Uber Cool Home Decor Ideas To Try This YearWho doesn't like designing their house? Every few months we fiddle with our furniture, our rugs to give our house a new feel. But designing a house can be a daunting task even at the best of times. One wrong lamp placement and the whole thing comes apart. So when it comes to designing your house proceed cautiously. One step at a time. Design your house in stages so that you may see what works and what doesn't. But at the same time don't hold back, this is your home. If you can't tinker with it who will.

Have Some Hidden Work Space

Do you like working from home? Who doesn't? The idea of doing your work from the place where you are at your most comfortable would appeal to anyone. But alas most of us don't have the luxury of a home office. And why is that? Because space simply isn't there. Well, this is where you get creative. Find a hidden nook in your house, one that gets plenty of air and sunshine and converts it into your home office. A cool interior design idea wouldn't you say.

Beach sand under your work desk

While we are still on the topic of workspaces. Fill the space under your work desk with beach sand, so you may luxuries your feet in the sand while you work. Another cool home interior design idea.

Fusion Dining and Pool Table

A dining table that doubles as a pool table. The idea sells itself. Most of us don't have the space to accommodate a dining table and a pool table at the same time. Well, problem solved.

Hammock Bed

A bed that rocks you to sleep with its gentle swinging. Plus it will feel like you are floating on air. This is one cool unique house feature. You know what, add a decorative drop ceiling just above your makeshift bed. You won't be disappointed.

Storage under the stairs

This is one dilemma faced by every household. There is never enough space. So why not have your stairs be your storage space. Another cool interior design feature.

House of illusions

Use your mirrors to enlarge your living space. Deftly place your mirrors in strategic locations to make your room appear larger than it is. A great home interior design idea, wouldn't you say.

Slidable Bedroom Wall

Another unique house idea that is gaining more traction these days. Divide your room into two small rooms through the use of slidable doors. Or better yet, use soundproof slidable doors to ensure maximum privacy.

See through the kitchen window

A see-through the kitchen window is the dream of every homemaker. But a kitchen is one of those places where space is never enough. Still, a brightly lit kitchen with plenty of natural lighting sounds perfect.

Cool lighting fixture

Get a lighting fixture with plenty of cool effects that reflects your personality. This is one feature of your house where you don't have to skimp on. Go all out. Buy the wackiest fixture you can find. Just a thought, lighting effects on 3d wavy wall panels are particularly striking.

Quirky wall

Put up a quirky wall with your artwork on it. Or a chalk wall where members of your family can write their daily grocery list or a quote of the day wall. This is one unique house feature that all home can put to use. You can use geometric wood wall panels or 3d gypsum wall panels in case you are feeling adventurous.

Reading Area

Losing yourself in a good book is the ideal pastime of many. But having your own reading area with comfy cushions or squishy bean bag chairs will take your reading experience to an entirely new level. Decorate your reading area with seamless 3d wall panels to get a glorious reading experience.

Glass Floor

Not an idea for the faint of heart. But if you are bold enough then you can put up a glass floor in one part of your house. A unique house interior design idea if ever there was one.

Walk-in closets

Walk in closets are no longer the domains of rich people. With a little creativity, you can convert your closets into a walk-in closet.

Seat by the window

An idea as old as time. You can put cushions or bean bag chairs by the window. You can even convert the window sill into a seating space if it has room. Just imagine, sitting by the window feeling the gentle breeze while you sip your favorite beverage. Life can't get any better than that. Have you tried decorating the wall around your window with gypsum wall tiles? Gorgeous, trust us.

A fireplace

There is nothing more comforting than sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter's night warming yourself up. So get your own fireplace, it doesn't have to be big, just cozy.
A 3d gypsum board will look stunning as a backdrop for your fireplace.


Are you fascinated with the sea? Well, you can bring the sea to your home through your very own aquariums and fill it up with your favorite species of fish. Put your aquarium next to a 3d wave board. The fish won't know what hit them, neither will your guests for that matter.

Your own library

Are you a bibliophile? Does having a book in your hand makes you feel whole? Is your book collection getting out of control? Well, then how about building your very own library. It doesn't have to be big. After all your books deserve a home too. Furnish your library with 3d wall panels to give it that extra dash of character.

Packable Bathrooms

People carry their toiletries with them, it's about time they started carrying their bathrooms too. After all, you cannot put a price on hygiene.


There is just something about a rug. It brings the whole room together. You can lie back on a rug, let your feet sink in its velvety softness. A rug is definitely a creative interior design idea.

Backyard Beach

Bring the ocean to your home or rather your backyard by filling it up with sand. There is nothing better than hanging out with your friends in your makeshift beach. And try surrounding your sand island with designed concrete screen blocks.

Say goodbye to ordinary beds

Beds are one of the most intimate parts of your house. So why not get a bed that reflects your personality. You look forward to coming home to that bed every day. You know, a gypsum wall panel will go great with that dream bed of yours.

So here are some cool and unique design ideas for your home. Remember it's your home, decorate it as you please. Don't let others dictate what to do with your home.