You may pick anything from these or may ask for customization for special needs.

These are light in weight and being available in square shapes, they are easy to install. Since these need no demolition or surface treatment, these save cost. The great thing about the seamless 3d wall panels that they are non-toxic, non-pollutant, durable, and fire –resistant. As such, they make your office safe and hygienic.

Use 3d wall panel installation for the entire wall. They will build up a beautiful flow of design to lift up the interior decor. Sculpting the walls with them will let your clients have a memorable aesthetic experience.

Turn it into a green wall

Wearing a green hat is rocking these days. So, why not have a green office wall? A large number of commercial settings are making the outside green with live plants. This helps to save energy during the summer months.

You can also create a green wall indoor. The reception, lobby and seminar hall are ideal for that. Other than creating a focal point, they have other benefits as well. They save your eardrum by dampening the noises, purifies the air, and make the office calm and relaxing.

Use the power of words

Including a piece of art does not mean that they should be paintings or sculptures. Filling the office walls with words also serves that purpose.

Words have immense power. Create an inspirational board and hang it on an office wall. Or you can engage a professional to write the message on the wall. Plenty of wall decals are also available with inspirational slogans. These will style up the wall and also motivate the people.

Embellish the wall with a map

Bringing the world to your doorstep makes decor perfect. Maps are great for this. Hang a large map on the office wall. This will style up the wall in an innovative way. What you will use will depend on the nature of your commercial setting.

If you have branches in various parts of the country, hang your country map on the wall. In case your business is of pan-world nature, then include a world map. In both cases locate your branches on the map. This will take the decor aplomb to the next level.

Inject flair with a wall mural

The office environment has a great impact on performance and productivity. While a creative environment can be inspiring, an unpleasant place lowers down the mood. Painting murals on the wall is a great way to inject energy into the office.

Create a wall mural that showcases your business theme. Engaging a pro for this is the best way. Varieties of peel and stick plain murals are also available in the market. Use one that matches your business and decor theme.

Make it memorable

Making the walls memorable is a nice way for office decoration. Create a photo gallery that displays the achievement of the organization. Also, include photos of the employees who made substantial contributions to achieve the company goal. You can also include the upcoming project. These will make a great style impact.

Create a playful display with floating shelves

Thinking vertically is another great way of styling the walls up. In case you are short on storage space, create floating shelves. You may design them as minimalist squares, intersecting shelves, and hexagonal designs besides plain floating shelves. You can display your products, collectibles. This will upscale the wall in a great way.

Include a chalkboard

Adorning the wall with a chalkboard lifts up the office decor and makes it more functional. This is a simple idea and needs little or no maintenance. You can also cover the office wall with chalkboard art as an alternative. Paint the wall in black and add some scribbles in white. This will look like a real chalkboard.

Decorate with wall decals

Wall decals can make the walls beautiful. This is an economic option and as such, it is popular for commercial decoration.

They are available in a plethora of colors and designs. These are also easy to install. Their removal is also easy. Get one that aligns with the nature of your business. This will change the look and feel of the walls.