All You Need To Know About Gypsum Wall Panels

Wall paneling happens to be the most popular décor trend. People are now opting for this instead of paint, wallpaper, and tiles.

Plenty of wall panel options are available. But gypsum wall panels have outnumbered others due to its various incredible features.

In case you have a mind to use them, this blog is for you. Just glide through, and you will have everything that you should know.

Before we go deep into the matter, let's address some frequently asked questions.

Why use wall panels?

Walls are a great canvas. While beautiful walls lift the interior and make it warm and welcoming, dull, and drab walls can kill it. This makes decorating walls a dire necessity. Wall panels deliver an ultimate decorating solution besides protecting the walls.

What are gypsum wall panels?

The general custom is to name the wall panels after the core materials. Since these wall panels use gypsum as the core material, hence the name.

What is gypsum?

Gypsum is a mineral available in nature. It is a compound of calcium, sulfur, and oxygen. It also contains some parts of water in it. This has been in use for different purposes since ancient times.

Using gypsum walls for decoration has the following plus points.

3d gypsum wall panels provide the ultimate solution

When you want to add beautiful contextual art to the interior, wall panels are the right thing. Although there are many varieties, most of them serve specific purposes. Being extremely versatile, the decorative gypsum wall panels can lend a cohesive dramatic impact to your interior.

These decorative 3d wall panels can create an enchanting flow of design with their eye-catching texture. You may pick anything from plush, weathered, incision, flurry, crimp, wrap, cater, swept, hive, gouge, stream. These are sure to deliver you a stylish interior with their magical patterns.

Using the geometric wall panels for interiors, you get a non-toxic cladding with FSC and LEED certification. These also do not cause any environmental pollution. The best part of these modular gypsum wall panels is that you can use them on ceilings as well. With their simple yet elegant look, they can make any interior inviting and appealing.

They are easy to install

Gypsum wall panels offer easy installation for many reasons. These are light in weight, and so, their handling is easy. You can cut them with an ordinary knife or a saw. You may glue them on the wall or can also fix using screws.

The great thing about the gypsum panel is that they do need any demolition or surface preparation. You can install them straightway on the walls. You have only to fill the gaps with the filling compound and smooth it by sanding. Anyone with a knack for DIY can fix them on the weekend.

They are fire-retardant

People have to keep varieties of things in homes and offices for varying needs. So, you have to take care of fire hazards while decorating. Gypsum wall panels are great for this. They contain almost 21% inherent water. If there is high heat, the water absorbs it and gets into steam, which is released slowly.

Since the temperature of steam cannot go beyond 212°F under normal atmospheric condition, it retards the transfer of heat. This makes gypsum wall panels a good fire-retardant.

Provide reasonable sound dampening

Preventing the inward and outward flow of sound is the most vital element of interior design. This is where the gypsum wall panels can be of great help.

Having a soft structure, gypsum is an excellent sound absorber. Moreover, Gypsum wall panels are a combination of gypsum with paper and other acoustic material. This enhances the noise dampening property to a great extent. Such noise reducing feature makes them a significant décor element.

They are strong and durable

The gypsum wall panels are resistant to chemicals, stains, and do not get worn out easily. These are quite strong and offer excellent dimensional stability. They also have a long life. You can paint them up in any color. This will make them further inert to regular wear and tear besides improving the aesthetics. Using gypsum wall panels, you can have a glamorous interior for many years.

They are versatile

Maybe you are looking for some wall panels that can satisfy a wide range of architectural needs. In such cases, gypsum wall panels could be the right choice. You can mold them into different shapes without any problem.

These are great for installation in homes, offices, and other commercial establishments as well. They will deliver you a fantastic interior. These are also much adaptive. You can mount them on any surface.

They hide wall flaws

Defective walls are the most disgusting things to look at. But you cannot avoid it as cracks are likely to form with aging. Moreover, your interior walls can also have holes and cracks due to electrical wiring, plumbing, and other utilities. You can hide them permanently by cladding the walls with gypsum wall panels.

Cleaning is also very easy

You are washing dishes and floors every day. But these are not the only places that can get dirty. It is also necessary to wash the walls at regular intervals.

Use a soft cloth or a soft brush and dust the wall panels regularly. This will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on the wall panels. Also, clean it with soap and water occasionally. This will help to retain their charm for a long time.

These are cost-effective

Gypsum wall panels do not need any surface preparation, demolition, and skilled professionals for installation. You can get them conveniently at reasonable prices. These make them a cost-effective, durable décor solution. Investing in them saves you tons of money.


Gypsum wall panels are in high demand due to their simple, rhythmical, yet dramatic look. This curtain-raiser gives you insight into their features and the plus points of using them. So, what you are waiting for? Use them to make your interior awesome.