Dare To Be Different 10 Unforgettable Accent Wall IdeasThe guests always fall for comfort and luxury while browsing for hotels. It is, therefore, obvious that hotels looking better will have more clicks and bookings.

This makes the hotel décor most important. If you have a low customer profile and thinking to give your hotel rooms a facelift, you are in the right place.

Here are 9 ideas that can kick-start your hotel bedroom makeover.

1. Make it inspiring with 3d gypsum wall panels

3d decorative wall paneling can make your hotel bedrooms inspiring and elegant. They can pop up the place with their versatile presence. These high-tech materials are available in numerous design options. Choose anything from the pop, stud, high-back, incision, weave, crimp, hive, etc to align with your décor theme.

Adorning the walls with the seamless 3d wall panels delivers a continuous design. You can also paint them in attractive colors. When light falls on these interesting patterns, it adds depth and drama to the hotel bedroom. Thus, you get an appealing interior that lures your guests.

These are light in weight and coming as square boards they offer easy installation. You can mount the decorative interior wall panels without any demolition or surface treatments. Thus, you save on labor cost.

Using decorative gypsum wall panels also lets you conceal the wall blemishes. You can also use them on the ceiling. Since these are non-toxic, non-pollutant, and fire retardant, they keep your guests safe.

2. Get a creative layout

You want to improve the guest's experience, right? The layout can influence the way the guest feel. You have everything in the hotel room. But if the layout is not attractive, they are sure to make them bounce.

So, why not change this? This does not cost you anything.

Reposition the furniture in a creative way. If your sofas and couches are against the wall, move them away. Moving the bed in the middle room is another great idea. Many inspirations are available online. Try one that aligns with your hotel bedroom.

3. Adopt luxurious simplicity

Including too many things in the room becomes real too much sometimes.

Most of the hoteliers fall in this trap and stuff the room with many accents. This ultimately makes the room cramped.

When guests retire to their hotel room they want a comfortable room for a good night's sleep. If something occupies every inch of the room, they are sure to feel claustrophobic.

So, make sure that the hotel bedroom contains necessary things only. This way you can deliver a roomy feeling that goes a long way to improve customer perception.

4. Spruce up with natural accents

Guests, especially the millennial, are now gravitating towards green design. They prefer a hotel room that has a green element inside. Live plants are the best for this purpose. Due to the innate attraction of humans towards nature, they feel calm and relaxed when near a live plant.

Plenty of low-maintenance plants like indoor palms, corn plant, etc are available for room decoration. You can also use a bonsai for room decoration. They lift up the ambiance while purifying the air.

5. Make the guests ‘wow' with the bed

The bed is the center of attraction in the hotel room. It is the first thing the guests see when browsing hotels. They also remember it for making repeat visits.

Make it comfortable with quality mattress and add layers of white sheets for a clean fluffy feeling. Also, add soft pillows. You can lift the bed a bit from the floor and add LED lights underneath. This will make the board appear floating and entail good customer response.

6. Sooth with paint

Paint does a lot more than improving aesthetics. It also has a great impact on guest experiences. Using the right paint can make the hotel room relaxing and failing to do so, make it repulsive. So, choose a paint that creates a calm ambiance.

The problem with color is that same color may evoke different reactions in different people. So, using neutral colors is a safe option. Paint the walls with deep shade and the ceiling with the light shade of the same color. This will push up the ceiling and upscale the decor.

7. Create a suit-like ambiance

Everyone dreams to stay in a luxury suite. But that is not possible in reality. But you can make them have a similar feeling with the right furniture.

Include a sofa bed in the hotel room. This will deliver a suite-like experience. The guest would fall for this. The other sitting options in the room should also be comfortable and functional. These should have the right contour so that the guest may enjoy perfect relaxation sitting there.

8. Glam with lavish lighting

Lights can create a warm and welcoming environment in a hotel bedroom. Try to explore as much natural light as possible. This will make the room bright and your guests would also love that.

Also, provide for lavish artificial lighting. Layer the lights to create a nice environment in the room. For this, you must include ambient, task and accent lighting.

You can use chandeliers, pendants, side lamps, wall sconces. Install dimmer arrangement to add to the room décor. Get one that matches your décor theme.

9. Accent with a local art

Including a piece of art can shot up the decoration of your hotel bedroom. Local arts are great for this purpose. You may add them as sculptures or paintings whatever aligns with other elements in the room.

They speak about the local culture and also reveal a part of the local heritage. You can also include photos of the local sceneries. Such things will not cost you much but will jazz up the decoration in a great way.