How To Give My Walls The Natural Stone LookStone walls are timeless and beautiful. They are edgy and homely at the same time. They take us back in time to our favorite times in history. Castles and palaces are some of the lasting examples of the endurance of stone walls. Yet stone walls haven't gone out of style. Far from fading into oblivion, they are all the rage these days. They are gorgeous, they are stylish and most important of all they are within your budget. By putting in a little work you can give your walls the natural stone look.

Go rustic

A stone wall coupled with exposed wooden ceiling beams, timber walls, the right rug can make you feel like you are a count living in his castle in the early 15th century.

You can go a step further and add a stone fireplace or a window seat made entirely of stone, lined with plum cushions. Or hey, why not go for both.

You can also have a bedroom with a modern design with an accent wall made entirely of stone. The sharp contrast will be wondrous to behold. Or you can throw in low hanging ceiling beams so the accent wall doesn't get lonely.

Time to bring in the heat

If you aren't ready to commit to a stone wall yet, then how about building a fireplace made entirely of stone.

You can create a stone fireplace with its very own custom mantle. The color of the mantle can go with your fireplace or it can match your walls. The mantle can be limited to your fireplace or it can travel the length of the room. If the mantle covers the entire room then it is better to have it compliment your walls. Just a thought gypsum wall panels go great with a fireplace of any kind.

You can also create a fireplace made entirely out of cobblestones. The smooth surface and the uneven shape of the cobblestones will bring a sense of calm and an old world feel. A 3d wavy wall panel will go great with a cobblestone fireplace.

There's a reason that from Rome to Paris the streets and the walls are lined with cobblestones. Cobblestones have character. They have the weight of history behind them.

If you have glass walls then sandwich a floor to ceiling fireplace in the middle. The resulting contrast can be quite pleasant.

Or if your room overlooks a beautiful view outside then you can create a stone firewall to go with that view.

Go Greek

One of the civilizations that got the stone walls right were the Mediterranean. A stone wall lends some much-needed credibility to most Mediterranean bedrooms.

Terracotta tiles and dark stone walls are a match made in heaven.

Remember stone walls can be transitional as in your room can have two contrasting themes and the stone walls somehow complete that transition or they may be contrasting bringing the differences in style to sharp relief. Stone walls can also be imposing bringing some much-needed edge to a room with soft colors.

A contemporary bedroom with wooden ceiling and a contemporary design needs a limestone wall to bring the room together. Otherwise, the whole room looks mismatched. This is especially true if one side of the wall is covered in 3d gypsum board.

Use good lighting to accentuate the beauty of your stone walls.

If the color scheme of your room is white, with white sofas, white rugs, white curtains, then why not paint your stone walls white too. And on a side note, we salute you for picking such a risky color. Although a white 3d gypsum board lessens the risk considerably.

A regular shaped stone wall in your living room with the right furniture to back it up will have your guests holding their breath. But be mindful of the fact that stone walls can sometimes seem too rough on a casual space. Soften the room up with warm colors, plush furniture and plenty of light natural or otherwise. A 3d wave board will be a huge help in this situation. You don't want to give the impression that you are living in a dungeon. This is an excellent way to decorate your living room with stone walls.

If you have wooden floors in warm colors, then a rugged stone wall is all you need to finish the spell. Throw in some rich upholstery and you will have elegance befitting royalty.

If you have a big wall in need of some remodeling then try covering it up with big blocks of stone. This will make your room seem bigger than it is.

If you live in a loft or a big studio apartment then consider adding brick or stone walls. With the right furniture, you can get any style from contemporary to urban chic. Make sure to put a gypsum wall on one side of the room.

If you live in a small place then consider doing a portion of your wall in stone. Walls done entirely in stone in small spaces can feel cramped or sinister even. Partial stone walls when done right add character to your room. It also sends the message that you are not afraid to take risks.

Instead of having stone walls with earthy aged colors, try painting a few of the bricks or stones in bright colors. Such effects will immediately catch your eye. If you want you can then accentuate the rest of the room around this color.

Stones need not be limited to your homes, you can put stone planters in your garden. They are relatively low maintenance.

Most people leave stones out when doing their floors. This is a big mistake. A stone floor especially one made with large slabs will give your space an earthy vibe.

We can also do our kitchen countertops in stone. The design can be anything from modern to rustic.

The idea of a compound wall made entirely of stone is catching up in some circles. The idea is particularly popular in Miami.

So these were some interior stone wall ideas. Please remember that stone walls can be accent walls, split walls or anything else you like. The choice is entirely yours.