Dare To Be Different 10 Unforgettable Accent Wall IdeasPeople always dream of a different interior. Unfortunately, most of them are not sure how to start when it comes to decorating homes.

Creating an accent wall could be the perfect solution for this. They help you highlight the architectural feature to transform an ordinary interior into an extraordinary one.

If you are on the lookout, here are 10 ideas to create an unforgettable interior.

1. Play out of the box

Accenting a wall means playing with your creativity and imagination. Only this can make your home distinctly different from others.

Do not get disappointed if you have a brick wall with whitewash. You can turn this into an outstanding accent wall. Sandblast the wall and expose the bricks. You can also use faux brick wall claddings for this. It will display a cool and modern interior with a lot of texture.

2. Embrace 3d decorative wall panels

The decorative gypsum wall panels are second to none for creating an accent wall. This modular paneling option adds depth and drama to the walls with their unique conceptual texture. Available in a wide range of varieties, they are perfect to align any décor theme.

You can get the 3d gypsum wall panels in many varieties like weave, tectonic, stud, wrap and many more designs. All of them come with unique patterns. Paint them in any color and they create a seamless design on the wall. When light falls on these patterns, it creates a magical ambiance in the interior.

The best part of these geometric 3d wall panels is that they are light in weight. Available as 24 x 24 inches boards, you can mount them easily on the walls. They are also great to hide wall flaws. Since these do not need any demolition or pre-treatment, they are cost-saving.

Other than providing a sculptural identity, the textured gypsum wall panels also help to dampen noise. They are non-toxic, non-pollutant, fire retardant and ensure safety as a bonus.

3. Get bold with paint

Sometimes you may not want to commit for full room coloring. Painting one wall in bold color accents the wall and creates a unique architectural feeling. This also elevates the room to the next level.

Pick a color that aligns well with the other décor elements and the functions of the room. You may use a bright color for the living space and a neutral shade for the bedroom.

Choosing the right wall is also vital. The thumb rule is to choose the wall opposite to the entrance. The paint works best when there is no window or door on the wall.

4. Breathe life with a green wall

Most of the urban dwellers are short of outdoor hangout space. Bringing in some live plants will be nice visual solace to them.

This is very easy to do. Bring in some creepers and allow them to grow on the wall you want to accent. You can also let them grow around a bookshelf. They will create a please green accent wall. You will also have a relaxing ambiance and clean air.

5. Create a geometric pattern

Creating a geometric pattern is a nice way to accent walls. No matter where they are drawn, patterns are great for drawing attraction. You can use triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagon or any other geometric shapes on the wall.

You can paint practically in any colors. Only make sure that they create an eye-catching backdrop. You can also use colored tapes for designing. This will deliver a modern abstract look and put your home ahead of others.

6. Use unconventional materials

Re-purposing architectural salvages have dual advantages. It gives a new life to the old material and also adds character to the wall. Such items are sure to put your home miles ahead of your neighbors. Visit local thrift market and antique shops for such items.

In fact, there is no limit on what you can use to accent the wall. It could be anything from an old door to mirror or any other item. Paint it and place against the wall. It will create a nice focal point.

7. Hang textiles

Textiles provide an easy way to style up a wall. They are a popular option because of their flexibility in colors and designs. You may hang a tapestry or a carpet. With their vibrant colors and intricate designs, they add character to the room.

Also, be sure to balance the color with the color of the other walls. Accenting looks the best when they have adjoining light to medium color walls. Make sure that the fabric matches with the overall décor.

8. Use wall murals

Creating a mural is the perfect way to accent the wall. This adds color, depth, texture, and also reflects your personality. You may achieve this in many ways like painting it on the wall or using removable wallpapers.

If you want to paint, do that on a chalkboard on the wall. You can change the mural easily and will never be bored with the same thing.

9. Expand the horizon with a map

Nothing helps more than accenting the wall with a world map for bringing the world in. you can use this anywhere from residential to commercial interiors. You may use it in a frame or can display across the wall. It will showcase your lifestyle and ensure enriched guest experiences.

10. Accent with molding

When you want to have a subtle modern interior, wall molding is the way to go. They are available in a variety of designs. Never mind, if the wall has a bold color. Use a lattice molding in a light color to accent. It will not deliver any overwhelming vibe and create a pleasant but elegant look.