What Is Scandinavian Interior Design Like

Out of all the individual zones of this world, Scandinavia is one of the most charming ones. Situated in Northern Europe, this place has crafted a niche of its own.

Scandinavian designs are widely known for their minimalism and simplicity. Here are 10 distinctive characteristics that separate Scandinavian interior design from the others:

1. Warm Textiles are a must

Scandinavian countries witness extreme cold temperatures, and so their décor usually consists of warm textiles. They can be in the form of carpets and throws that are made of sheepskin, mohair, or wool.

These lend a classy feel to the interior at the same time, ensuring warmth and coziness. After all, the Scandinavian decor isn’t famous for no reasons, and every available item inside a Scandinavian designed room is there for a reason.

2. Believe in the ideology

Scandinavian designs are appreciated because of their elegance and simplicity. Thus, when it comes to adopting a Scandinavian theme for your interiors, keep the designing to a minimum.

You can start with gypsum ceiling designs for hall and work your way through the walls, windows, and the floor. The holistic environment that all these crafts create seldom goes unappreciated.

3. Colour Palettes are a primary ingredient in the Scandinavian Interiors

There is no denying the fact that such designs are far from loud and bold. They are soft, comfortable, and classy. The palette includes whites, blacks, browns, and greys. Should you not prefer any of these, silver and tan can also be considered.

Also, the walls are painted in white to bring the other furniture and décor to everyone’s attention. The well-known seamless 3d wall panels are in trend these days that add to the magnificence of the theme. There’s the option of wooden panels too.

Wondering, what are wood panels?

In Design and Architecture, paneling is the treatment done to the ceiling, walls, doors, etc. by framing together thicker, narrower strips of wood. These look wonderful.

4. Let’s talk about the floor now

As we know, flooring is a lot of visible surface to anyone residing inside the room. Although wall to wall carpets may be a preferred choice around the globe, the Scandinavian population begs to differ.

They are more inclined towards having a light wooden floor covering all their carpet area just excluding the washrooms.

Since the philosophy itself is committed to minimalism, these small changes and preferences are what set the décor apart.

5. Let the outdoors ingress

The Swedes also believe in keeping the indoors and outdoors connected so that there is no feeling of suffocation inside their homes. This is a fantastic belief and must not be compromised with at any cost.

There should be one room or two, that lead to the balcony, outdoor garden, or a deck to welcome natural freshness from the exterior.

6. Clutter-free environment resembles Scandinavia too

Scattered environments are never applauded. In fact, they exhibit a negative vibe to the people around. The major reason why we have a lot of unproductivity these days is because of the chaos we live around. Moreover, such environments don’t go well with minimalistic designs too.

Thus, whatever space you may have to implement a Scandinavian design, avoid the clutter and business. This way, you almost assure yourself of simple and gorgeous living space at the same time keeping maintenance obligations to a minimum.

7. Limit the Window works

It’s a different thing to have decorative geometric wall panels done at your place, but the Scandinavian windows too invite more of outside light into the living space. The open blocks of areas on the walls are considered an essential part of the overall décor.

Although they are best left uncovered, light-colored coverings in the form of sheets and fabrics can be used. The brightness inside rooms designed with minimalism in mind help alleviate the spirits of people residing in them.

At this point, you may wonder what wall panels made of are?

Wall panels can add to the beauty of any interior they are applied to. And they are usually made of melamine, MDF and polyurethane. These are nothing but synthetic or composite materials.

8. Imagine a place with functionality

Since the minimalistic approach might restrict usage of a lot of regular items in the décor, Scandinavian designers put in a lot of thoughts behind every functionality.

Now the herculean part of achieving this is to look at the entire interior as one. And the best part about attempting this is that it can be imagined almost everywhere right from the ceiling, 3d MDF wall panels, flooring, furniture, lighting, etc.

Ultimately, no part of the space must be ignored, or else it will end up looking out of place.

9. Such designs even go outside of the home

Honestly, there are places outside of your home that deserves Scandinavian treatment. Offices, restaurant interior design themes, schools, and colleges can also be considered for minimalistic décor.

Since philosophy is widely known and embraced, the best practice would be to spread it as much as possible.

10. Last but not least

Such designs are easy on maintenance

The lack of clutter and the presence of minimal items inside a living space automatically mean less work in terms of maintenance. Once set up nicely, the décor can go for years without any issues at all.

Since it is so promising, this kind of environment also aids in creative thinking and productivity.


Scandinavian designs need not remain in Scandinavia only. Anything good and logically impressive must be spread to other parts of the world. The above few characteristics truly set apart Scandinavian interior design from the others in the market, and this calls for other countries and people to embrace it as their own too.

Always keep in mind that the mindset to keep it confined only to the Scandinavian region will do no good to anyone. Instead, it should be embraced as a wonderful philosophy of décor and encouraged in other parts of the world.